ALDF Worried re Louisville Fed Ct Decision?

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Anti-Pet Laws,Please Help,Pass It Forward

Animal Legal Defense Fund (H$U$ cohort) in October 2009, claimed that this case (Louisville decision) did not need to cause animal rights any *WORRY*… we say “worry” because the article is entitled “Calm Down Everybody!” …….

It remains to be seen if other cases challenging the methods of search/seizure are brought forward to different courts. We believe that AR groups such as H$U$ and even ASPCA take it upon themselves to act as the police, and in so doing, are acting in complicity with local enforcement.  Then H$U$ and ASPCA go away to find other victims,  and animals and a trail of wreckage is left behind…..


Results from the past………shows that the ordinance in question, currently in Federal Court due to constitutional law challenges, clearly shows FAILURE:

Dog Bites  from Louisville Metro Animal Services

2005: (partial year)  259

2006:  478

2007: 582

2008:  837

HSUS “worked” and claimed to “help” Louisville, KY on this ordinance, yet it is one of the most horrific, punitive, nonsensical ordinances EVER devised.

In October 2009, the Federal Court ordered that the Louisville Ordinance in one section, violated due process, where no option was given to owner upon seizure of animal, if owner could not post a bond, and owner was later found innocent. In other words, the animal was forfeited. In another section, the Court declared that no rational basis was found between intact v sterilized dogs in regard to the housing of such intact dogs, and the Court also figured the language was surplusage, and not related to the section it was located in. Therefore the intact dogs did not require an inspection of the enclosure just because it was for INTACT dogs.  

Quite frankly, the case has caused ARs some worry because most cases never go to court, and although only 2 provisions were proven NOT to be constitutional, the ARs are not USED to this happening.

And clearly, Louisville  has NOT done a whole lot of saving of animals (which is typical of animal rights laws) since these laws are only designed to do one thing— create less dogs for sale.  These crappy animal rights laws never save shelter animals, and they (the animal rights factions) KNOW it.  Yet they keep pushing it, because they don’t care.  A real shame for welfarists, because HSUS keeps pretending it is animal welfare!

Also, a total of 3 people killed during this time. The spay/neuter, search/seizure and all the carzy HSUS inspired snooping, snitching, and puppy stings have not helped. The Louisville Courier Journal in January 2009, had an artile about attempts by animal control, 2 years into the ordinance, to “crack down” on those allegedly breeding and owning without proper license. AC people would look for ads, pretend they wanted to buy a dog, and then SWAT team the owners and animals and seize them all. A major flaw in the ordinance does not define the dogs as to age, so since the only other definition is puppy (under 4 months) then dog must be over 4 months. Therefore animal control seizing a puppy is illegal if they are using the ordinance about who can sell a dog/what license.  Of course there is more to it but that’s a big part.

Louisville Metro animal Killing:

2005  Intake 11,962 Killed 7,683

2006                 14,178              9,340

2007                 15,206             10,138

2008                  15,920             9,388

Pretty much this amounts to a kill rate of 64%,65%,67% and 59%, averaged out to 64% over the time span. But they already HAD a 64% kill rate in 2005.  Not much of a change or help to us.

And….let’s not forget HSUS the law enforcement agency at the end……

“As a complement to a new ordinance, the HSUS would be pleased to send specialists to Louisville to train law enforcement officials in investigating and prosecuting dog fighters.  Increased enforcement of the state’s felony prohibition on dog fighting would advance any effort to reign in problematic individuals who use dogs in illegal and harmful ways.” 

Signed, Pam Rogers, Kentucky Legislative Coordinator, HSUS  291 N. Hubbards Ln #280,  Louisville KY  40207  502.893.9796


OH YES, HSUS has convicted felon employee(s) that can teach your police department a thing or two!!


So what does that mean!? If you own a certain breed of dog you must be problematic?  Well that’s the drift we got out of Lancaster CA isn’t it? The mayor or whoever said point blank, he hates gangs and whatever it is they like. If they like rotties and pitbulls then he hates those dogs.

This is how HSUS wrangles their way into conducting and helping set up dog raids, the killing of dogs, and the forfeiture of property.  They sweet talk their way into different jurisdictions, by pretending they really really want to “help”………but what they really want to do is to implement/set up HSUS standards based upon animal rights. And (like the song says)  THIS IS HOW WE DO IT.

HSUS is NOT, repeat, NOT an authority on canines, nor are they an authority on any certain type of dogs. They are not experts on dog fighting, or in conducting dog fighting trials.  They are not experts certified for search/seizure, and they don’t have law enforcement backgrounds. 

 What HSUS is, is a clever group that USES other agencies, uses other people’s money in the form of  *$donations$*, and bamboozles the public to set about their hidden agenda of no animals to be owned or used in any form, or way, period.   But of course, they don’t come out and say it.

 HSUS is NOT a governmental agency, HSUS is not a quasi-law enforcement agency.  HSUS is supposed to be a “non-profit” that saves animals.  Well I guess if you believed that, in relation to “pets ” in the USA you need to do your homework.  HSUS simply targets  pitbulls and commercial dog sources  SO THEY CAN GET NOTORIETY AND MORE DONATIONS,  BY CREATING EMOTIONAL RESPONSES FROM THE PUBLIC.

 Here are “Some” of the statements in HSUS’  letter to Louisville;  none of them is corroborated by any authority or proof, and in fact most of them are not actually true if you had to break them down to debate.  [PD comments in brackets]

” give animal control the authority and financing to ID/regulate dangerous dogs”  [dangerous dogs are usually the product of a low economic area with higher crime and more regulations don’t make dangerous dogs less dangerous]

“breeders who so recklessly add to dog overpopulation” [first it assumes actual overpopulation,then it assumes breeders actually did it, and not just errant owners who are not careful; then it assumes that the dogs that the “breeders” they are talking about, must have bred the actual dogs/or cats that they are talking about. Up to 70% of killed cats are feral cats, meaning wild. The majority of non sold shelter dogs are usually ADULT or juvenile males of mixed breed, med-large size,origins unknown, which were acquired at little to no cost  of $0.00-$100. HARDLY the product of purposeful breeding.]

“TRULY responsible owners ALREADY have their animals STERILIZED”  [truly responsible owners don’t necessarily have anything to do with sterilized dogs; almost all show dogs are intact dogs/so are police trained dogs]

“”restricting the hours dogs can be tethered can negatively impact dog fighters who keep dozens of dogs chained”  [clearly HSUS is only concerned about dogfighters and not the dogs themselves since when HSUS conducts dog raids, they KILL ALL the dogs, even when the owners are not guilty, and are not convicted]

“HSUS always encourages owners to keep dogs indoors”  [HSUS believes if you leave an animal outside you are abusing it, that’s why they want horrendously expensive and unnecessary regulations on the “shelter” so you cannot afford it]

“regulations with specific requirements for outdoor dog shelters ensure the safety of dogs outdoors”  [A shelter does not ensure the safety of a dog; dogs have lived outside for thousands of years]

“pet auctions are irresponsible and unethical, and adds animals of questionable health and temperament to pet overpopulation”  [HSUS says this only because commercial kennels use auctions to sell their non breeding stock]  “pet overpopulation is a problem everywhere” [that is basically an untrue statement; HSUS even admits that the word “overpopulation” does not have the same meaning nor significance as it did 20 years ago, due to the reduction in the numbers killed in shelters, nationwide]

“pediatric surgeries are perfectly safe” [ HSUS ignores a huge amount of evidence from scientific community that says otherwise ]

“differential licensing is fair because breeders make money adding to the pet population”  [HSUS doesn’t disclose that the breeders that might add to the population may be producing well tempered, expensive animals that never end up in shelters and thus, could not be contributing to shelter numbers; studies have already shown that the substantial majority of shelter animals are mixed breed med-large male juveniles of unknown origin. Hardly something one would do for money because no one would buy it.]

“require breeders to list their license number in ads, making it easier to ID for ACO”  [HSUS encourages snitches and clandestine operations like raids, and forfeiture; therefore, making it easier to pop people is their game–not saving animals, but arresting people]

“it is not clear whether “these” people are motivated by FINANCIAL GAIN or simply set in their ways…they may benefit from nixing certain points, but the rest of the community would not”  [If anyone should be accused of financial motivation, it’s H$U$, which worships animals and money]


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