Does it EVER Stop?   HSUS keeps helping cities devise bad anti-pet and anti-animal laws, time and again. Only in recent years have owners and groups started to fight back with the passion needed to STOP the train wreck caused by HSUS and friends.  In legislatures across the USA, the HSUS has bamboozled its way into alleged “believable” concern with bad animal laws, many of which actually make LEGAL conduct ILLEGAL, and further allow seizure and forfeiture where there is no proven crime.

The Louisville Metro Animal Services Ordinance, cheerfully helped and drafted with H$U$ “help”, all 90+ pages of it…………….. is now again a problem in Federal Court, because animal owners who sold some puppies had their dogs/pups all seized by sting operations out of Metro Animal Services. The animals were also altered and microchipped and became ill in the shelter (no surprise.)

So why is there a lawsuit?  Because the complaint states that there was no law requiring a breeder permit, there was no probable cause to seize the animals at all, and there was no reason to alter the animals or microchip them and subject them to disease when they should not have been seized to begin with.

Apparently the Director of the Metro Animal Services Gilles Meloche (who has stated he is resigning his position)—- allowed employees to carry out the “sting” operations on numerous families. But how many of those families can afford a  lawsuit?  We hope that this type of lawsuit gets filed in more states so that HSUS cannot breeze into more states and keep drafting bad laws.  One thing HSUS and friends are good at— is drafting bad laws.   


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