H$U$ PRETENDS TO BE “POLICE” Expose by Carrol Cox Show

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Petdefense congratulates Mr. Cox’s show out of Hawaii, and the two witnesses that told the truth about HSUS, which proves—we still know *wrong*  when we see and hear about it, and not all of us are going to stand around like dumbed-down idiots.  
http://carrollcox.com/broadcast/Show101809.mp3  [has the audio show broadcast–has a long musical lead in]
This has Mr. Cox interviewing Mr. Pang’s attorney on the 42 USC 1983 lawsuit, including harassment issues and more.
Carroll’s guests:   Ronnie Graves and Allan Schwartz, former members of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Emergency Rescue Team.   After the problems  exposed with the Pang Animal Haven (Hawaii) “rescue” by HSUS,   many others have also raised concerns regarding HSUS’  unprofessional  conduct and “unethical” and inaccurate publicity.   

Most of the emergency team have resigned due to these issues.

This is the badge used by emergency rescue team to make them look like official law enforcement officers.

“I want the scum to think we are law enforcement” , said Scotlund Haisley [photo below], Senior Director, Emergency Services, The Humane Society of the United States.

Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of HSUS, made this statement  in response to complaints: “I like the Cowboy Ways that Scotlund brings to the team.    That statement by Pacelle shows he did not dispute not deny the badge wearing by HSUS employees or contracted personnel.  Furthermore, there is already a lawsuit against the SPCA that had HSUS people come in and make things into a catastrophe. It is a civil rights lawsuit under 42USC 1983 alleging constitutional violations.  After HSUS people get involved (Louisville, Denver, Pennsylvania, Arizona, etc) there are ALWAYS lawsuits following, since HSUS makes bad law, bad search/seizure, bad marketing ploys, manipulation, misrepresentation, and more evil than we can calculate nationwide.  and it happens because HSUS wants $$$ $$$ $$$ so they can implement the LEGAL CHANGES, and CONTROL the sales of animals, breeding of animals, and buying of animals. Furthermore, HSUS wants to be the POLICE as evidenced by their efforts to fool citizens.  

It is remarkable that ANYONE at all donates to HSUS—-but you can help out by telling everyone you know—NOT to donate to HSUS, the deception corporation.

Read Ronnie Graves’ statement

The clear legal issue is that H$U$ knowingly gives and allows the “TEAM” to use such badges, and to purposely pretend they have POLICE authority for intimidation purposes.  This is knowingly done.  It does not matter if they wear HSUS garb if people BELIEVE they are the police helpers, and believe that such helpers HAVE authority.  It is our understanding that the rescue responders quit because they knew that having such badges questioned their *actual* authority—which is what HSUS purposely does on a daily basis. Do we think these responders want to get into legal trouble DUE to the HSUS method of misrepresentation?  Apparently not!

 This nonsense done by the H$U$, employing people who pretend they are police, by virtue of even wearing such a badge as indicated;  H$U$ conning District Attys to seize owner’s animals, H$U$ having “emergency” responders WEAR and pretend to act as POLICE officers, H$U$’s continued propaganda to the masses re “bad” breeders, “bad” owners, “bad” rescuers, “bad” hoarders, “bad” everything imaginable.
According to the witnesses who actually were working for HSUS under contract, either for dog SWAT raids, “puppymill” raids, disasters, etc………. T shirts marked with HSUS were used by the contractors……However, when the SPCA in Hawaii invited HSUS people to essentially raid the Pang residence in Hawaii, the SWAT team wore a badge (see pic) which made it appear that they had LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITY.  
When the contract employee was asked “should the public be concerned with HSUS having people wear such badges”, the contracted personnel said the public should be CONCERNED because it amounts to holding oneself out as having police authority [which they don’t have, and obviously the contracted employee had the smarts to quit and tell the public WHY!!! ] 
The person shown below (Scotlund Haisley) who works for HSUS, said that he wants the “SCUM” to think that THEY (the seizing personnel) are police.
Obviously, PRETENDING to be a police officer, or purposely acting AS IF one IS a police authority—–is ILLEGAL.  The picture below is from which is the AR-HR site opinion on HSUS re this issue. 
 On the LEFT is the badge that HSUS seizing agents wore, which obviously is not a far stretch from the other official badges. Mr. Pang of Hawaii will win his lawsuit unless there are some very outstanding unknown circumstances. 
More on H$U$ related Garbage………………………..
HSUS Jennifer Fearing Touts Petland Closing in Roseville, CA:
H$U$’s Jennifer Fearing publicly claimed they were responsible for CLOSING THE ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA PETLAND STORE recently.
Fearing then went on TV and claimed that all of the reptiles should be GIVEN to the SPCA!  Now if that isn’t a blatant inappropriate ploy to take animals or reptiles that simply don’t belong to you, and say they should be GIVEN to another group—on what legal basis? Are they claiming they are animal control with a warrant?  Are they claiming they know better about how to take care of reptiles, while they are trying to outlaw ownership in Congress of every non native species alive, and have been doing so for several years, over and over? 
People:  H$U$ is not and has never been about SAVING any animals.
H$U$ basically doesn’t want anyone to interact with wild animals. As for non wild animals,
the only thing H$U$ wants to do is to eliminate people having anything to do with animals
In other words, people should not own animals, people should not eat animals, people should not use animals for any purpose, people should not use any animal products, nor anything that contains animal products.  UH—this is the same thing that PETA says.  In other words, H$U$ is just PETA that has enough money and fake data to file lawsuits. Legislation. It’s all mostly AR bullshit.
H$U$ is NOT in favor of No Kill.  H$U$ goes to shelters which allegedly have problems, and recommends they kill all animals  72hr after they arrive, so the animals don’t take up so much space, and so they won’t spread “disease.”  Then H$U$ sends in people to turn the town which has the shelter, into MSN (mandatory spay neuter)……… no surprise there.
H$U$ simply interjects itself into any conceivable issue SO AS TO PRODUCE VIDEOS TO MAKE PEOPLE CONTRIBUTE $$$$$$$$$$$$ TO HSUS.   It’s that simple. Then they twist the truth and make people think that something occurred that did not happen, or that the $$$ is going to shelters, or local shelters.  If that WAS true, why can’t H$U$ account for the $34 million from Katrina???  Why can H$U$ only account for $7million????????????   THAT FACT ALONE EXPLAINS IT ALL.
H$U$ and its puppymill RAIDs or any other raids such as the one in HAWAII—–should cause extreme ALARM to the public—-YET because the dumbed-down public isn’t aware—HSUS continues on its merry way by continuing to conduct SWAT raids and likely, illegal seizures.

9 thoughts on “H$U$ PRETENDS TO BE “POLICE” Expose by Carrol Cox Show

  1. I’m truly surprised that there are no comments about this entry. I, for one, thank you for the time and effort it took to pull all this information together in one spot. Since it is becoming increasingly clear that this information needs to be seen and heard and talked about over and over again until the general animal owning public wakes up, I am doing yet another blog entry on the topic and linking back to you.

    Thank you for all your work. Got 50?

  2. About time, that some starts taking on the tax-evading, tax-fraudulent and outright lying HSUS more publicly than the TV stations, which all seem to have been ‘bullied’ into advertising HSUS (mind you, one Atlanta based TV station changed that HSUS ad to an ASPCA ad – contents identical! – which is amazing, since ASPCA are the bottom-buddies of HSUS and are doing almost as much damage as HSUS itself does all over the US. No TV station will say outright what HSUS really is! Terrorists and criminals! All are afraid of the mighty Dollar lawsuits that unsuspecting people still donate to HSUS!
    How long will it take before the citizens of the US react and put HSUS where they belong – in jail??

  3. Thank you Ms Woods. Very few people out there take time fo fight the real fight. But better to have fewer dedicated, than too many idiots. Of course we can always educate the idiots by making mainstream PSAs and copying the methods of subterfuge. LOL The bottom line is you cannot keep doing wrong and expect to come out on top, unless a) you live in drug cartel land or b) you work for govt.

  4. Sure enough, that jacket looks like an ‘FBI’ jacket, obviously intended to scare breeders/owners into ‘surrendering’ their animals to this piece of ….. of a man, who pretends even in this photo to like animals by stroking the Great Pyrenees dog! But look at WP’s eyes and facial expression and see what he really thinks and feels – NOTHING for animals, that is clear! Thank you again for putting this kind of information on the Net! So many pet owners do not believe when I tell them that HSUS is more than BAD, actually detrimental, for animal owners and those who may one day want to own a pet. It is so obvious that everyone needs to immediately STOP giving H$U$ even a cent! I spoke to a lady today, who told me that she had HSUS in her WILL (of all places!!). After I gave her lots of information about the REAL H$U$ and links to various websites, she said she would now instruct her lawyers to re-write her will! Good for her and even better for the animals!
    Keep up the great work please!

  5. I don’t know about your state but where I live in Pennsylvania the Humane Society is a legal law enforcement entity with arrest authority related to animal cruelty and neglect. The PA courts have ruled that they are a society or association for the prevention of cruelty to animals and therefore can conduct investigations with full police authority, obtain search warrants, and make arrests based on probable cause or a warrant. Pennsylvania law states: Title 18 Crimes and Offenses Section 5511 Cruelty To Animals subsection (i) Power to initiate criminal proceedings.–An agent of any society or association for the prevention of cruelty to animals, incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth, shall have the same powers to initiate criminal proceedings provided for police officers by the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.
    As I said the PA courts have ruled that they qualify in that category and are therefore a law enforcement entity in Pennsylvania. I’m assuming you’re talking about other states where they don’t have any such authority but I’m only bringing it up because I saw Pennsylvania mentioned above in your entry. As for their professionalism or whether their actions are appropriate may be another story. It sounds like they have some loose cannons in other areas and their attorneys should really get it together and make sure they’re only acting within their authority in each state.

  6. Robby, The PA Humane Society is a separate entity from the HSUS. Confusing, isn’t it?

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  8. The animali rescue and control officers are actually law enforcement officers both in USA, than worldwide. In Italy they can even arrest people or using firearms. So what’s the point of the article?

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