HSUS: Deception for $$$ via Public Lies+Video Misrep

Join the Crusade AGAINST the HSUS  LIES, ANTI-Pet, ANTI-animal laws that HSUS+cohorts PUSH Nationwide!!  Pass It Forward to Everyone!!! 

Humane Society USA which is based out of Washington D.C. is an Animal Rights (AR) LOBBYING Group.  This was admitted by the national lawyer site online.

H$U$ is  NOT an animal welfare group.

It is in fact, an ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP.  They don’t run shelters and they don’t believe in no-kill, in fact HSUS actually convinces shelters TO KILL EVERY ANIMAL IN THE SHELTER if disease breaks out, rather than attempt to save the ones that are not ill or appear to be well.   Imagine if a hospital did that to its patients?

Just two examples include the Sacto City Shelter, which killed every cat, and the Lied Shelter (NV) which killed every single animal in the shelter, about 1,000 animals.  Further, H$U$ said to purposely keep animals  only 72hr and then kill them.    We all know—- that is definitely not SAVING any animals.

How does HSUS and the underlying animal rights groups under its *UMBRELLA NAME* keep pushing NATIONAL  laws in most states, in Congress, and even locally?  Let’s explain it simply.

1.  HSUS lobbies local legislatures, Congress, and nearly every facet of animal enforcement possible, nationally and locally.  HSUS BRAGS about this fact.  This has happened most BLATANTLY from 2005 forward (after Katrina, where H$U$ took millions and millions from donators.) 

 Notably, after 2005, when HSUS pretty much stole the  *$34million*  from Katrina donations— and can only account for   $ 7million of the 34million it TOOK in from Katrina, what has happened since 2005?   H$U$ got agreements to have OTHER AR groups work UNDER the H$U$  umbrella name, and got the groups to LET H$U$ USE the names of the other GROUPS’  sanctuaries (like Black Beauty) so that people would THINK that H$U$ is the actual group that owned/started such sanctuaries. NOT so. 

2.  Then we have the H$U$  “rescue” response team—most of them QUIT due to H$U$ having them wear BADGES which would lead people to believe they had apparent police authority. (See that entire story on sidebar, Mr. Carrol Cox’s show  from Hawaii did several shows on that issue alone, and the resulting lawsuit by Mr. Pang in Hawaii after H$U$ helped construct misrepresentation on video, TV and elesewhere.)


For example, did youknow that in CA for 2009, the LEGISLATURE actually PASSED AB1122+ other laws, which actually criminalized SELLING of animals—BY CALLING IT “ANIMAL CRUELTY“—but NOT if it was by a humane society or alleged rescue “non profit”  ????  OR that H$U$ PUSHED a law that would allow them (the agencies that seized your animals) to:

1.  …After one was ACQUITTED of an animal abuse charge, THEY could then do an end run around the acquittal and force you to lose all your animals by finding “probable” cause.

2.  Since we know that many trumped up charges of “abuse” do not amount to abuse but are purposely done to seize animals, WHY would anyone want a law that further allows such ABUSE of the law ITSELF, especially when it hinges on unconstitutional?

Both laws were  veto’d by governor!  We may not be so lucky in 2010 when Arnold is replaced!

Unbelievably—many animal fanciers,  animal welfare groups and even animal advocacy groups *thought* it was a “good” law because they do not understand HOW to READ a piece of legislation!!! 

Many animal advocates, in most part, were NOT even OPPOSED to the most awful law probably ever written in the history of CA law!!  It was nothing more than an illegal piece of crap purposely disguised as animal cruelty, and many fell hook, line, and sinker for the ploy!!!  This has to stop

Advocacy groups need to completely understand bills that are proposed before they claim the bills are “OK”, “acceptable”, or worthy of any actual LAW. 

———————————————————————————————————-You can rest assured that MOST laws pushed by any group linked to the H$U$ is nothing but garbage.  Once in awhile H$U$ purposely puts in stooge legislation, meaning they are innocent legislative proposals that contain no harmful provisions—however, H$U$ does that on PURPOSE so that it DETRACTS from their harmful, bad legislation, and then they sponsor certain legislative candidates for new positions.  In other words, payolla. In other words, corruption.


How HSUS fools the public?  Mostly by an excessive propaganda campaign on TV, with movie stars, celebs, tabloid stories, publicized raids, search/seizure, and fund raising campaigns 24/7 nationwide. By devoting campaign help to selected legislature individuals, in other words, it’s called pay to play.  Help Pay for fund raising (for those who run for new office ) and legislature individuals will sponsor your bills and support the AR cause in the future.  Corruption.

Why does the public keep donating to HSUS despite corruption? 

Simple answer: Most of the public does NOT know that HSUS is paying to play, misleading America, using subterfuge, using illegal tactics, using misrepresentation, pretending to be police by using badges which give appearance of the police, telling stories to donators which makes donators think HSUS actually wants to “save” animals when in fact, HSUS does not want to save shelter animals, but usually instead, advocates against NO KILL, advocates against rescuing, advocates against dog fighting, then HSUS employs Michael Vick, convicted dog killer, as a spokesperson.

 HSUS is a LOBBYING MACHINE.  A LOBBYING CONGLOMERATE.  A LOBBYING UMBRELLA GROUP.  HSUS NUMBER ONE JOB IS LOBBYING,  helping endorse legislature individuals for other government positions, and using move stars to enhance their goals. 

 The majority of the DUMB-DOWNED public is EASILY fooled by HSUS and its cohorts.  They run a slick media campaign, slick TV ads, slick propaganda campaigns. SLICK  SLICK  SLICK—-  but not honest, and not the truth.  Most people watch WAY too much TV and WAY too much garbage on cable TV.  Most stuff on TV is garbage.

HSUS has already admitted, one of its goal is to influence government officials so they can introduce and bring animal rights laws as the norm.  Just read the HSUS website, which is rife with hundreds of postings of just that. 

After all is said and done, HSUS is the LOBBYING GROUP OF THE CENTURY, AIMED AT BRINGING ANIMAL RIGHTS  law to the government.  But done so that the average citizen can’t recognize it as such.  Unfortunately, WE recognize it everywhere. And  we are not afraid to say it.



3 thoughts on “HSUS: Deception for $$$ via Public Lies+Video Misrep

  1. I cannot believe that you actually think you are keeping this hid from the people..
    How can anyone be so cruel to our animals.. It breaks my heart and makes me very sick..

  2. First of all, one cannot “ban” mills because a “mill” as often touted by HSUS is not defined, it is a slang term. The simple truth is if one is running anything (business) that is substandard, then the substandard “offense” would be in the health safety and welfare code, ag code, or similar. If in the Federal regs, then fine. But it’s definitely already applicable in prevailing current code laws. While the public likes the idea of “banning” bad behavior or substandard behavior, most citizens will willingly buy PRODUCTS that are made in third world countries by slave labor, child labor, and the like.

    So when you hear HSUS lamenting about a “mill” just remember you are probably buying and owning a ton of items that humans suffered over, just to live. They might be 8 years old in a sweat shop. There is no medical coverage, worker’s comp, nothing. Start looking at your labels on smaller products that come from countries with factories. Now that’s slave labor for humans, not animals. In some countries all animals (dog, cat,bird,etc) are legal for food consumption. It may be disgusting to you, but it’s still a fact of life.

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