Here’s Winnie+Pups,what HSUS+Peta Hate

=== >>Join the Crusade AGAINST HSUS ANTI-PET Laws+Pass it Forward!  < ====

Here is what HSUS and Peta cohorts HATE, and HSUS makes LAWS against….more animals being BORN…… matter how good, or what they look like………International society for Animal Rights says that they want to outlaw ALL breeding!!!!! 

The 12 Steps of Animal Rights (see 12 Steps in right hand column on Petdefense, or do search for same in search box) says that all breeding must STOP, and that NO animals can be used in Agriculture AND that vegan food MUST be given in public institutions.

They also want to make animals used commercially (as in buying/selling/breeding) ILLEGAL.

Clearly that is why they hate animals that are born, bought, sold. And they hate online sales of same, petstores and sales of any animals.  HSUS and Best Friends organizes groups TO CLOSE DOWN STORES!!  They don’t simply tell people what they think, they close down business so that economically, it impacts businesses overall. Then they drum up lies and misrepresentations as if it was the most commonly seen story in the world? Lies.

They imply we should worship animals and kill people instead of killing animals in shelters?  Then WHY does HSUS have the published book on how to kill animals, published in 2003? See the contents by viewing the right hand column on this site.

 HSUS tells us they can kill puppies in less than 2minutes prep time.  Nice fact– eh? From the group that claims to save, save, save? Liars, liars, liars….. do not donate to HSUS, do not believe a word of their garbage on TV and in their mailed ads.  HSUS couldn’t save a dog if they had to.


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