HSUS Involved in Illegal Warrant Seizure–AGAIN

Humane Society of the USA  had their HSUS people in South Dakota involved in “search/seizure” of animals, which is what HSUS has a bad habit of doing…illegal searches………. On February 1, 2010, the First Judicial Circuit Court issued a ruling Memorandum Opinion wherein 2 of 3 warrants were thrown out.

99% of the HSUS Emergency Rescue Team QUIT–after HSUS has them wearing badges that emulate that of actual police, giving people the impression they ARE the police??? [See Carrol Cox story,Hawaii, on Petdefense, where yet another lawsuit has been filed with HSUS involved in another seizure or cleanout raid. That case ended when defendants settled, MEANING they were guilty.]


Not surprisingly, when fake affidavits, misrepresentation, and knowing omissions are USED to get SEARCH WARRANTS– that’s how HSUS rolls….illegally………….DUH… HSUS can’t keep $$ coming in when enough people figure out what HSUS does. Tell everyone you know. Send them this article/link. Ask them to tell everyone THEY know. It’s just a matter of time.


A suppression motion was filed, and yes, HSUS and their illegal acts were involved, and 2 out of 3 warrants were thrown out. The Judge stated:

“The warrants were largely executed by agents from the Humane Society of the United States with assistance from ACOs Quinn and Wigg. ”   Judge found:

“…that ACO Quinn intentionally misled the issuing court by omitting material information in her affidavits and supplemental testimony.”

First HSUS admitted they helped “remove” animals and gather evidence.   Then HSUS later claimed it was the local enforcement doing it and they were just “helping  move” animals.

Here’s the original “motion to suppress” filed by Christensen’s attorney on Nov 5 2009 and the Judge’s Memorandum decision:

Duh— HSUS is notorious for getting OTHER groups to do most of the dirty work, then HSUS takes credit for seizing animals, makes the videos, then when and if the local officer is “fired” or has to resign, guess who helps them find a NEW job?  Sure enough, ACO Quinn quit her job and we are quite certain she will quickly be working in an elevated position ELSEWHERE soon. Even with her MISREPRESENTATION.  People—this is the HSUS’ standard operating procedure and has been for years.  So WHY are people STILL donating to HSUS, scumbags of the earth??!!!   

Also see  http://www.saova.org/SpayNeuterHSUS.html  which explains more bad news about HSUS and how its LOBBYING efforts far exceed the measly 4% they *claim they spend* on lobbying. More than 3,000 people have contacted the IRS nationwide re the deception HSUS keeps pandering


In case you didn’t know it, HSUS goes around the country and bamboozles local SPCA and other Humane Society groups to work with them on getting warrants and SEIZING AND KILLING EVERYTHING THEY CAN. Since they have seized over 3,000 animals just LAST year, if we figure they RESELL 2,500 animals at $200 per animal, that’s a half million bucks for the groups that help HSUS seize such animals…………..


HSUS has several motives:

1.  Find pitbulls and kill them all instantly, such as in Louisiana where “alleged” fightin’ dogs can be considered “contraband” and killed immediately whether or not any proof actually is there [not just hearsay]— to prove they are or are not what is alleged. Due process is ignored and in the Boudreaux case, they killed every dog they could get their hands on. The local SPCA is being sued by Boudreaux now.  HSUS waited 4 years to help District Attorneys bring the case to trial, the Boudreauxs were 100% acquitted since every dog was dead and there was no evidence to prove anything. (Did you know HSUS helped to get an alleged dogfight person over 100 years in PRISON???  Yep.)

And NOT surprisingly, NO ONE can answer WHO gave permission to KILL every last dog.  Go figure. Par for the course, just like the missing millions HSUS stole during Katrina, and used the $$ to form their giant umbrella conglomerate AR group.  How else do you think they can AFFORD to spend $500,000, $50,000, $5mill or whatever on TV ads, and hiring all those investigators???  HSUS uses STOLEN money from the public. $$ gained by misrepresentation is stolen.  NOT surprisingly, the HSUS’ nationwide anti pet and anti-animal laws took off in 2004-2005.

2. HSUS steals puppies and small breed commercial kennel dogs and purebred breeds, designer breeds, breeds that will sell quickly…. You read that correctly. They simply hire private investigators and get the local SPCA in their clutches, then descend upon people that cannot afford to defend themselves, seize everything they have, and lie and make patched together videos which are not true. We are not talking about irresponsible owners necessarily, just owners that have a lot of dogs.

3. HSUS’ goals re animals is NOT to save them. HSUS’ goal actually is to eliminate them so no one can  buy, sell, own, breed.  That is why they shut down pet stores, want to shut down the sale of meat supply, egg supply, and just about any breeding. Oh sure, HSUS claims that’s not what they are doing? LIARS. Just look on the right column here, and look for the 12 steps of Animal Rights.  Within that list, you will find nearly ALL of the motivation for EVERY SINGLE LAW THAT HSUS TRIES TO PASS. Anti-pet, Anti-animal, Anti-breeding, Anti-ownership, and you will figure it out:


These shirts are available by mail. Wholesale price is $6.00/will ship free. L, XL. Other designs avail and no longer shown on ebay, not enough time. But we have them available. Great conversation starter, people will come up and ask you what does it mean? Then you tell them. Can’t tell you how many people are just as shocked.

If animals are NON property, guess what– you can’t own, buy, sell, breed an animal. The industry of animal husbandry, pet products, pets being bought, sold, traded, displayed and shown online and in person—are interstate commerce and intrastate commerce. Go to Wikipedia and look up the “dormant commerce clause” for an explanation. Sales of animals and the related economic income from any animal sales is what HSUS, PETA and ALL the rest want to STOP.

They all claim that animals are not property, therefore they should not be owned, bought, sold.  THIS IS WHAT THEY TEACH LAW SCHOOL STUDENTS IN COLLEGES ACROSS THE COUNTRY……….. That is the animal rights 12 steps.  Tell everyone you know. It’s been around for decades, maybe longer.  Do not confuse animal welfare with animal rights. Everything HSUS does is simply to eliminate the ability of people to own animals as property.

That is the overriding goal of all animal rights, and all of their laws. Just another bad law heaped upon the former. No wonder they keep lying and making fake videos and filing frivolous lawsuits.  They can’t tell the truth. Ever. Tell everyone you know and don’t know: DO NOT DONATE TO THE HSUS OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!


3 thoughts on “HSUS Involved in Illegal Warrant Seizure–AGAIN

  1. I need help. Humane society deputy asked if they could come into my house I refused, but she said will come back with a warrant if she had to. Can they ???

  2. The latest illegal seizure was conducted in Jefferson, TX where the owner was in the hospital, and HSUS of Marion County, TX bulldozed the man’s property and seized his dogs which were not underfed.
    Their goal was to have them out by his release from the Mental Hospital on Saturday.
    This seizure is filled with lies such as he filed his females teeth down for breeding.
    The imported dogs will most likely go to other breeders with their testicles in tact along with their American Border Collie Association papers

  3. I am not surprised, but at least Humanewatch and others are keeping count………….I hope?

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