ARs Lose 9yr Circus Case with Lies+Payolla Plaintiff

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After 9 years, ASPCA and related AR groups (HSUS, Animal Protection Institute, PAWS, Fund for Animals (part of HSUS), Animal Welfare Institute, and Wild Advocacy Project (WAP), [WAP is run by the attorneys that were Plaintiff’s counsel in the case]—COMPLETELY LOSE their entire case against the circus people……mostly because they used what we consider to be a sham Plaintiff, who was paid to be the Plaintiff  for lack of anyone else suitable?  The organizational groups that originally filed suit were later dismissed for lack of standing. Standing is a required element to get into Federal Court.

Federal Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, United States District Judge (District Court, District of Columbia) went over an exhausting amount of evidence in his 57 page memorandum opinion. 

Although not mentioned in most news reports, Judge clearly indicated some highly charged, blatant facts as to the AR groups and their “funding” of the case by paying the Plaintiff, Mr. Rider, for 9 years [Mr. Rider had no other “job” during that 9 years.] Let’s just say Mr. Rider, with all of his elephant “work” did not have the memory of an elephant.

1.  Evidence indicated that the Plaintiff  himself was “essentially a PAID Plaintiff” and one who was “NOT credible.”

2.  During entire 9 (NINE) years of the litigation, Plaintiff’s sole income was provided by “Animal Advocacy Organizations Involved with this Lawsuit.” [Very close to $200k]

3.  Most of the money paid to Plaintiff was paid by organizational former plaintiffs (see names of groups, above) and such groups– including HSUS— paid the $$ to Plaintiff’s attorneys, who then forwarded the $$ to Plaintiff himself, by claiming it was for “media campaigns.”

4.  The court found that “The payments to Plaintiff [Mr. Rider] are NOT reimbursements for a “media campaign.”  According to the court opinion, “In order for this case to continue it was therefore crucial to the organizational [former] plaintiffs that Mr. Rider remain a Plaintiff.  The Court finds that ensuring Mr. Rider’s continued participation as a plaintiff was a motivating factor behind the payments to him, and that these payments were a motivating factor for his continued involvement in the case.”

5.  The court stated that “…neither ASPCA, Fund for Animals nor AWI disclosed …that they had PAID money directly to Rider……..when they had in fact done so.”

6.  The Court concluded… “that the primary purpose of the funding provided by the organizational plaintiffs” (the AR groups named above) “WAS TO SECURE AND MAINTAIN MR. RIDER’S PARTICIPATION IN THIS LAWSUIT, NOT LEGITIMATE REIMBURSEMENT FOR BONA FIDE MEDIA EXPENSES.”

7.  The Court stated…… “the purported “media work” does NOT explain the money that the organizational plaintiffs, their lawyers and related entities paid to Mr. Rider.”

8.  The Court stated… Fund for Animals and HSUS (Markarian) testified that it was not certain whether WAP used its donation for other puposes as well….the testimony is undermined by the documents underlying Fund for Animals/HSUS’s “donations” which INDICATE THE MONEY WAS SPECIFICALLY FOR USE IN CONNECTION WITH THIS LITIGATION.”  

9.  The Court stated….Mr. Rider has been paid AT LEAST $190,000 by PAWS, ASPCA, AWI, fund for Animals, HSUS and API (directly or through MGC [Plaintiff’s lawyers] or WAP [group run by same attorneys] and by WAP itself.  The Court also found that “much of his claimed media work has actually been performed in the home of one of his daughters or at a campground in Florida.”

10. According to the Court, “To say that this case has involved highly litigious, complex, and protracted discovery and motions practice is to profoundly understate the history of this case.  Significant judicial resources were expended, particularly during the more than five years of discovery in this matter, in order to advance this litigation to trial.”  

Petdefense:   The Court found that Mr. Rider’s credibility was basically zilch, Mr. Rider issued so many inconsistent statements, contradictory statements, he was impeached repeatedly on cross examination, and he basically was the Plaintiff because animal rights groups, for NINE years, paid the guy to be the Plaintiff, so they could win the case.  Justice has been served upon us, as the truth became very apparent (finally!) and the defense attorneys did their job well.  Congratulations to Judge Emmet G. Sullivan,  and for the realization that not every Judge is as bad as Judge Chesney in San Francisco CA.

BARNUM ELEPH CASE DECIS 09    [This is a PDF file requiring Acrobat] 

JUST MORE Proof about the AR Payolla and Lies that Continue to flood the legislatures, Congress, TV, and every form of media they can afford………  They are all slimebuckets who will stop at nothing to win

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