When ‘Abuse’, ‘Fighting’,’Selling’—*ISN’T* ABUSE

Join the Crusade AGAINST HSUS Anti-pet *and*Anti-ANIMAL LAWS–and Pass it Forward! Question any and all laws put forward by AR groups.

FLASH!  Petdefense recently helped dog owners whose dogs were allegedly “fighting” dogs–ALL dogs were seized, no warrant, AC claimed owner was under investigation.  Owner’s immediate and swift actions, coupled with the right knowledge of the law resulted in RETURN OF ALL DOGS in two days!!  And two of the dogs had actually gotten into an altercation.    

When is/are………..alleged “fightin’ dogs” or animal ‘abuse’ not ABUSE??  When is barking of dogs, scratching of cats by using paws, over “the limit”, or selling animals “illegal” —-so that it constitutes “abuse” under the law?  When is SEIZING EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL— NOT RELATED TO THE CARE OR ALLEGATION— WARRANTED??  Any and all seizures via warrant should be immediately subjected to extra close scrutiny for warrant suppression.

When is the killing of dogs in conjunction with seizure legal? In the Boudreaux case (Louisiana) where the SPCA supposedly killed every single dog, it is known that HSUS set it up that way after HSUS got the law in LA to say that “alleged” fighting dogs can be killed immediately. You can check the link 3 paragraphs below—- to read the law yourself. Such “alleged” dogs are “considered” contraband and therefore (according to them) can be “killed” immediately.

 As we know, normally such dogs are KEPT ALIVE purposely as evidence. BUT NOT IN LOUISIANA WHEN HSUS MAKES LAWS.  HSUS was allowed to STEAL in Louisiana, $34million from the public, and then only account for $7million.  Is that a coincidence?  Nope.  It’s called payolla. Pay to play. HSUS and corrupt government.   

Every owner should find their applicable code section applying to animals. Many acts that are NOT abuse are being categorized AS ABUSE in the law!!  This is supremely important and most people don’t get it. You will get it, when it happens.   AC has a bad habit in general of wanting to seize everything they can get their hands on–but for what purpose? Are all the animals even involved? Does the law call for forfeiture of every animal, or is AC just trying to load up the $$$$ on impound fees?

Most states are listed at the National Agricultural Law Center (University of Arkansas School of Law)  www.nationalaglawcenter.org  The site is frequently updated, but never assume that the law is current–always check it locally in your  jurisdiction. Many government websites are not updated quickly so you may have to do some checking around.

Many so-called ABUSE laws involving animals are drafted by HSUS, Animal Legal Defense Fdn and the like.  We already know that improper drafting of such laws can make the simplest situations into misdemeanors and sometimes felonies.  In other words, one needn’t be actually guilty of animal ABUSE, but because the animal rights WROTE the drafted law, it can encompass legal acts, which are then treated as CRIMES

Above is notorious HSUS’ JP Goodwin up close and personal as he examines the alleged dangerous fightin’ dog”  dog—  so close,  we would wonder why he botheredAbsolutely no charges were filed on owner (Joe Woodall, GA), all dogs were returned [late] and owner has started a legal case.  Should we all be living in fear of unwarranted seizure, raids, and surveillance on our pets?

Let’s say that AC seizes all your dogs, because some hearsay information is given to AC by disgruntled neighbor that you had to take out a Restraining Order on prior, and the neighbor throws meat to your dogs when you are not there so they can get into a squabble over it, then neighbor films it and claims you have fighting dogs.

Or let’s say you like to use a treadmill or springpole for your dog, and someone claims you must be SELLING fightin’ dogs.  Or you run an ad online for 2 puppies, and someone surreptitiously reports you as a ‘puppymill’ because of the ad.  If  running any ad for an animal, make sure you are aware whether YOU are under that jurisdiction’s ordinance (if local) or whether there is a statewide law on the issue.  If you do not live in that juridiction, you may not necessarily be forced to comply with certain laws in another jurisdiction.  Most local laws only affect the residents.

Well—the largest breed rescue in the USA is Small Paws, which BUYS 300 dogs per month from commercial sellers, then turns around and garners volunteers across America, and resells the dogs using the emotional ploy of “we saved them” after they went out and bought them. They claim to buy sick dogs so they can “fix” them via $5000 surgeries, and allege to spend $300k-$500k on vet bills.   This huge marketing ploy is considered “non profit.”

If this Small Paws took 10 dogs outside to Tractor Supply and sold them, it would be “legal” under the CA law submitted by HSUS+friends. BUT if a group that was not a “non profit” did the same thing, it would be considered ANIMAL ABUSE. 

====> That LAW essentially said that “rescues” can SELL animals, and Humane Societies can SELL animals—but anyone else–whether individual or business—cannot sell animals outside—or even DISPLAY them!!<======  And the LEGISLATURE PASSED THE DAMN LAW!!

This was THE biggest piece of CRAP proposed legislation in the history of animal law in CA—and YET—many groups thought the law was “OK”………… That law was illegal in all ways possible, and surely NOT something that any animal owner should be in favor of, if one has any brains at all. 

So if I wanted to rehome 3 cats, 1 dog and 2 chickens, I could not go outside and display, offer, show, or sell or trade my own animals.  I could not meet anyone in the Tractor Supply parking lot or the sidewalk in front of my house. I could not show a dog for rehoming at a public dog park.

In other words, HSUS+friends WANT to catch people selling or rehoming their own animals IN THEIR OWN HOMES.  By implementing forfeiture laws, HSUS is targeting the taking of property, including the animals and the real estate property.  This has already been done by the alleged dog fightin’ law just passed last year, wherein the LANDLORD may be subject to FORFEITURE of the property–even if the LANDLORD didn’t do any dog fightin’, or was not even present in the area, or even if the LANDLORD had no notice of illegal acts.

Once AC seizes your animals,  liens  likely arise automatically for impounding. In one of the WA cases, the AR attorney is claiming that the rescue group has a lien for impound costs, even though the Court ordered return of the animals, which have not been returned. If AC or any related group seizes your animals while you are there, make sure to have a video or camera available to film it, and hopefully witnesses.

You would have to contact an attorney in your state to find out your state/local law exactly…… HSUS knows this, that is why they try and devise laws to get around exempting the equity in your property.  You can be completely innocent and lose your house, ranch, entire real estate.  It is a preventive measure to contact local counsel and set up appropriate measures to protect your property ahead of time.


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