HSUS CEO Pacelle..is…a LIAR. The Truth.By Attorneys.

Join the Crusade AGAINST HSUS lies+Pass It Forward to Everyone You know!!


The excerpt below (under Going Rogue)—-  is from Nathan Winograd, noted No Kill former director,  former DA in San Francisco.  It is clear that Nathan doesn’t care for Pacelle/HSUS.  Why should he? 

By Petdefense:   HSUS does nothing but lie, misrepresent, manipulate, and con people out of their hard earned money.  a lot of which goes to fund HSUS PENSIONS for employees………..And Pet connection blog, usually posts by Gina Spadifori, who alleges she is a dog breeder [who helped close down the Petland Petstore in Roseville, CA], and where HSUS Jennifer Fearing claimed “they” closed it down by holding signs against commercial breeders]….see picture….


Here is unattractive Spad on left, and Fearing of HSUS on right. Spad’s face covered, because she’s a drone for HSUS, and Fearing because no free publicity for HSUS by showing her face? These two want to close down commercial breeders and the like, BUT instead just cost businesses to suffer instead.

NO ONE forces anyone to buy any particular dog or cat.  They have a choice and they should have a choice.  HSUS thinks it can be the “animal police” masquerading as the government, lobbying the government, and having police type badges like the government; HSUS wants to take the PLACE of the Agriculture Dept even tho HSUS can’t even save animals, but instead writes books on how to KILL animals. (See search box for HSUS book on How to Kill Animals; it was published in 2003, ISBN 978-0-9658942-6-5 and sells on Amazon, Ebay and more!!  Go online and find it if you don’t believe it.  Titled Humane Soc of the US EUTHANASIA TRAINING MANUAL.

…… well, Spadifori might report on HSUS, but she knows nothing about deception and HSUS, since she believes HSUS is doing the right thing.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH   Boy has Spadifori been deceived by HSUS, or PAID by same;  but then Spadifori is an elitist.  We call it just plain stupid

Spadifori is one of the dumbest rocks when it comes to understanding the animal rights movement.  Or maybe we should say she IS an AR since she supports HSUS and is proud of it…………  And   —>>>> she actually *believes*  she is smart.  That further proves the point.

Going Rogue

December 8, 2009 by Nathan J. Winograd 

Wayne Pacelle’s rewriting of history adds another to his growing list of disturbing titles

Wayne Pacelle, the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, is many things: a dog killer such as when he lobbied the court to kill puppies and other dogs in Wilkes County, NC.

He is an embracer of dog killers such as when he made the most notorious animal abuser of our generation a spokesman for HSUS, without asking for anything substantive in return such as the names and locations of other dog fighters.

He is an apologist for killing who has referred to No Kill as hoarding in Newsweek, attacked No Kill on the pages of USA Today, and steadfastly defended shelters that kill against reformers trying to save lives, as he did in King County (WA).

He is a thief, stealing the money that belongs to other groups by fundraising off of their work and success and trying to pass it off as his own as he recently did with the “Faye Fundraising Debacle.”

Thanks to his latest blog, add “revisionist historian” to his growing list of disturbing titles.

For those who prefer plain speaking, it means Wayne Pacelle is also a liar.

His recent blog post on the issue of No Kill is nothing less than a fanciful depiction of the World According to Pacelle (WAP), a work of fiction that is only rivaled in its sheer magnitude of truth avoidance by “Going Rogue,” Sarah Palin’s excursion into the absurd.

In the WAP, Wayne Pacelle says that the “trend [toward lifesaving] is moving in the right direction, with the pro-sterilization campaigns launched by The HSUS and others in the 1970s” being responsible for the drop in U.S. pound killing rates. In fact, the drop in killing is the result of the implementation of many programs—all of which HSUS opposed. They even opposed the “pro-sterilization campaigns” Pacelle cites as the primary reason for the decline.

As I document in my book, Redemption, the so-called “leaders” of the companion animal protection movement met in 1974 to discuss solutions to what they called the “surplus dog and cat problem,” a full three years after a local group in Los Angeles had launched the first municipally funded low cost spay/neuter clinic in the U.S. for the companion animals of low income households.

At the 1974 meeting that included representatives from HSUS, ASPCA, the American Humane Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Kennel Club, HSUS put out a statement opposing municipally funded and shelter run low cost spay/neuter clinics, siding with veterinarians who did not want any threat to their profits (ignoring that the clinics were being used by poor people who would not otherwise sterilize their animals).

Tragically, after the “leaders” met again in 1976, and despite the report from a representative of the Los Angeles clinics that they were having great success at reducing impounds and killing, HSUS once again sided with the AVMA and opposed low-cost spay/neuter programs.

Until 2006, HSUS also opposed feral cat Trap-Neuter-Release programs, arguing that it was tantamount to “subsidized abandonment,”and that caretakers should be arrested and prosecuted for violating anti-cruelty laws, they [HSUS] opposed offsite adoptions calling them “sidewalk giveaways,”  and they opposed working with rescue groups, arguing in the 1990s that killing was preferable because animals get “stressed” when they are transferred to rescue groups.

[all emphasis in bold added; see link for entire story. we could not read the entire story on Nathan’s site as the letters are usually cut off on the left side for some reason.]

It is far past time for everyone to get on board against HSUS’ deception for dollars.  HSUS can only fool those who watch too much TV and believe move stars who swoon over HSUS and Best Friends. Neither of those groups are good, even if it might appear to be good on the surface due to the eye candy.

HSUS AND ALL ANIMAL RIGHTS IS ABOUT IMPLEMENTING THE ANIMAL RIGHTS 12 STEP PROGRAM………..which means turning animals into NON property in the law.  When that is done— you don’t buy, sell, or own, much less eat animal meat– since the non property legal status HSUS is trying to force—gives animals the exact rights of kids. That is a main reason that animal “abuse” is one of their primary targets.  Enough animal abuse laws pass, then animals take on different character. And that’s exactly what the animal rights want.


3 thoughts on “HSUS CEO Pacelle..is…a LIAR. The Truth.By Attorneys.

  1. Ha–I actually thought you were on the side of the animals at first, because your site is called Pet Defense. But, no, you could care less about animals except to the extent that you can make money off them.

    And you might actually want to look into veganism, because there are huge health benefits in going vegan which might even appeal to someone as selfish as you are.

  2. When HSUS + Friends are sued under RICO for racketeering and stealing, you figure it out. DUH……. Caring about animals and buying into crap propaganda designed to fool people like yourself just proves the point. HSUS is smarter than you are and you don’t even understand how it works. For that matter, we love vegans as long as they don’t force it on others.

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