HSUS Website Changes Won’t Save Them

Join the Crusade Against the HSUS Anti pet, anti-animal laws+Pass It Forward!

It’s nice to FINALLY see some $$$ and TRUTH spent on taking DOWN the lies and deception of HSUS (Humane Society USA) and their cohorts!!  We knew that the Racketeering lawsuit had been on hold pending the finalization of the Judgment against HSUS and cohorts in the circus case. (See summary below, from Cattle Network)  After reading the Memorandum/order, we knew that HSUS+cohorts were going to be in trouble. Plus HSUS just lost their lawsuit against HUNTE in Arizona, and  29 of 31 charges were dismissed against Petland.  How does that feel Wayne???? Hah hah!

The website changes by HSUS is stark, it no longer has details of their escapades, their exploit raids, their targeting of churches and children, and many of the lawsuits they engaged. Whiney Wayne CEO can no longer brag after losing a huge lawsuit (Barnum Bailey), losing the lawsuit against Hunte in AZ,  being sued for Racketeering, and being investigated again by the IRS……..  

 It takes $$ from the Pet industry and the agriculture, farming, food businesses to market a national campaign.  They are late in launching, but have used the lawsuits as a great springboard to taking down HSUS.  Humanewatch.org was formed some time ago but did not engage battle against HSUS (as they did against PETA)— until now. 

The HSUS website now looks like a Peta website–a vast contrast to the former site.  Pet fanciers/lobbyists/researchers and others carefully saved documents and web pages from the former HSUS site to verify the HSUS admissions of lobbying, and crafting/drafting legislation. Where HSUS admitted they brought nearly 180 laws forward nationally, we kept tabs. New groups were formed for sole purpose of keeping track of HSUS payolla legislation.  AKC created a law tracker program (it is listed on top of this blog.) 

 In the losing animal rights case against Barnum Bailey,  the Judge did a blow by blow recap of every single piece of bad facts against animal rights in the case, how they paid the Plaintiff, how the testimony was not credible, and far far more. They even had pages of charts showing payments to the Plaintiff.  But we were not surprised, since animal rights use deception, misrepresentation, and blatant lies to get their way.  That is how they operate. They forced the Courts to work on their case even when their was no legal basis for the case, since it was based on fake testimony and lies. They lied about having paid the Plaintiff. They basically paid the guy almost $200,000 to remain as Plaintiff. Then suddenly Plaintiff couldn’t pay his taxes and “someone” paid it for him.

  The “humanewatch.org” site has FINALLY gotten enough news to make a BANG— and the cattle, poultry, and food industry has had enough of HSUS deception and anti-animal, anti-pet, anti-food, anti-business of HSUS.  For Feld and Barnum Bailey to win the case against the animal rights, is supremely precedent setting.  The main reason being, it does prove that animal rights will engage in illegal acts and corruption to pay their way to the top, then browbeat the animal owners into submission by passing bad laws.

We have long stated that HSUS’ marketing and deception demise would require the unification of the public, and the unity of the pet trade, farming and agriculture industies.  When that did not happen, HSUS kept bulldozing its way into legislation nationwide, carving a wide path for bad laws against animal owners and business owners alike.  When the expose video against HSUS came out about a year ago, HSUS actually had it taken down from U Tube. Nevertheless, the video was sent to Iran and placed on Vidoosh for viewing nationally. You can view that video on this blog (see right hand column)

Subsequently, the pet fancy has long claimed that HSUS should not be able to retain non profit status since HSUS was spending and bragging about LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION AND NEW LAWS NATIONWIDE on the HSUS site, which was rife with tons of information on the HSUS efforts, including all of their purported legislative action, legal bills to Congress, Federal law they lobbied, townhall meetings they held [where the public was refused entrance]   and consistent BRAGGING about all the laws, raids, exposes on commercial breeders, fake videos, misrepresentation, and “saving” of animals that they actually did not do.  HSUS had enough $$$ stolen from donators to create their own in-house PAC.  However, it did appear that all HSUS did was to operate AS a PAC, lobbying 24/7, bringing legislation nationwide. Even Nathan Winograd, former district attorney and author of Redemption (on No Kill) has blatantly said that Wayne Pacelle of HSUS is a LIAR—and indeed Pacelle is a liar.

Thousands of people urged the IRS to review HSUS financials, since it was obvious from the HJSUS site over time, that they spent all their money on lobbying and marketing; that they combined standalone animal rights groups and were pushing financial expenses you couldn’t keep track of (on purpose) and that shared expenses nationally and internationally would be near impossible to decipher (on purpose)….  When HSUS kept bragging about their funding, and their lobbying, they were hanging themselves, but they thought they could get away with it long enough to take down industries such as farming, and food production, including chickens and pigs.

The deceptive ads and marketing of HSUS since 2004 has taken a huge toll on many animal businesses and owners.  HSUS pushed to shut down “puppy” mills and went on Oprah, and helped to shut down Petland stores, and pet stores in CA. Gina Spadifori, author of pet books and writer on Pet Connection blogsite—was consistently siding with HSUS and their corrupt garbage.  She even boasted about working with HSUS Jennifer Fearing to help shut down the Petland petstore in Roseville CA and it did shut down!  Nice going Spadifori—working with groups that are sued for Racketeering violations and corruption!!  How stupid can one be, despite the truth glaring in your face?  

After conglomerating with standalone animal rights groups just before Katrina hit, suddenly in Katrina’s aftermath HSUS emerged as exceptionally wealthy. They had admitted to taking in $34million but could only account for $7million—-and got away with that under Louisiana corruption in government. HSUS also helped pass an illegal law in Louisiana which considers “alleged” fightin’ dogs as “contraband” which can be killed instantly–no need to keep or save evidence. The SPCA in Louisiana is being sued by F. Bourdreaux after every dog they owned was killed over a weekend and the Bourdreauxs were exonerated 4 years later at trial on fighting charges.  There was not enough proof to prove anything, but HSUS knew that Louisiana had the law they helped put in place, so they knew they could KILL every single dog and get away with it.  And they did for the time being. 

Racketeering Lawsuit Fingers Humane Society Of The United States 02/22/2010 


  In a landmark RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) lawsuit certain to have far-reaching implications for the animal rights movement, Feld Entertainment and the Ringling Brothers circus sued the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), its lawyers, and several other animal rights groups last week.

The nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) unearthed the lawsuit in federal court records today. CCF is making the lawsuit available online at its newest website, http://www.HumaneWatch.org. “America’s farmers, ranchers, hunters, fishermen, research scientists, fashion designers, and restaurateurs have seen for decades how the animal rights movement can behave like a mobbed-up racket,” said CCF Director of Research David Martosko.

 “But it’s still shocking to see the evidence laid out on paper. In a treble-damage lawsuit like this, a jury could actually do the humane thing and finally put HSUS out of business completely.” In its February 16 lawsuit, Feld leveled bribery, fraud, obstruction of justice, and money laundering charges against HSUS and two of its corporate attorneys; three other animal rights groups; the Washington, DC law firm of Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal; and all three of that firm’s named partners.

 On December 30, 2009, Federal Judge Emmitt Sullivan ruled that these defendants collaborated to pay more than $190,000 to Mr. Tom Rider, a former Feld employee who was an elephant “barn helper” for two years in the late 1990s, in exchange for his impeached testimony against Feld in an earlier lawsuittestimony Judge Sullivan declared “not credible” and disregarded in its entirety. [In other words, the animal rights paid the Plaintiff to say what they wanted him to say, and he had no job outside of sticking around getting paid by animal rights; see circus case on sidebar here on blog or enter circus payolla in search box to read case PDF.] 

That lawsuit was dismissed. Feld is also suing Mr. Rider, and a nonprofit “Wildlife Advocacy Project” charity, claiming that Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal used it to funnel money from their plaintiff clients to Mr. Rider. These clients included the Fund for Animals, which merged with HSUS in 2004. “The new HumaneWatch website is the only place the public will be able to read this lawsuit,” Martosko added. “We’re publishing a treasure trove of information about the Humane Society of the United States, including lots of surprising documents that HSUS would rather remain hidden from its contributors.”

Last week CCF launched http://www.HumaneWatch.org, an online watchdog project dedicated to analyzing HSUS’s activities and keeping the group honest. It includes a blog, an interactive document library, and a growing body of information about HSUS-related organizations and staff. Source: Center For Consumer Freedom


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