Hitler Video (HSUS)–A Must See


If you missed it, take a look. By the birdie people that hate HSUS, what a great video.

It doesn’t get more clear than this!  Great job!  And…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNOSeVamf20&feature=related  Hatched in USA video showing gorgeous birds hatched here in the USA, which HSUS wants to be eliminated by “no” breeding.  HSUS also wants to eliminate reptiles- turtles-snakes, etc, and of course to eliminate the sales and breeding of them as well.   Cracking down on chicken farmers is simply HSUS’ method of making eggs and chicken cost more to consumers so they won’t buy the products.  Nothing but another manipulative forced vegan lifestyle ploy.


One thought on “Hitler Video (HSUS)–A Must See

  1. Yes hsus wants to have sole control over the existence of and killing of animals. Hence the aggressive pr campaign.

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