IRS Fraud CA-Utah-Texas-Wash D.C. Investigating HSUS

Join the Crusade Against HSUS Anti-pet, Anti-animal Laws and Pass it Forward!

The HSUS received over 4,500 letters from concerned citizens re the HSUS lobbying nationwise, while acting as a “charity” with their own PAC (pol action committee)…charities are limited in scope to the amount of lobbying they can do. Yet HSUS was doing lobbying 24/7 and although Whiney Wayne was bragging about HSUS doing it, the HSUS PAC didn’t seem to have borders, but are supposed to be distinctly and completely two separate entities. Or should have been.  HSUS, as we noted weeks ago, has changed its entire website in an attempt to take off all of the legislation and legislative primers, the bragging and lawsuits, the political lobbying pages, the lobbying done with churches, neighborhood watch groups, local government and SPCA humane groups, Maddie’s Fund, and hundreds more involving lobbying nationwide.

So guess where HSUS $$$ went/goes?   Only 1/2 of  ONE (1) % went directly to any shelters/pets—but HSUS ads on TV make it look like all of their $$$ is going there????

 Deception for $$$$.  If HSUS told people it was going to the same agenda as PETA has—would they get any $$$$???! PETA cannot pass legislation, but HSUS CAN—— but a severe RICO lawsuit against HSUS and ASPCA et al, and DAILY reporting on HSUS sponsors, and the IRS publicly working on HSUS issues spells BIG obstacles for HSUS credibility.

Subject: [SAOVA_West] Spay Neuter HSUS Campaign Update!

A SAOVA message to sportsmen, farmers and pet owners concerned about protecting their traditions, avocations and livelihoods from anti-hunting, anti-breeding, animal guardianship advocates. Forwarding and cross posting, with attribution, encouraged.

Dear SAOVA friends, Today we received some good news from lobbyist and attorney, Frank Losey, regarding the Campaign to Spay and Neuter HSUS. Frank worked for over 2 years and has compiled 755 pages of documents and proof of the excessive lobbying activities of HSUS. His call to action for animal owners and enthusiasts to write letters to the tax fraud office of IRS resulted in thousands of letters from all 50 states.

Frank’s work and your efforts have not gone unnoticed by the IRS. Below is Frank’s message. Cross posting is encouraged. Susan Wolf Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance – http://saova.orgIssue lobbying and working to identify and elect supportive legislators

 Dear Animal Owners and Enthusiasts, A number of individuals who wrote to the IRS have now received form a form letter response from the IRS Office in Dallas. Since some have received the form letters, that indicates that all will. Typing names and addresses on 4,500-5,000 form letters and envelopes does take a little time!! Although form letters are often not worth the paper they are written on, this form letter is different for a number of reasons, including those set out below:

1. Unlike most form letters which are signed by a lower ranking individual, this form letter is signed by the Acting Director of the Exempt Organization Examinations Division. 2. The IRS bureaucratic glacier is now moving. 3. The form letter goes one step further and asks for other relevant info if you have it. 4. The fact that the Dallas Office is involved means that a total of four IRS (Fraud-Related) Offices are now discussing among themselves what is going on. (The other three Offices are Ogden, Utah, Fresno, CA and Washington DC.)

Discussion means that the IRS is taking serious the documentation that I have previously sent, as well as at least 4,500 confirmed letters that the IRS has received. 5. If the IRS is sending out form letters to at least 4,500 letter-writers, which states send more info if you have it, this means that the IRS is about to open up a serious investigation, and probably already has, especially in light of the fact the HSUS has taken off of its website some of its “finger tip” links having to do with lobbying. You now have to use the HSUS search engine.

 6. I have a new point of contact to inundate with 755 pages of incriminating documents, in the unlikely event that my seven submissions have not been copied and forwarded to the Dallas Office. 7. The IRS “chatter,” which was a primary purpose of the letter writing campaign, is in full motion. 8. The most important thing is that the IRS is not ignoring the issues raised and is asking for additional information if it is available. I’m working on that!! A HUGE “THANK YOU” TO ALL WHO WROTE TO THE IRS!!!! Frank Losey


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