HSUS Deception for $$$$ Desperation

We are Laughing!  Go to Google and type in ‘HSUS deception for $$$$’  and guess what comes up under “Sponsored Links???”  The devil HSUS’ own sponsored link!!!  HSUS can’t even avoid use the TRUTH to gain $$$$$ but has to set up their site linked to Deception for $$$$?  Apparently.

Now that is desperation to us………… and we give tons of credit to humanewatch.org for pushing the truth and telling it like it is.  Of course many of us have been doing the truth telling for years, but the pet trade doesn’t listen very well.  [The Pet trade finally admits this year, that pet owners are spending less on non necessity items for their animals.]    

Below is what one might see when Googling HSUS Deception for $$$$

Google Advanced Search WebHide optionsShow options… Results 1 – 10 of about 43,100 for hsus deception for $$$$$. (0.34 seconds)

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 Search ResultsModesto Bee Exposes HSUS Deception for $$$$ « Pet DefenseMar 12, 2010 … do we think that simply because overt implication was used vs outright lies, that HSUS is not guilty of purposeful deception? Hardly. … petdefense.wordpress.com/…/modesto-bee-exposes-hsus-deception-for/

 – Cached HSUS: Deception for $$$ via Public Lies+Video Misrep « Pet DefenseJan 1, 2010 … HSUS: Deception for $$$ via Public Lies+Video Misrep. January 1, 2010 · Leave a Comment. Join the Crusade AGAINST the HSUS LIES, ANTI-Pet, … petdefense.wordpress.com/…/hsus-deception-for-via-public-liesvideo-misrep/ – Cached Show more results from petdefense.wordpress.com

  Cached Yellow Tail Wine’s Donation to HSUS | FacebookFeb 5, 2010 … Doug I agree Tiffany – there are so many examples of HSUS deceiving the public into believing they’re helping animals when in reality less … http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=5550296508&topic=19290 – Cached


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