Unseen Deception of Animal Rights’ Hidden Agenda–HSUS

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orig published march, 2009…………

“People donate money to the Humane Society of the United States and they think they’re helping local shelters, but the money doesn’t come to us,” said one shelter manager who asked to remain anonymous. “We’re always struggling for money.” http://www.geocities.com/greyluvrsleague/hsus.htm

10 years ago, the HSUS Comparative Financial Operations Report for 1999, a general breakdown of income and expenses the group provides to media, indicates expenses of nearly $55 million. What was the highest single line item expenditure? Fund-raisingmore than $16 million worth. Remember that. 

 That’s almost 30% of the expenses spent on fund-raising. At least the part that HSUS alleges…….And that was 8-10 years ago. NOW in 2011 that cost is about 50%, causing their “charity” rating to plummet down to a “D” status, not A-, B, or even C.

These days, HSUS with their 2005 conglomerated AR cronies, are probably spending  far, far more. For example in the 2008 Prop 2 ALONE (hen battery cages, CA) HSUS spent over $8,000,000 in trying to get it passed, and it passed.

This was done by showing calves in stalls, not chickens, on TV. HSUS also got sponsors in the farming or vet industry which kept pitching the proposition.

HSUS has consistently bragged that HSUS has the largest animal law group of attorneys in the United States, and with 16 full time attorneys, funding from the Fund for Animals allegedly going to the HSUS Animal Protection Litigation section, and HSUS receiving, in 2008, over 10,000 (yes, ten thousand) FREE hours of legal work donated (pro bono) to HSUS, there is surely NO SHORTAGE of legal help at HSUS.

Well that might explain how HSUS so EASILY churns and burns through so many states, with so many newly minted ANTI-PET LAWS.  Those Anti-Pet Laws are Animal Rights laws, all of them pushed with the Hidden Agenda of the Animal Rights 12 Step in mind.  This never changes—no MATTER HOW the laws are drafted.




















Yet to watch HSUS on TV, on their videos, on U Tube, on their sugar coated photoshop eye candy glossy brochures, and their media marketing ads, one would never be able to tell that in the background, HSUS is actually pushing Anti-Pet, anti-breeder, anti-selling, anti-buying, anti-business, anti-owner laws. 

When people finally figure out what HSUS is—which is Animal Rights, for some reason they can’t understand it. http://ar-hr.com/2009/03/19/the-wolf-in-sheeps-clothing/

There isn’t that much to understand. HSUS doesn’t want to appear radical like Peta, so it purposely just uses the sugar coated, eye candy media photos, and the sob stories re poor little puppies with 3 legs. And apparently the people who watch too much TV, too much video, too much U Tube, have easily bought into the crapolla being peddled.  Don’t be dumbed down by eye candy photos and don’t believe everything HSUS shows and tells. Everything HSUS does is specifically for a purpose, where the purpose is to benefit their coffers and #2, to advance Animal Rights’ Hidden Agenda.

But while the public is enamored with the eye candy, which is nothing but media marketing, advertising/propaganda, HSUS is fleecing the public by taking donations for what the public believes is saving shelter animals but in the meantime……

 HSUS is passing laws against the selling, owning, breeding or transfer of animal to make it more expensive to own, procur, sell, or obtain animals; to make it harder for rescues to get homes for their pets, to make excessive, expensive regulations that are not necessary, to make contrived regulations for building kennels which are over the top and more complicated than obtaining a license for a child care facility.

This unseen deception by Animal Rights parading around to be seen as a ‘mainstream protection cause’ brings in plenty of money—but if the public REALLY knew what was going on, would they donate money to a group that in reality, does what Peta does

That is why HSUS purposely does not use radical stunts like Peta.  Instead HSUS gets celebrities and Oprah to push their agenda, undercover video footage, etc.   The credibility of HSUS is obviously low, since HSUS’ target is to fleece the United States with Animal Rights–but HSUS tries to pretend they are not Animal Rights, but rather Animal Welfare.  Who is fooling who?



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