“DON’T BUY PUPPIES” HSUS:Seize ‘Em..Best Friends:Sell ‘Em

2010 Update:    FINAL ANSWER: DO NOT BUY, RESCUE OR TAKE PUPPIES FROM BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY.  If you read this entire post you will see why.  The editorial news story link is near the bottom.  It is likely such animals were the result of one of HSUS’ seizures (seize/sell)

Best Friends Animal Society, the group that has the URLs




……….. with the statement ……….

“we can fight against breeding pets for profit”  

—–> AND on their website, it states “If you have a story to share about living with a rescued pupy mill dog, about being involved in shutting down a bad breeder of ANY KIND OF PET, or if you need advice and help after buying a sick animal—WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  NOT surprisingly, Best Friends sounds just like HSUS and vice versa. NOT a coincidence, the BF Animal society is quite wealthy. And, again no surprise, the website for the “mill” sob story looks like the HSUS site designed to fool the un-educated, the TV watchers, and just plain un-informed public. 

 Best Friends is using the same tactic as HSUS, where HSUS has, in essence,  the Snag A Breeder program, using a 6 page intake form to get animal breeders in trouble or…….HSUS has worked in concert with BF to have BF or ASPCA or other AR groups do the same thing???

 ANNOUNCED in 2009, updated:  Best Friends—–>  is breaking ground  has nearly finished or has completed — a NEW “PUPPY CARE CENTER” with puppy “pre school”,  puppy “cafe”,  puppy “apartments”,  puppy “playground”, puppy “welcome” wing …………  can’t get any more “humanized” than that.  Best Friends makes us sick.

It will probably have more amenities than most poor area city schoolsOf course, this is being done so that when ‘commercially bred’  seized dogs are compared to the elite puppy park, puppy this and that at BF–it will pale in comparison. In other words, BF is saying we will take a commercially bred dog and place it in the Rodeo Drive a la Beverly Hills facility, that we, Best Friends, Saviors of of only certain hoarded dogs/cats–can do.  We must remember that even a $9mill dollar PAWS facility did not save OPRAH’s parvo dog, which was adopted from Chicago PAWS. 

Claiming that “Puppies aren’t Products“, Best Friends brags that up to 240 puppies, including “former commercially bred pups and mother dogs and their newborns” can be accommodated. [ Here is link to TV news video showing Missouri citizens against HSUS Missouri “mill” proposed proposition:  http://tinyurl.com/286cesq]

HMM…….does that mean that HSUS and the Anti-Pet laws that HSUS intends to pass means that seizures and RAIDS of commercially run kennels will be continuing?  Does it mean that HSUS has helped gain funding to build a PUPPY TOWN at Best Friends to CLOSE DOWN Pet Stores—so the seized dogs can be sold from Best FriendsDoes it mean HSUS thinks it can run Hunte and Petland out of business?  We think that’s what it means.

  Does BF know that HSUS LOST the lawsuit in AZ against HUNTE and only 2 of 31 claims against Petland survived the first round culling in Federal Court?  Does BF know that HSUS is tainted by RICO charges in Federal Court, after AR lawyers paid the sham plaintiff to testify after the case sat around for 9 (Nine) years?  Does BF know that HSUS got the SPCA in Louisiana to kill every dog belonging to the Boudreaux’s overnight, with the “excuse” that they didn’t have “space” for them anywhere?  Does BF know that HSUS helped design Louisiana law so that *alleged* dog(s) used for alleged ‘fighting’ is instantly killed because they call it “contraband” and that makes it “legal?” What if it was not used for fighting? Oh well, too bad, so sad??!!  Unbelievable. Does BF know HSUS uses Michael Vick as spokesperson–when BF allegedly “re-trained” some of  the Vick dogs?  Of course they know.

—-> According to Best Friends, a 5 (five)  month old puppy is “too old” to live at Best Friends, and must live at  a “foster home” —but now that the PUPPY CENTER is being built— such pups could be at Best Friends.  Allegedly, says Best Friends, 5 mo. old pups like the one described, are “too young” to live in areas with adult dogs, and “too old” for New Friends, where very young puppies live at the sanctuary

Keep in mind, we are talking about a facility that calls itself a sanctuary, which had decided they were taking in no more new homeless pets not that long ago (because they have 1,600-1,800 animals already) yet as Best Friends has discovered apparently, they can move those commercially bred pups out faster than they can sell them. And no doubt after getting stores closed down, and after their campaign to stop commercial kennels, the public is asking BF for commercially bred dogs.  But is that proper?  Is BF a “PETSTORE?”

All of this allegedly means BF can “take in more puppies.”  Allegedly donations from the Enrietto and Kallas Foundation and the Ebay Foundation are being used to build the Puppy Center.   

—-> According to the Best Friends website, BF took off the comments board re the new Puppy Center,  because disgruntled people were voicing their personal agendas to attack Best Friends, BF then claims that they are suspending comments because they don’t have the processes in place to maintain commenting rules. [No, it wasn’t us that did the commenting, but had we seen it, we would have chimed in as well.]

But let’s not forget, BF used  $140,000 of other people’s donations to go and get those stray dogs in Lebanon. Let’s see, dogs dying in shelters every day in the USA,  but BF must spend the $$$$ to fly to Lebanon to get rescued dogs.  But a 5 mo. old puppy must go to foster care.  That is one of the most stupid things we have ever read.

——>   Best Friends TELLS the public NOT to buy puppies. Best Friends either bought or had the URL “dontbuypuppies” pointed to their site where they blast pet stores and blast people who want to buy a puppy. Yet BF takes the very pups that they tell people NOT to buy, and then *they* resell them!

—–>  BF+ HSUS  is instrumental in helping  cause the demise of pet related jobs, the closure of pet stores, and they tell the public that animals are not property, and that people should not advertise pets online, and that no animals or pets  should ever be sold in a pet store—-yet they are building a PUPPY CENTER to sell puppies themselves.  They will of course, call it adoption or rescue or something else.  Nevertheless, they don’t give them away for free. 

—–>  Best Friends and their Millions and Millions of $$$$$,  claims it can’t keep a 5mo old puppy on the premises and it has to go to foster careAccording to HSUS, BF  has said that it  costs $190,000 to “rehab” one dog.  That’s what HSUS employee testified to in Court in NC.  [Sure, it costs that much if you are given Michael Vick Million $$ to rehab a dog.]  If you aren’t given the $$$$ then you tell the Court you can’t afford it.  Smell a rat???  Maybe a pack of rat lies??

—–> BUT NOW Best Friends builds a PUPPY CENTER for seized commercially bred puppies?  Why doesn’t BF just stop hoarding thousands of dogs, get homes for all of them, and THEN spend $$$ on placing the “hard to place” dogs?  Because BF is NOT there to do that.  Best Friends is there to weave a mindset, to push an agenda against animals as property, it’s not any different than HSUS, except BF  WILL  rehab dogs if you pay them enough $$$. That is probably the difference.  

—–>  Is this not so very obvious?? 

1.   HSUS does the raids, gets the propaganda going

2.  HSUS+Best Friends rallies the Animal Rights people, OPRAH+Ellen,  and the  public, pushing to shut down pet stores ,+ cause  people to lose their jobs

3. They  then sell the commercially bred puppies, gleefully exclaiming there are wonderful puppies for sale by Best Friends and other groups?  

4.  Yet if the exact same puppies are sold by ANY OTHER STORE, ANY OTHER BREEDER, those same exact dogs are called the products of scum bucketsAnd the buyers are abusers?<—

 The hypocrisy of Best Friends and HSUS is disgusting.   Check this out if you haven’t seen it before…. re Best Friends………………. 

http://www.docstoc.com/docs/615717/Best-Friends-Animal-Society-in-Southern-Utah-News     There comes a point in time, where the public masses have  to start thinking clearly.

<< —————————————————————————————–>>

 We think that time has come, and has been here for years—-but only now does HSUS have the  $$$$ (post Katrina mind you)—-to spend Millions and Millions on media lobbying, advertising, and propaganda galore.  And let’s not forget those 10,000+  hours of FREE legal hours  donated to HSUS.  American lawyer even put that online, and gave us the exact number of pro bono hours at no cost to HSUS, PLUS American lawyer online even outright stated, HSUS is Animal Rights!! [See post on this blog for that story]

The story above, indicates that Best Friends paid ($140,000) to IMPORT “rescued” dogs from Beruit Lebanon. So welfarists who drove 18 hrs to help the “Lebanon rescue dogs at Best Friends”,  picked up several stray dogs  along the way to drop off at Best Friends. One was emaciated and ill. The other was a 20lb pitbull type dog.

Best Friends flat out rejected both dogs and said they were “full” and the dogs slept in the car because BF said the dog might be contagious. (It was later found it was not contagious)  Needless to say, both gals that had driven the 18hr to BF have sworn off BF for life as a complete sham.

—–>  And, let’s not forget, Michael Mountain, former President of Best Friends, either on “sabbatical” or disengaged [on the surface]  from Best Friends temporarily since Fall of 2008, has proven to be a hindrance to the corporation apparently, in part due to his registration of the Best Friends Corporation (Louisiana) naming the Process Church. This was announced years ago by online sources. The Process Church which, unfortunately, has a sordid history involving Satan worship and other lurid details. http://www.docstoc.com/docs/3557552/Process-Church-Teachings

This link has a summary…

“Two sinister Scientology graduates of the 60s were Robert DeGrimston and his wife Mary Ann. He was a former architecture student and she was a former prostitute who believed herself to be Joseph Goebbels incarnate. Both had an insatiable preoccupation with death and violence and it is perhaps inevitable that they ended up in San Francisco in 1967 where they established themselves as The Process Church of the Final Judgement.” These are the people that Mountain and friends joined up with.  De Grimston has authored plenty of graphic writings on Satan, and why men should follow.

 Uh, according to the research Petdefense did, that’s putting it very, very mildly.  So Best Friends figured they need to change their outward appearances, and Mountain is not the editor of the BF magazine anymore.  For now, anyway. 

It should be known that in Satan worship rules, KILLING an animal is considered a SIN.  [Killing a human is not named as a sin, but harming kids is named] The Process Church people were often traveling with dogs and in the company of dogs, and it was alleged that dogs were always used in order to better determine the apocalypse which was coming. 


There is also other  info on this subject here (on the blog)  after research was done.  BF Animal Society’s actions speak for themselves. They spent $140,000 to take in Lebanon dogs (when they could have gotten free shelter dogs in the USA) but wouldn’t take in 2 strays from Kansas alleging that BF was “full.” 

 Full of WHAT is the real question.  

11 thoughts on ““DON’T BUY PUPPIES” HSUS:Seize ‘Em..Best Friends:Sell ‘Em

  1. Whoever is putting down Best Friends Animal Society is a sicko. They are the best, and they really care about pets. You must be a back yard breeder, or a puppy mill.

  2. and this means you have not done your research on Best Friends being from the Process church, related to charles manson, and satanic cult; claiming to tell everyone NOT to buy a puppy but then purposely building a puppy building to hold seized puppies or new puppies. Oh yeah they care about pets. that’s why they keep 1,500 of them.

  3. Buy American. Buy from a long time breeder here who can tell you the health history and character of every dog in a 7 generation pedigree behind a pup. Do not buy a gonad gutted, genetically dead pup that only looks externally like a real dog sold by these corporate scam artists. No one deserves or would want a pup that has scavenged on corpses abroad. Most of all quit being propagandized by groups out to take your money for the very real purpose to use in wiping out pets and farm animals here.

  4. Best Friends isn’t SELLING puppies. Usually people who sell puppies don’t have them spayed/neutered first, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, socialized, etc. THAT is the difference. BF actually cares about the puppies! Let’s make it real clear here: Breeders and people wanting to profit sell puppies wholesale from mothers and fathers that are kept in filthy cages their whole lives without medical care (puppy mills/backyard breeders). They only care about profit and send their dogs to pet stores to be sold to people who only have to have CASH, no vet references and adoption application (like BF has). Rescue organizations like BF want to shut down pet stores and unscrupulous breeders because they are directly responsible for the 3+ million pets that are killed in the United States every year. And if you actually know anything about BF, they are a “last resort” shelter that will only take in dogs and puppies that would be euthanized elsewhere or have no other options left. Thus, they sometimes go overseas and travel far and wide because otherwise the dogs wouldn’t even get the minimum chance they would normally have in a “normal/kill” shelter.

  5. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.
    Keep working ,great job!

  6. Sounds like sour grapes to me. You probably have a personal agenda and perhaps you are involved with either a puppy mill or pet store and are only concerned about how they may affect your financial situation. Puppy mills are evil places and so are those that run them in my opinion. Pet store owners that knowingly buy puppies from a puppy mill just to make a buck are just as bad. Yes, these puppies are RESCUED from quite often horrific and inhumane conditions. Best Friends Animal Sancutary then directs its resources and efforts toward making these puppies healthy and adoptable – why shouldn’t they then be able to sell them to help with those costs and to fund their inspiring future efforts for the betterment of animals? Makes perfect sense to me and anyone with half a brain that reads your self-serving tripe would make the same deductions that I have. Good day.

  7. what you don’t understand is that you have bought into the most common propaganda in the universe and have failed to do the proper research. when you manage to ferret out the actual truth about HSUS and Best Friends and how they spend money…for example, Best Friends spent $140,000 buying and bringing in stray dogs from Beruit, instead of just taking 400 shelter dogs in the USA that would have been euthanized? DUH?? they raise money to cherry pick issues that are based on emotional ploy to gain followers like yourself. DUH??

  8. Buy a dog from a good breeder and know what you are getting, it usually pays by a wide margin.

  9. Unfortunately, there is NO correlation between BUYING a dog from anywhere vs the shelter animals.
    The overwhelming number of animals that are not adopted or bought from pounds are male juveniles, mid sized to large, often with behaivoral issues,mixed breed. They are NOT small, white, 5-10 lb frou frou dogs, min pin, poodles or bichons, yorkies, maltese,etc. Less than 3.5% of animals purchased from a petstore go to shelters.

    To claim one has “proof” otherwise–then let’s see the proof. It does not exist as far as we know. A shelter or pound is NOT a petstore. The shelter-pound and buying a dog of choice from wherever one chooses are two entirely separate issues, yet BF will cloak the issue to make it seem that buying is wrong and pound animals are the answer.

    This is not logical nor factually the answer. If anyone feels they WANT to buy a pound animal or rescue an animal that is their choice. The buying of a small cute dog that is not from a shelter is not criminal nor should it be the cause for people to hate anyone that does it. Conversely the selling of pound animals is a government function in most places because they cant let them run the streets, and if someone wants to buy an unknown dog that is their choice but it is not the right choice for everyone.

    As for “wanting” to shut down “pet stores” and unscrupulous “breeders”— you cannot prove that it was either a pet store or such breeders that caused the killing. That is because they don’t even know how many shelters exist in the USA, much less what dogs they have. Nearly every dog in a pound had an owner. Most strays had an owner. Most pound animals are not purebreds, they are accidental ties which resulted in dogs that no one wanted. In which case the targeted altering for that segment is what needs to be done. It is a social welfare issue which can be seen quite easily by simply looking at the city/counties that have the most animals in the pound.

    Invariably this will be the lowest economic areas in the state. Without fail. which means they cant afford to alter or dont care to do so. If the counties are very wealthy you will not even find any pound animals, or there will be few and none. Since this is a known FACT–then it is obvious that the problem lies in the areas where people cant afford or dont alter.

    Animal rights seek to get people to believe that it’s the commercial breeders that cause this issue, but they cannot prove it because it does not exist like that. So they have to hang it on the desired dog types to make someone look guilty when in reality, they could never prove it. If someone just does not want any substandard kennels, we can see that argument. If someone wants to only buy from bona fide breeders who take care of animals that’s fine. But to take facts and then misrepresent them to come up with non factual situations is wrong.

    As for BF—the fact that they would even spend $140k of other people’s money to get Beruit dogs is just plain asinine and shows little regard for the dogs in pounds locally. It does not make them look good, it makes them look like idiots. BF got paid nearly 1-2million to “rehab” Vick dogs. They didnt do it for free. BF does keep about 1,600 approx dogs there that they don’t plan to adopt out because many are not adoptable. They tell people not to buy “puppies” yet they themselves build “hotels” for dogs that are the very dogs they tell people not to buy, then they gleefully sell the same exact dogs. So we are not fans of that method. If you hate those dogs then take other people’s money for selling them yourself, you are not any better by having done it and we do not find that to be charitable. BF will spend $5,000 on a kitten to make a story so they can raise $$$. Typical. We dont like them.

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