HSUS-Hardball is a Bitch eh? Groups RUN Away From “Humane” Name

Animal Welfarists Start to Catch on Re HSUS Deception for $$$$

Excerpt from:  http://www.zimbio.com/Humane+societies/articles/O-iWoFVI2UC/Local+Humane+Societies+changing+names+HSUS

“Meanwhile, in a case in South Dakota back in September, HSUS campaigned for more money to “support these efforts” after their great work rescuing some dogs from a puppy mill in South Dakota, talking about how they were “working with local humane organizations to adopt them out to loving families.” However, a week later, local news reported that HSUS had already left town, leaving the local organization, Second Chance Rescue Center, to deal with the 172 dogs taken from the raid on their own.  Later,it was noted that 28 of the dogs got sick and died at the overwhelmed rescue center.   [Petdefense question is: WHY was HSUS even there in the first place??! It was later found they (HSUS) executed an ILLEGAL warrant, which the court ruled on. NOW the Second Chance Rescue is suing the dog owner for over $400,000.  That is EXACTLY the type of collateral damage that HSUS repeatedly causes—ON PURPOSE.     HSUS did same thing in Louisiana, Georgia, Arizona, and many other cases around the nation. But this time HSUS has been outed.] 

Incidences like this leave at least one blogger asking the question: When is an animal “rescued“?

“Throughout all of this, it seems as if HSUS has done a great job of helping themselves raise money — but not so much at helping the rescue groups that are caring for the animals. Again, this might be fine, if people weren’t donating millions of dollars to HSUS THINKING it was going to help the rescued animals –and taking money out of the pockets of the groups that actually need the money to care for them.”

Petdefense:  So mainstream bloggers online are finally coming around to figuring out that HSUS not only sucks, but that HSUS doesn’t even really help pets or shelters to any substantial degree. Wildlife/politics, etc are clearly in the HSUS realm. 

What HSUS does, is to USE SHELTERS AS THEIR LINK TO TARGET PETS AS NON PROPERTY.  It was and always has been HSUS’ method. Shelters are USED—HSUS is not there to “save” shelter animals. HSUS is not there to “help” shelter animals. HSUS only wants to neuter every pet alive and then have them declared as non-property. 

That is not a radical rant, that is what HSUS has been doing all along, and actually it’s very obvious to those who have studied HSUS strategy.  HSUS strategy is built upon understanding how humans get very emotional over small animals, and helpless animals—then HSUS simply adds funeral parlor music (for crying) and throws in some dumb celebrity who couldn’t understand fifth grade geography to make it seem “worthy.”  Add that up and you have a nice little niche market on gaining donations by preying on emotions.  All the while HSUS keeps backing shelters that kill. (HSUS does not promote no kill.)

OK, we know everyone doesn’t look at the HSUS with any legal considerations.  BUT…….. when one does do that, an entire host of crap surfaces………….and most animal welfarists, etc, don’t know illegal if they saw it. 

So when HSUS panders their nonsense, bilks the public, and misrepresents what they do, yet their IRS tax returns clearly proves WHERE all those millions are going, it’s obvious that the lobbying and political efforts, animal rights legislation and fake videos are not only substantial, but they are used as advertising—- on purpose.

This clever little scheme over the years, fueled by the millions stolen (yes, stolen from the public) by HSUS  for Katraina pets—as they (HSUS people)  sat inside air conditioned trailers and all the rescue workers who came from thousands of miles away, did all the work. Then HSUS simply came outside and videotaped everything, but put themselves in the video after doing little and nothing. Those actions were witnessed first hand by numerous rescue personnel onsite!!!


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