DAs Help Push HSUS Fraud? Res Ipsa Loquitur

Res ipsa is generally used for negligence inference, but with HSUS, they [HSUS] KNOW that.

Only instead of  “accident“, replace accident with intentional act. Fraud. Intentional misrepresentation, maybe done with complicity.


HSUS solicits District Attorneys, city attorneys, sheriff/police, SPCAs, and more–to help do their illegal bidding, illegal warrants…. just like they solicit innocent public victims to donate to their ill-gained funding.

All of the stupid city attorneys that allow HSUS to hook them like a bunch of sucker fish— are idiots, probably PAID idiots.  How dumb and how greedy can these people get?  Very.  The words “solicit” and “HSUS”  in the same sentence spells trouble.

 *We read that HSUS has admitted/or claimed they did 5,000 raids in ONE year.  If true, that is over 13 raids per day every single day. It is unlikely but nevertheless, even 500 raids would be far too many for a NON governmental,  non profit group. Much expense goes into large raids because they operate as a SWAT team.  HSUS tries to ACT as if they  ARE actually police or undercover informants. Snitching off the wrong people can lead to consequences.
In CA when the San Jose SWAT team killed 2 dogs and raided a Hell’s Angel residence in a well publicized case,  they found zero evidence and ended up being sued [in part for killing the dogs]  which resulted in approx.  $900,000 verdict for the defendants.

Below, Example of the HSUS Wheel of Fortune+Fraud ? and that’s just scratching the surface.


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  1. Images for hsus fraud  (click link to see pics associated with HSUS deception, etc.)

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    But Animal Rights HSUS does….. Blatantly. And let’s not forget, HSUS got the Attorney General there to drop the charges of misconduct for fraud in taking  29 images
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  3. The Humane Society of the United States is a Fraud | East Coast

    Nov 9, 2009 A video from a Georgia news channel revealing the dirty truth about fraud called the Humane Society of the United States. 2 images

  4. Dog Politics: HSUS – Two Years Late & Twentyfive Million Short?

    Oct 9, 2007 Thought they might want to see documented research on HSUS fraud long before Katrina. HSUS is the biggest animal scam in America.  16 images


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