Sacto Co shelter Will Kill More–with HSUS Mindset

UNBELIEVABLE.          Sacramento government is so stupid…no wonder the state is so broke……….they got rid of the Animal Control County director (who sucked) and instead moved the Code Enforcement guy into the position.  Then, we believe they will assign/collaborate animal rights such as Jennifer Fearing and her group (HSUS) and  HSUS city animal Shelter director (Penny) into position– who claimed that when killing animals, they “were not killing them”, that they were taking their lives???  You would think with an education like Fearing’s, that she would have a better brain. Nope.  She thinks that HSUS saves animals.

Further, to see real idiocy at work–Penny used a raid team to raid a cat owner with too many cats, and ended up either killing or “taking their lives” but let the owners have back 7 (seven) cats—only after they paid $6,000 (yes, six thousand) to the shelter!!!  According to the HSUS killing book, it costs less than like $1.32 of chemicals to kill a dog, so a cat should be less. So the owners paid $857.14 per CAT to get their OWN cats back, while the shelter couldn’t save most if not all of them, and killed them with $1.00 of lethal chem. WOW– sounds like a pretty good scam if you can do it all the time?

We ALL know what this means. It means Sac County might raise some paltry licensing fees by using rabies vac info, but in the end, it will cost admin time/money to try/collect on those fees. It will require collection efforts on unpaid admin tickets or criminal fines. And if they have 40% less money (as they claim they will have) they actually BELIEVE they can make up for it by using code enforcement??????

What they WILL do is this:  (1) Kill more animals  (2) Have slight raise in fees due to crackdown (an HSUS tactic)  It is very unlikely that a code enforcement guy knows anything about running a shelter.  That might be OK if the HSUS animal rights were not there to tell him how to run it.  But they ARE there, so mark our words—they will never, ever save more, or improve their kill rate.  HSUS enjoys having to kill animals since it means they won’t be owned.  And since HSUS believes animals are not property anyway, their belief is better dead than fed (same as PETA)

We have been around animal rights for too long, seen too much, witnessed illegal acts, illegal raids, illegal killing, and infinite misrepresentation coupled with marketing.  That all spells out disaster when you apply it to Animal control. Most animal rescue is set UP to take dogs/cats on the kill list.

  It is NOT set up to STOP animals from entering shelters!!  Almost NO rescues do that.  Instead they pride themselves on being “rescuers” and would rather let an animal die than take it before it would enter the shelter, where it most likely would die.

This is proven in an incident by Bad Rap out of San Francisco, when an owner wanted BR to take her dog. Bad Rap instead posted to the world online, that the owner should INSTEAD take it to the vet and have it killed. Yep, that’s what Bad Rap said to do.  Bad Rap only saves about 30-35 dogs per year anyway. That’s hardly what we could call a stellar rescue.  Oh sure Bad Rap educates people about generic pitbulls, but with their volunteers and corporate sponsors, they could do far more than to tell people to have their dogs killed. 

Which is what PETA and HSUS would agree to do.  So when you think about “rescues” just remember they are all not exactly rescuing to save animals. Nope.  Many animal rights people cruise Craigslist to make sure re-homers can’t even rehome their animals.  They flag off their attempts to find a new home.  Now that’s what you call sick in the head.   To see the HSUS fraud wheel (below), just google HSUS fraud then click on the wonder wheel on the left column. A google invention.

Oh yeah. And about HSUS being the bigman on “shelters”?  The only thing HSUS knows about saving animals— is what they read  about other groups doing….  HSUS makes no attempts to save animals in shelters.  Their only “attempts” are to spay/neuter every animal alive so they will go down via either extinction, raids, or high criminal fines for non code compliance.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER LISTEN TO HSUS. You can be guaranteed that anything they say is basically not the truth. When material or substantial facts are left OUT it is deemed to be misrepresentation.  HSUS is KING of misrepresentation.


One thought on “Sacto Co shelter Will Kill More–with HSUS Mindset

  1. HSUS kills short term and long term. While it’s just opinion I don’t think it matters much to animal radical groups whether they murder short or long term so long as they are permitted to continue their animal eradication. What we fail to keep in mind is that through gonad gutting (sterilization) of pet and farm animals HSUS and the other animal radical groups are behind total eradication of US pets and farm animals long term. A few murdered animals don’t highly affect population. Propagandizing sterilization of animals kills off the species. That’s a pity when our ancestors spent so many thousands to tens of thousand of years to domesticate and breed species of pet and farm animals. We’re so propagandized we’ve no more respect in mho for our ancestors than animals. My dog votes. All I do is pull the lever making sure anyone out to kill off pet or farm animals gets blocked from entering office or staying there. My biggest ire is reserved for those who live large off the sanctuary tax scams. It’s sickening to think about taking children to see whole populations of empty shells of gonad gutted animals off whom humans live quite profitably while those are the very folk duplicitous about their agento to totally wipe out all breeds and species of pet and farm animals.

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