FBI Looks at Civil Rights Abuse Los Angeles

FBI to INVESTIGATE Civil Rights abuses in L.A.County


Special Agent Steven Wrathall of the FBI is starting an Investigation of Civil Rights abuses by L.A.County officials. If you have been cited by Code Enforcement/L A Regional Planning, he wants to hear from YOU! Please call SPECIAL AGENT Wrathall at 1-310-477-6565 ASAP.

Petdefense Note:  A check of the phone number does show it is linked to an FBI telephone number, but we did not try to call it ourselves. Make sure you have actually determined  this is the correct number before divulging information if you do call it.

The reason this is posted here?  Because many animal groups linked to HSUS have infiltrated District Attorneys and those in the government to push their agendas. For example, most HSUS raids on owners are carried out with complicity using local SPCA-Humane Societies, and local law enforcement. This is done by misrepresenting facts in order to get a warrant, and such warrant will be used as probable cause to conduct a forced entry, to use guns, and to seize everything they can.  Petdefense has already reported on several of those cases last year. Not surprisingly, they are focusing on Los Angeles and Riverside counties, and targeting pitbull type dogs, even IF THEY ARE registered SHOW DOGS. This is not new to us.


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