Gina Spadifori:WORST Pro-HSUS blogger

Here is exactly what one doesn’t WANT to do: Be a “reputable” breeder, cozy up to HSUS people, invite them into your house, and claim HSUS is against “mills” and stand outside Petland to close it down….. Here is Spad’s  rhetoric:

By recognizing the distinction on one side of the current fight, and by stepping up to say “WE ARE NOT WITH PUPPY MILLERS” on the other. Which is why I picketed Petland, and why I continue to fight puppy mills. And why, in giving a keynote address to a sheltering group in Texas last weekend, I made no secret of the fact that I am a reputable, ethical breeder. Comment by Gina Spadafori — April 27, 2010 @ 7:15 am

Oh brother……………..So very, very, very STUPID.  Why? Because it proves one huge thing. Spad doesn’t have the slightest clue about marketing and indoctrination, propaganda and how it works.

She bought right into HSUS wants to stop “mills” but probably never even heard of the lawsuit HSUS pushed to make SPAD home breeders fall into the category known as retail storefronts?

And even if Spad KNEW about the lawsuit, which HSUS lost— she acts like HSUS actually likes breeding, that only “large” “dirty” kennels produce defective animals, and that socializing everything will turn out a perfect animal. Wrong. Plenty of breeders that do not show and perform genetic testing can produce a decent pet. That they are not show quality? So what?

 Does Spad know that HSUS had to resort to “mills” advertising after they LOST the lawsuit that would have changed hobby breeders into storefronts?

Storefront meaning HSUS could more easily RAID your house and seize anything they could see?

In other words, the government is not that concerned with “mills” because if they were, they would have  simply outlawed them.  Instead, they just don’t apportion funds for tons of inspectors.

True animal welfarists, despising the HSUS illegal warrants, HSUS  killing of dogs, HSUS  misrepresentation, HSUS illegal payments to Plaintiffs,HSUS going down for IRS lobbying violations while lining their own pension funds, HSUS Pacelli claiming Michael Vick would make a great pet owner,   HSUS being sued for RICO (Racketeer-c0rruption statute) violations,  outright lies shown again and again by HSUS—  and we are supposed to take the HSUS side on “mills?”   How ridiculously and incredulously STUPID.

We don’t claim any substandard kennel is to be recommended–BUT we absolutely will NOT tell people that HSUS has it spot on in re to “mills’ for one simple reason:  HSUS lies and deceives. 90% of their crap is pure lies with misrepresentation marketing.

NO VALID ANIMAL WELFARE GROUP NEEDS TO KEEP LYING AND MISREPRESENTING, KILLING AND KILLING in order to raise money.  HSUS is animal rights.  Animal Rights believes animals are not property. If not property then they can’t be owned by people  HELLO?????!!   

Plus, foolishly, Spad keeps claiming HSUS ‘doesn’t support’ MSN.

Of course they do. HSUS doesn’t NEED to “sponsor” it to support it.  How foolish to even make that asinine statement!  Seven out of 10 laws pushed across the USA by HSUS involve either spay neuter or MSN type laws involving breeding and pets, or ultra over the top regulations that make breeding nearly impossible.

Again, we are working with an apparent HSUS shill here……..Spad knows zero when it comes to HSUS.  We can’t even BELIEVE that people read her blog except to take exception to it for being wrong to support the largest AR group in the world while writing dog/cat books.  We would advise to boycott anything she writes and definitely NOT to buy anything she sells.

And then the raids and illegal seizures start piling on.  The rest of the laws are garbage aimed at OUTLAWING the selling/displaying of animals, such as AB1122 last year in CA, which would have made selling an animal outside into “animal cruelty.”  Spad’s knowledge of animal laws is zilch.

 HSUS is all about MSN, killing everything they can, and attempting to make animals into NON PROPERTY legal status.

If animal rights HSUS could, they would close down every shelter and MSN every animal out of existence.

You don’t need much brains to know that.  Just read any number of pages out of the Animal Rights casebook!!  Spad needs to quit stuffing her face and pretending she knows HSUS. She knows little and nothing about HSUS—that is very, very obvious. Spad does dog breeders a complete disservice by her moronic blogging for HSUS.

Spad, being elitist, being pro-HSUS, being fat, unattractive, and breeding dogs while trying to close down   actually getting Petland closed down,  indicates one thing: who pays Spad for her stupidity?


3 thoughts on “Gina Spadifori:WORST Pro-HSUS blogger

  1. IMO anyone who supports the HSUS for any reason at all is either very ignorant about the goals and activities of the HSUS or actually supports those animal rights goals of NO ANIMAL USE.

    Gina Spadafori needs to WAKE UP and smell the loss of dogs and cats and all the animals that the HSUS want to eliminate from human ownership. As a writer and researcher, she should do more work re the HSUS!!!!

  2. LOL.. Spad is over the top when it comes to “childhood obesity’.. she thinks no child goes to bed hungry in the USA.. just that they go to bed stuffed with “fries and a coke” they should be so for being an “ethical breeder’ she has had ONE litter.. wait until she does 20 or so ( of course then she would not be reputable in her own mind) or even five.. problems occur especially in her breed.. no matter how careful you are.. she needs a very quick course in genetics and in “smarts’..

  3. This is worse than a communist country…

    I have an idea…ask artists, especially pet artists, to donate a photo or work of art with full copyright rights given to that organization, and then the organization can auction them off, or allow visitors to use them for free, or charge a low usage fee, etc. in order to get more people to this website to read what is happening. People should be able to donate anonymously and also purchase anonymously if needed.

    Ask someone good with web design to donate skills and build the auction, gallery, etc.

    I’m a photographer (specializing in dog photos) and would be willing to donate one of my photos with full copyright in order to help out if it’s set up right.

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