Dairy Cow Abuse–Paid for as Extreme Propaganda?

We have looked over the alleged video that was given to the news channels and on U Tube. Quite frankly from the viewpoint of non animal rights, it first looks like it might be real. That is, that maybe it was done with subterfuge without knowledge by the perpetrator-abuser who, it seems, is supposedly a prior military person on military disability who had drifted from state to state?  

But several things about the video just doesn’t click. For one giant issue, it was alleged to have been done more than one month ago, at which time HSUS KNEW they didn’t have enough signatures in Ohio on their farm bill “proposition.”  Allegedly out of state signature gatherers were not allowed (which HSUS sought to use.)  Might this video operate as a giant propaganda piece to garner signatures?

AND the video just  “so”  HAPPENS–of all coincidences— to be of a dairy business operation–guess where? …….. Ohio.  Of all the states.

Nevertheless, another big issue is that Mercy For Animals sounds much like the Mercy Crusade, Inc. out of California,  the group employing Humane Officers in Southern California, who were found to have a huge arms cache of weapons in the 199o’s.  http://articles.latimes.com/1995-01-15/news/mn-20308_1_state-humane-officers   The ATF investigated it but the District Attorney did nothing.  After that, the state was very troubled with Humane Officers having guns at all.

Then going to the video, we notice that the abuser somehow just happens to have on the name [of Dairy business] blazing front and center. Allegedly the video makers claim this took 4 weeks to procure but the guy seems to be wearing the same polo type shirt in the video scenes?  And if the video was done surreptitiously, how does the abuser always manage to face the camera squarely, acting like he was on Wheel of Fortune?

So maybe the guy did work there…….but was all this done during his work hours?  Did he admit it was him and show the video to others?  Was he promised something such as payment, further employment [not with dairy obviously, maybe elephants?] or any consideration for being filmed by third parties? 

Was he promised something in return after he cops to the abuse charges and only spends 45-90 days in jail [if he gets jail time]  with a $10k fine (max), or will he spend less time in jail, and not pay a fine, and then get whatever he was promised when he gets out?

  Will someone else be paying his “fine” like someone else paid the Barnum/Bailey Plaintiff’s income taxes (over $200k) when he only earned about $20k/year?  Would a group like HSUS run out to hire him so they can pimp him off like they did Michael Vick and pretend they have rehabbed the abuser so that he can teach kids not to abuse animals?  Can we see the potential??

Judging from the failure to purposely gore the cow, and by not aiming it at the head of the animal, it looked to us like it was being done for show. He was purposely not puncturing the animal.  While admittedly someone was punching and kicking the cow and calf, people will take money for killing people; so what’s to stop some idiot from taking money in exchange for beating up cows?  It wouldn’t be that difficult to do, as we can see. He was bragging about doing it obviously.

Then we have the full-on frontal verbal exchange where the idiot starts ranting and raving about how he loves to abuse cows, and how he loves to get off on doing so.  Now this is not something we believe an animal abuser would say, or do in general.  But it IS something that animal rights would SAY that such abuser would do.  And that’s evidenced by the anecdotal theory of HSUS psych-101 amicus briefs, wherein HSUS links abusers of animals to abusers of  people, claiming that one leads to the next.

It is a known fact that animal rights do not believe animals are property under the law; therefore, animal rights believes that one should not own animals.  Since animal rights loves to use shock value, novel videos, and subterfuge methods coupled with misrepresentation, it is pretty likely to us, that paying some idiot to beat on a cow would be well within the limits and pocketbook of many animal rights. [After all, they paid a Plaintiff about $250,000 to remain Plaintiff in the circus case which took 9 years, then the Federal Court threw it out and now the Plaintiff ARs including HSUS+ASPCA et al, are being sued under RICO.]

Animal rights are steadfast to their beliefs, so sacrificing a little like blowing up things and burning things down, like houses with kids in it, and maybe even a little cow beating is not too much to ask?    Besides that—-HSUS sells/shows dog fight videos to police, and to television stations!

 After all, despite Michael Vick ELECTROCUTING TO DEATH his own dogs—HSUS decides to hire the guy as their spokesperson for minority kids.  Claiming Vick can stop the kids from doing what he did. Huh?  Should I hire a rapist and have him tell kids not to do what he did because he has learned a lesson???   Should  we pretend all criminals are innocent even if convicted, and then use them to promote an animal rights agenda?  Apparently that is what HSUS does, and believes.  So our theory is probably correct.  And we aren’t the only ones thinking it.  See:  http://www.agweb.com/dairytoday/Article.aspx?id=157584

Graphic Dairy Abuse Video Released in Ohio

By Jim Dickrell, editor, Dairy Today

A very graphic, disturbing video of dairy cows and calves being kicked, hit and prodded by pitch forks was released yesterday by an animal rights group, “Mercy for Animals.”The video also contains raw language not suitable for young viewers.

The abuse allegedly occurred on the premises of Conklin Dairy Cattle Sales, LLC, in Plain City, Ohio. The facility is not a traditional dairy operation, but is involved in the buying and selling of cattle.
The owner, Gary Conklin, released a statement last night: “We will not condone animal abuse on our farm. We have launched our own internal investigation into this matter and will be conducting interviews with everyone on our farm who works with our animals. We will immediately terminate any farm worker found to have willfully abused our cows and calves.”

Most of the abuse depicted in the video appears to be from one employee, who is now in custody in Union County, Ohio.

Because the undercover video is so smooth, clear and well lit, there is some suspicion that at least parts of the video were staged. “I don’t want to speculate whether the video or parts of the video were staged,” says Mike Bumgarner, VP of the Ohio Farm Bureau Center for Food and Animal Issues.
“As an industry, we have to deal with this as if it were real. Clearly, the industry condemns what is being shown on the video. These actions would fall under Ohio’s animal cruelty laws. The authorities are conducting an investigation, and the operation has already fired one individual who is shown in the video.”

The National Milk Producers Federation released this statement regarding the video today:

“The dairy industry takes claims about animal mistreatment very seriously. Any evidence of animal abuse should be taken promptly to the appropriate state and local authorities whose job it is to investigate those claims, which has finally happened today with the situation in Ohio.
The video released on May 26 is deeply disturbing and depicts practices that are absolutely unacceptable.  Ohio’s dairy farmers, and those across the rest of the country, do not countenance this type of treatment.  In fact, Ohio’s animal cruelty laws prohibit acts of unnecessarily or cruelly beating domestic or livestock animals, and we support a further investigation into the situation on the farm.
On a national level, many farms are now beginning to adopt the new National Dairy Farm program’s care standards.  Those standards disavow maliciousstriking or dragging animals.  Responsible animal stewardship is a good thing for people and cows, and the FARM program, developed by NMPF, is designed to promote the best practices in animal care that consumers have come to expect from the dairy sector.”

One thought on “Dairy Cow Abuse–Paid for as Extreme Propaganda?

  1. Nothing would surprise me connected to groups that have defined themselves as being out to wipe out pets and farm animals. Try a new thought on for size. With pacific rim nations desperate to rip more of the US seafood market from the US, does anyone think our president’s choice not to have the US Navy bomb shut the ruptured undersea oil head could have a connection to throwing more seafood trade to pacific rim nations and China? The oil company’s latest projection of being able to diminish not eliminate oil flow into the area off our Gulf coast has now been extended to August. Makes one wonder what, if anything, will remain of US southeren fisheries by then ? With the damage the oil is doing to our off coast oceans, wetlands and beaches–all that’s clear is Americans are unwelcome to participate in discussions related to our national seafood security or safety…but all this foot dragging when Russia’s bombed 5 ruptured wellheads shut? My. My. Sad our military isn’t so “accomplished” as Russia’s, isn’t it?

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