According to animal Rights groups, “hoarding” is something that owners do when they have too many animals. But if the ARs run a so-called “sanctuary” even if they have 2,000 dogs, it’s NOT called hoarding…  Even if none of those animals gets a new home.

The very largest issue with Animal Rights is that ARs believe that animals are NOT property.  NOT understanding that fact means one cannot properly understand animal rights, since that basic belief underlies ALL of their intentions.

Intentions such as claiming “selling” an animal is illegal, or “buying” an animal means you are trash; NOT altering your animal means you must be a breeder; actually being a breeder of any type (good, bad, ugly, pretty–doesn’t matter) means you are scum.

Clearly every single use of any animal or animal product— buying, selling, trading, manufacturing, showing, adopting out, grooming, kennel day care, vet, animal trainer, dairy, cattle, etc.- the list is endless—usually means one is EARNING money in some type of business related to animals. The non profits earn money (ASPCA, HSUS+cohorts,etc) in relation to animals.  HSUS can hardly say it didn’t earn any $$$ for pimping off their $19/mo commercials.

SO…………  basically the ARs have led all of us to believe that ONLY the AR way as to treatment of animals is correct, since THEY made all the laws on the subject. Yep, the 3% minority ARs made the laws for the millions upon millions of USA animals, owned, not owned, sold and not sold, dead and not dead.

Every single year HSUS +cohorts keep pushing and pushing different animal related laws.  They never tire of doing it.  After working their plan for 35 years and more, they have managed to do what very few groups could do. They have made it appear that they actually want to save companion animals. The truth is, though– that they don’t.

All of the laws aimed at animals are not about saving them, but rather they are set out to punish people according to the AR beliefs as to “what” actually constitutes neglect, abuse, cruelty and the like.  And if we are to believe HSUS+ cohorts, then “selling” an animal is ABUSE but adopting an animal is NOT abuse.  This cannot be over-emphasized enough— because most people seem to think it does not matter. It most definitely DOES matter from a legal standpoint!

Additionally, the Animal Rights Casebook, 3rd Ed, Carolina Academic Press [used in animal rights legal class]— by the 3 most prominent AR attorneys in CA and OR— lists three (3) alternatives for animals, if the “property status” of animals was to be abolished:




Obviously using #1 and #2 will then produce #3???  Duh??

SO… now y’all know why the ARs love the topics of mandated altering, animal sanctuary, and animal extinction.  Because those are the three alternatives that ARs believe are “correct” for animals. 

And ARs for decades, have attempted to CHANGE the status of animals legally— from property to NON property— by claiming that loss of an animal, even via negligence, should be the same as losing a child in an auto wreck, for example.  

Anyone familiar with the Family Law Code or the laws affecting child negligence will instantly realize that such laws are how ARs base their drafting for animal laws.

Now you can summarize Animal Rights in 3 easy words:

 Sterilize, Sanctuary,Extinction. Their words.


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