The Conklin Farms owner has been cleared after a Grand Jury and District Attorneys and others viewed hours of video and examined the totality of evidence.

DAIRY AR ABUSE    [click here to view press from Prosecuting Attorney]

It seems the ANIMAL RIGHTS perpetrator POKING THE COWS WITH PITCHFORK– was done by the animal rights undercover person–allegedly to maintain the “cover.” Petdefense clearly noted upon watching the video, that the pitchfork appeared to be touching the animal, but certainly not goring it or inflicting wounds. Immediately we suspected it was basically a ruse.

It would seem odd that a “real” animal abuser would lightly press a pitchfork if he/she wanted to do real harm.  [Visualize fake punching in movies]  And the culprit wearing the same shirt for 4 weeks?

Animal rights videos are often spliced together and  because we know facts,  we believe that animal rights can misrepresent ANYTHING in video because they cannot be trusted.  That animal rights has any credibility at all these days shows the magnitude of deception that ARs have used in fleecing the public.



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