Join the Crusade Against HSUS Whitewash/Anti-PET Laws, Pass It Forward –>

If you think the “work”    HSUS does is just work for seals or whales or lambs/pigs? 


Maybe you think HSUS works for the government to shut down “commercial” kennels which HSUS and sidekick “non profit” Best Friends call “mills?”  Like on OPRAH? Same OPRAH named by PETA as person of the year?  Or maybe you think HSUS “really” likes APBT dogs, but just doesn’t want them bred by anyone?  If so, you are sadly mistaken.

1.  HSUS doesn’t work for the government, not publicly anyway

2.  HSUS isn’t about saving shelter animals or milled dogs–no matter what they claim.

3.  HSUS is a non profit that must do some work with/for animals in order to maintain that 501(c)(3)  status

4.  HSUS  has bragged “From Congress to Courthouse to Statehouse the Victories Mount” [yeah, against owners]

5.  HSUS bragged it passed 86 NEW State laws in 2007 and 184 in 2009 [Since when do state laws cover whales or artic seals or polar bears? They usually don’t]

6.  HSUS’ actual agenda is really the same as PETAs, but without the stunts (main difference) and because of that PLUS the BIG $$$$$—-HSUS can use their $$ to buy+push power. Political power.  It took HSUS nearly $9,000,000 to fund the proposition 2 in California re the chicken battery cages.  Yes, they did win, by showing confinement of OTHER animals on TV

7.  HSUS KNOWS the public is fooled by their misleading ads, videos, websites, blogs, U Tube, campaigns+more–because of the purposely “sugar-sweet” covers….children, puppies, poor little calves, poor little piggies, poor little dogs in raids, poor little u-name-it, and then there is the bad owner, bad dogs campaign against all APBT dogs or dogs that resemble APBTs, or even if they don’t resemble them, but HSUS says they are one anyway—

They get KILLED all at once, all 140, 150, whatever number of dogs owned. Wiped out. Disposed of. Conveniently done with engaged authority with local law enforcement or SPCA or other “Humane” societies.  No need for any guilty verdicts, or worry about forfeiture violations. Nope, dead is dead and HSUS is on its merry way to the next raid.

8.  HSUS is a political marketing+media organization.  That is what they do.  Tell STORIES.  Draft  laws AGAINST pet owners, pet breeders, pet sellers, pet would-be owners, former pet owners, owners who have done nothing wrong, innocent people, poor people, old people, people that they know cannot defend themselves, people with less education, people who are in poor areas, people who don’t know their rights.  People who may have tethered dogs, who may have owned 1 dog over the limit, who may have had puppies without a license beforehand, people who have done none of those things.

9.  HSUS is NOT a friend to pet owners, breeders, or pet businesses of any kind; nor to reptile or bird owners, hunters, fisherman/women, pet stores, pet retail sellers, ANYONE selling in the pet trade, regardless of what you are selling.

HSUS would like to stop the Pet Trade in its entirety because            HSUS doesn’t believe animals should be owned, much less used as a food product.  HSUS only wants pet guardians, if at all, with HSUS RESTRICTIONS ON HOW TO TAKE CARE OF ANIMALS.

6 0r 7 of the goals for HSUS (of 10)  in 2008 were either against pet owners or involved spay-neuter, or companion animals, limits on animals, or something adverse to either ownership or involved restrictions/animals.  None of the goals involved helping companion animals in their relationship with owners. Rather, HSUS passed laws  prohibiting horse slaughter,cockfighting,internet hunting,and private ownership of EXOTIC pets.

For example, no $ or laws were made to provide for dog safety education for kids,  or restitution for victims of crimes where animals were used. Instead HSUS gives Louisiana shelters some $$ so they can kill more dogs, not save them. Responsible education leads to saving dogs+cats. HSUS could easily have done that. They didn’t. 

10.  HSUS purposely makes LAWS against  pets, animals and the pet trade in general. You may not know what those laws are, but they are out there.  Nearly all of them usually prohibit something rather than creating change for the better.

 And HSUS is behind them. One of the worst laws is currently in Louisville KY because HSUS  “helped” Metro with that law over the course of a year.  We have quoted provisions from that ordinance on this blog site.  That ordinance was the subject of a Federal court case that did find due process violations.

11.  HSUS wants to pass the PUPS law before Congress. That is why HSUS purposely built up the milled dog thing on OPRAH and did exposes, and hired investigatorsHSUS wants to stop the breeding of dogs that people want, and dogs that people want but can’t afford, and dogs that are bred in general, regardless of what type, kind, or breed. 

12. NEW:  HSUS atty drafted California’s SB917, the absolute WORST law ever, in 2011 or any other time…..this law, unbeknownst to 99% of normal people, says that SELLING OR GIVING AWAY ANIMALS IS ANIMAL ABUSE…..”BUT”………………..not if you are a “non profit.”  Then it’s “legal.”  Essentially, despite most dog fanciers not opposing it, PIJAC not opposing it, AKC not opposing it—–Pet Pac Lobbyist opposed, Outdoor Heritage opposed, USSPCO opposed, we opposed, Animal Council opposed, and Cal Fed Dog Clubs (Central CA) opposed, and a few others……….  We will guarantee that this one so-called LAW is the absolute worst law ever devised for several reasons:

1.  It sets a legal precedence that “selling and giving away is illegal and amounts to animal abuse” under the law, it is codified under the penal code, and it is situated under section 597.4 which is categorized under PC 597 which is animal cruelty and animal abuse.

2.  It specifically makes legal, the same EXACT conduct which is ILLEGAL for those who are not non profit groups. What is the difference if I sold a dog from a commercial kennel for $200  vs a non profit, who obtained dog for free, for $300? The difference, according to HSUS, is that a “non profit” does not commit animal abuse but the group or people who are not a ‘non profit’, are committing animal abuse.  Despite all the talk about animal abuse being rampant (which it is not)–HSUS bamboozled 99% of the state of California with that piece of bullshit they have the nerve to call a “LAW.”

It would be like (to show the point) saying a Macy’s employee cannot stand outside and solicit $ for Macy’s, but only a Salvation Army employee can do so, otherwise it would be disturbing the peace.  The selling has nothing to do with the employee.  Or that Comcast cable can’t advertise in a billboard, but only The Catholic Church or the Education Teachers of CA can.  HSUS has been ALLOWED to get away with it.  This is so completely wrong and yet most people seem to not even care?!


2 thoughts on “Join the Crusade Against HSUS Whitewash/Anti-PET Laws, Pass It Forward –>

  1. Thanks, will continue on the merry way. When people resort to classifying a normal person as crazy then the job is getting done. what exactly do you do that is better which helps people learn the truth, since you already agree about HSUS?

  2. Hello,
    I was at Katrina for over two months. The HSUS didn’t do Anything to help the animals or the volunteers. were nasty to volunteers. tried to arrest people for speaking out that animals were still left starving in the houses, alive. They gave NO money to help save the pets.

    they couldn’t Care Less the animals were dying of starvation inside or outside. They closed up shop and went back to new york, left all the volunteers to figure out what to do, but no where to take the rescued animals.

    We needed traps and gps’s, the supplied some axes and crowbars, thats it. The crates were donated by petstores. the hsus did Nothing. It was a farce. so was the laspca, they wrote No Live Animals on the houses, when dogs and cats were starving, alive, inside.

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