HSUS Prefers Animals Killed, Proof is Here…….

Understanding HSUS and the Pounds in the USA

HSUS loves to brag about its Sheltering magazine. Meaning animal pounds.

Then WHY are HSUS/cronies pushing a law in CA to convict people of “displaying” an animal for sale, while the law would  exempt pound employees and 501(c)(3) groups–when they are starving, maiming,shooting, dumping–you name it–shelter animals???  We didn’t take the pictures.

You don’t need to believe us. How about listening to Nathan, as in Nathan Winograd, who is very well known, former D.A. from the Bay Area, who champions no-kill for animals? Link  http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?cat=9    or  here     http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=780    and to understand how shelters do not always take care of animals properly (hence no one likes to put animals into the “pound”) —- which HSUS INSISTS be called a ‘shelter’  (HSUS pushing that law in CA 2011, right now,  so they can brag they did it)

WARNING— photos are graphic

……..  These photos are shown on Nathan’s site so that people will understand why the pounds are faced with issues, because the people in the pounds apparently don’t always do their jobs…..YET they would be completely EXEMPT according to the LAW now pushed by HSUS related groups in California 2011 legislative session, same law they pimped last session!



IF HSUS was actually spending some $$ “helping” the pounds in the USA, would there be animals starving?  would they be shooting them? HSUS will just blame the people and then say kill all the animals so you can start over. Don’t bother to get homes.  Just give HSUS your  $donations$ so H$U$ can lobby for anti pet laws. Like they have been doing since K-A-T-R-I-N-A millions rolled in and were never accounted for……

Remember, HSUS  is not actually interested in “saving” pound animals. (We will be looking at that in another post)

HSUS is interested in having people NOT own animals, NOT buy an animal, NOT use an animal……. and in fact HSUS cronies are supporting laws in California 2011, that will cause you to be guilty of animal CRUELTY without proof– just for someone saying you displayed an animal for selling it????

 But those with 501(c)(3) designation and animal pounds would not be guilty. Because they are exempt

Do the pictures below–same pictures (click link)—-  look like there should be *exemptions*  for 501(c)(3) groups that torture, starve, kill, maim, etc?   



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