2011 “Dontbuypuppies” site registered to ASPCA Marketing Agent+ Best Friends Utah

2008-2011   Why does HSUS + Best Friends + Last Chance for Animals+ ASPCA — push…..   the site “dontbuypuppies.com”  ???  Best Friends in 2008 had or owns the links (com, net,org, info)

—– >>>Currently http://www.dontbuypuppies.com site is  owned by ASPCA paid  marketing person (see profile)


Above link  from Google profiles, showing that this person is the eMarketing Manager for ASPCA and is also listed as having worked for Best Friends……..  “Goal-orientated, results achieving online web marketing/fundraising coordinator adept at not-for-profit initiatives.”

Wanna know how? Read:    “The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, Inc. (ARF), the leading animal welfare agency on the East End of Long Island, announced its plan to rescue another group of breeder dogs from puppy mills. This is ARF’s fourth rescue this year. In collaboration with its partner, Best Friends Animal Society and their “Puppies Aren’t Products” Campaign, these dogs will be placed up for adoption instead of being euthanized.”   Trust us– there is usually no chance that such dogs are killed, because they purposely raid sellers of toy/small breeds which all fetch high prices……then they resell them as “rescued” and sometimes there are even bidding wars at shelters for alleged milled dogs “that were rescued.”  We think it’s more like seized/sold for profit.  Do the math: 300 dogs x $300 each= $90,000  *Note–they don’t give the dogs away. They are SOLD. They call it adoption but it is actually selling, as selling implies there is a fee.

SO– when you realize that “dontbuypuppies.com” is a marketing ploy for AR groups where they HIRE someone to push their AGENDAS–you start to understand that ALL of their campaigns are JUST THAT. Clearly this tactic is used to rally against alleged mills, against pet stores, against “Petland” and “Hunte”, despite HSUS lawsuits against them failing in Federal Court. Against SELLING of animals in general.

 Here is an example of Best Friends using online tactics to pimp their advertising:     Puppies aren’t Products-Best friends Network-Social Netw…

(We have removed the actual link)

“Dogs are not products to gain for your own profit!! … Monday February 21, 2011, 9:59 pm. AWW POOR LITTLE THINGS AND WE SHOULD LOVE AND RESPECT THEM AND …”
  1. In case you can’t figure it out– here is the AR marketing agenda:
  2.  Get spot on the Oprah show (we know Oprah has retired her show) re commercial kennels that are substandard
  3.  Pitch the word that puppies aren’t products (and are not property while you’re at it, despite them being property legally)
  4.  Pitch the word NOT TO BUY A PUPPY (get Oprah to buy a rescued dog and then have it die of Parvo, which actually happened)
  5. 4. Pitch the word NOT to BUY ANY puppy whatsover (yet Best Friends BUILT a brand new PUPPY hotel for pups/their moms that are seized by HSUS raids, ASPCA raids, etc– to sell PUPPIES)
  6. 5. Pitch the word to ONLY obtain a shelter animal   [but don’t tell the public that a huge percent of the killings by dogs  are disproportionately done by rehomed, rescue, and shelter dogs………]
  7. 6. Pitch the word that the SELLING of dogs (ARs call it “breeder dogs”) is both illegal, immoral, and disgusting  [but don’t bother to mention that selling of any legal animal or livestock is covered by the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, a Federal Statute–AND that the sale is an act of commerce whether the dog is rescued or NOT]
  8. 7. Pitch the word that ASCPA, HSUS, Best Friends, Last chance for animals are all animal welfare groups [but fail to mention that by advocating to NOT buy ANY puppy–this is a very very clear AR lifestyle belief, wherein such groups do not believe animals should be bought, sold, traded, shown, and that owners should not OWN an animal, but should only be a “guardian” which means NON OWNER.]

What does this all mean? It means that when one does not OWN something then one does not have property rights in that item.  Due process in the law attaches as a property right or a liberty interest,  so even having a drivers license suspended must follow due process, which is why you get a hearing .  If you get cut off of welfare, you can get a hearing. When they take your kids from you, you get a hearing.

If they seize your DOGS OR ANIMALS— you get a hearing.
But if HSUS has its way in CA 2011— if your dogs or animals are seized and you are acquitted of animal “abuse”, you can still have your animals taken because HSUS says by probable cause ONLY — not by any other standard, animal control can prove you can’t really take care of animals and voila— you lose your animals even though you were acquitted.
Folks— this is nothing but more ARs trying to be crafty with their little proposed “laws” and trying to SNARE animal owners, especially farms, ranches, and those raising birds.  Doing an end run, backdoor method of “probable cause” after acquittal is insane.  Why bother to even have a criminal justice system if the “probable cause” standard will be used AFTER one is already acquitted?

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