HSUS..Why is USA.gov,Congress+White House Showin’ Up on HSUS site?

HSUS website online, according to quantcast.com, has a predominately Caucasion audience, middle aged, 66%female with no kids and [of totals] about 45% have college education with 17% showing Graduate school.  The college educated percentage is considered very high for this readership.


Of extreme interest is the GOVERNMENT percentage% (see below)– even the White House, the Senate, and House of Representatives which shows up on the affinity category.

WHY would these categorized entities be listed in these percentages?

This is listed under “Affinity” category and usually tends to show what other types of sites the readership is viewing. So are we to believe that the college educated or the 66% of female readers with no kids are running over to the US government sites??  Hm– maybe the HSUS attorneys?  lo dudo ( I doubt it in Spanish)

Our guesses include—   a)  that the government,  FBI, IRS,  Congressional representatives, have been notified by various NON AR groups and companies, animal advocates and businesses [humanewatch.org] lobbyists, etc— that HSUS  et al, are leading innocent citizens into believing they want to save “shelter” animals [while they don’t own shelters]  BUT actually function as a nationwide federal and state lobbying/marketing machine against the animal, pet, farming, ranching, food+related commercial business

(or)  b)  that the HSUS people themselves are telling the Congressional reps to view their site online, which  NOW contains  very little lobbying material  [since HSUS took their entire site down and replaced it after the Lobbygate documents went to the IRS and Congress, see the data on Petdefense at top, under Lobbygate, above the courtroom picture]

Below is the data for HSUS online, taken directly from Quantcast online, which measures demographics and activity on sites. If one really thinks about this, and you can check any viable AR site out there online, you will likely find little or no other site with such “affinity” activities shown unless it is a site for activists who purposely check and contact representatives in the government regularly, on their job, or are paid to do it. We have seen too much of HSUS’ actions and this definitive so-called affinity dovetails a bit too conveniently in our opinion. Also the very high percentage of those categorized as graduate education [professor, attorney, doctor, etc] is pretty interesting as the HSUS site does not normally publish neutral based PR on animal issues or even animal laws. HSUS does publish Sheltering magazine and allegedly has an animal related education program [Lord only knows how bad that program could be]……..  

Audience Also Likes Data Source: United States

The people who visit humanesociety.org are also likely to visit these categories and sites:

Affinity Pets
45.3x aspca.org
38.0x animalshelter.org
26.2x petfinder.com
22.2x peteducation.com
Affinity Politics & Commentary
12.0x alternet.org
11.2x truthout.org
4.9x Huffington Post
3.6x theatlantic.com
Affinity Government
9.1x U.S. Senate
8.3x House of Representat…
6.4x The White House
3.6x usa.gov

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