HSUS Illegal Raid..Typical….

Attorney: Dog Raid Was Illegal
Story on this case   http://www.keloland.com/NewsDetail6162.cfm?Id=92346
Link to lawsuit document (will go to humanewatch.org) http://humanewatch.org/images/uploads/2010-09-02_Christensen_lawsuit.pdf

By Don Jorgensen
The attorney for the Hurley dog breeder who stands accused of 172 counts of inhumane treatment of animals wants all the evidence thrown out. Brian Radke filed papers Friday asking a judge to suppress the evidence because Second Chance Rescue and the Humane Society of the United States searched Dan Christensen’s property illegally.The video of the raid on Christensen’s property was shot by the Humane Society of the United States was provided to KELOLAND News on September 2.  But in court papers filed this week, Christensen’s attorney says that raid was illegal.He alleges evidence taken during the raid was based on two other illegal searches of the property. One on April 9 and the other on August 27. He says at neither time did Rosey Quinn, the director of Second Chance Rescue, have a valid search warrant or a licensed veterinarian with her, which is required by law.

The motion also alleges that if a licensed veterinarian would have been present during the first two searches of the property, they would have likely issued a report indicating the dogs were in OK condition.

During the raid on September 2, four licensed vets were on site. But Christensen’s own veterinarian never got a chance to inspect the dogs before they were taken.

It wasn’t until after the dogs were transported to the Turner County fairgrounds when she was finally granted permission, but court papers say she was only given ten minutes to inspect the 172 dogs.

Finally, it’s alleged that since the Humane Society of the United States has no authority in South Dakota and its veterinarian is not licensed in South Dakota, its members broke the law by trespassing onto Christensen’s property.

There’s also been a new judge appointed to hear the case at the request of Christensen’s attorney. Judge Tim Bjorkman had a conflict of interest.

Petdefense note: Hmm, wasn’t Scotlund Haisley (HSUS employee) laid off or did he quit, after this raid, and the Pang raid in Hawaii???  How many raids does HSUS need to start/finish before people catch on to the manipulation that HSUS uses, by pushing these raids?  WHY is HSUS even there?

 It’s nothing but marketing material for HSUS, regardless of ILLEGAL acts, ILLEGAL wanna-be police badges, ILLEGAL and deceptive fake videos, misrepresentation.  You read that correctly. Misrepresentation. Fraud. Lies. Deception. Deceit.

People need to stop pussyfooting around with HSUS. It doesn’t matter how much $$$ HSUS has. Liars are liars.  Let’s call a spade, a spade eh sport?  Quit the pansy, nicey nice, baloney nonsense. HSUS is nothing but a lobbying, marketing, fake-ass vegan group of idiots posing as animal welfarists, using attorneys that implement PAYOLA as evidenced by the Barnum/Bailey RICO lawsuit, for YEARS— using a “non profit” as a way to pay themselves/pensions. Disgusting and dishonest–NOT animal welfare.  Anyone believing HSUS is animal welfare is a surefire idiot.  


2 thoughts on “HSUS Illegal Raid..Typical….

  1. The Humane Society of the United States is notorious for misleading consumers by showing “worse case scenarios” and playing it off like that’s the norm. Only 1/2 of 1% of HSUS donations actually go directly to animals for their care…all other goes to lobbying efforts or to fatten their own pockets….don’t believe, check out their 2008 tax filing! Over 40 execs were paid well over 100K while your local & not related humane societies struggle to keep their shelter open daily. Want to help animals, donate local!!!

  2. We have been telling people about HSUS/AR groups for years on end. For some reason they didn’t believe it. People need to get mad to get off their duff and start researching. We aren’t just talking vegan, we are talking about jobs, economics, businesses, online income, and far, far more. We have noticed that HSUS loves to spout off marketing terms for their campaigns and then repeat them excessively. That is how propaganda works. You hear it enough times, you start to actually believe it?

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