NO on SB 917! H$U$ Anti-Pet Stifled by ebay or H$U$ ???

The links below go to the ebay guide re HSUS. The guide cannot be updated, coincidentally, only AFTER ebay classifieds took down 2 ads that were posted to the ebay classifieds re NO on SB 917 !! (see posting on Petdefense for the awful HSUS guidelines on ebay classifieds that reek with AR AR AR  mantras galore such as….. (“pet profiteering” or unethical profiteering, the list keeps going)

Please pass the links forward to anyone who is against HSUS and if the numbers of reviews do not increase, we will be contacting ebay to find out why. Currently the number of “reviews” keeps showing 8,935.  That number should increase when anyone views the guide.

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NEW 2011 California JusticeFactorX dealing with legal issues  New community based group in California at
or try this link

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We have modified the guide drastically since once ebay screwed it up it can’t be put back except to type it all over again (you cannot cut and paste on there.)


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*  NEW 2011* California                          “JusticeFactorX” dealing with legal issues

New community based group in California at  is offering affordable court/legal document processing, which will include issues dealing with animal law.

Google “justicefactorX” to easily find contact information.

California has some of the most detailed and over the top animal laws, as evidenced by animal rights trying to pass laws outlawing the display and sale of animals with exceptions for 501(c)(3) groups.  On the surface to the untrained eye such laws may have a “feel good” look–but the truth is, as applied– such laws as currently submitted to 2011 legislature, are actually not constitutional in our opinion.
See Petdefense at  for details.


 HSUS- SPCA-AND OTHER GROUPS+Attorneys NOW Charged in lawsuit with Racketeering under RICO Statute

After 9 (NINE) years in Federal court, it was found that animal groups such as HSUS, ADLF cohort, ASPCA+others— were paying the so-called “plaintiff” in the circus case, to remain the “plaintiff.”

It was shown that a minimum of over $190,000 was paid to alleged “plaintiff.”  Federal judge then allowed the Feld Entertainment lawsuit, which is alleging RICO statute violations (racketeering) against named animal rights groups, to move forward.

To read each lawsuit (the one finding the “plaintiff” was paid by animal rights groups, and the new RICO lawsuit) see, which is keeping daily tabs on HSUS now. Also see on Facebook–almost 236,000  people have joined the movement!

Flash! HSUS has been reported to the IRS after tons of citizens send demands for investigation re HSUS and their lobbying efforts as a “charity” — the HSUS is an animal rights umbrella organization that basically employs deception as the method to garner $$. HSUS was investigated by the Louisiana Atty General’s office, and could only account for $7million out of $34million taken in on Katrina donations. The rest of the $$has never been publically accounted for?  Why “not”  is what everyone keeps asking?

HSUS (Humane Society USA) has lost most of its emergency rescue TEAM after it was discovered that HSUS had the team wear fake police badges that could make it look as though the team had police authority (which they do not have!)

A lawsuit was filed in the Pang case in Hawaii recently, after HSUS made it appear that negligence was involved in an animal sanctuary, when the HSUS/local SPCA had purposely left the animals untended and then took video clips?

Further, HSUS publishes/SELLS a book ON HOW TO KILL ANIMALS…………not what you would expect from a group that “claims” to SAVE animals? see petdefense on for picture and stories re the HSUS rescue team quitting and the book.

Petdefense (on is working on national illegal search/seizure cases due to the proliferation of illegal search-seizure by over-zealous animal rights groups

———-> H$U$ Pushed 179+Anti-Pet Laws in 34 States in 2009…  Trying to outlaw all non native species, and over-regulate the sale of animals, fish, birds, reptiles!! <———————

Update:   In California the animal rights faction have RE-filed their laws for 2011: 

1.) –would  change the CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE to say that even if ACQUITTED OF ANY CHARGES, it would allow the seizure/forfeiture of all animals. Aimed at farming/farms, but attempted to be disguised by animal rights as against owners with one pet.

2.) –would  criminalize “selling an animal” in outside locations/public places, BUT would not be criminalized if the seller was a “not for profit” with animal group.  In other words, “selling” was criminalized but rescues/shelters were NOT criminalized. Penalty was a charge of “ANIMAL ABUSE” even when no actual abuse.  Absolutely one of the worst laws and attempted revisions to Penal Code ever drafted, highly misrepresented by animal rights, and often fooled members of the public who do not understand the legal ramifications.

NEWS Flash! H$U$ Stifles Free Speech by Getting Expose Video on H$U$ (of 5/14/09) taken Down off UTube!!!!! Also, the online STORY was taken down as well!!  Folks, this is pathetic. Obviously the TRUTH against H$U$ will hamper their cause.

The video has been put back online both in foreign countries, and in the USA. See petdefense [on wordpress] for the video, or search online. The 1st day it was out, it had over 50,000 views. It is probably close to 300,000 by now.

NEW Anti-Pet Law Opposition H$U$ shirts available!


Animal Rights told Oprah to “adopt, adopt, adopt” and she did, did….now her first pup died of parvo and the 2nd one is very ill. Oprah went on TV with the sick dog and potentially contaminated other pups. The dogs came from Chicago PAWS group with the $9million facility. So who messed up? You don’t bring out new pups from rescue and subject them to other pups until adequate time has passed w/adequate vaccinations. Obviously this wasn’t done as pups don’t have immunity at 8 weeks even with the shots. Duh.

The new laws do not exempt birds, reptiles, or fish, rabbits, hamsters, etc. Rescued animals (birds, rabbits,snakes, lizards,mice etc) are all included in the HSUS “no pet” mentality. The reason this is so, is because HSUS is just another PETA group, only HSUS has more money, power, political clout+more Photoshop sob stories about “poor” little birdie, puppy, kitty ad nauseam. See petdefense (on wordpress) to view the video!


FEDERAL APPEAL, DENVER:  The Dias et al case appeal has been filed in Denver Federal Appeals Ct, 10th Circuit. From looking at the appeal, it seems unlikely that it would prevail, but one never knows. HSUS tried to claim that DNA testing is 99% accurate by quoting a company blurb. (HSUS, the same group that raised Katrina $$ and can’t account for the $34million of donations. Yeah, THAT HSUS.)

PA Case, on laws pushed by HSUS+ASPCA re commercial kennels; Federal Lawsuit filed in February 2009, alleging unconstitutional provisions affecting commerce and more. Filed by Non profit association for dog breeders,constitutional questions, the complaint looked good, allegations rational. Update: Dec 2009, the Court has found that one element is unconstitutional–violating the dormant commerce clause–because out of state breeders were charged $300 and in state breeders were not charged this fee.

LOUISVILLE KY CASE OUTCOME (10/2009) The Federal Court has ruled that in the specific instance of “intact” dogs requiring “Permission” and “approval” for animal enclosure, it was not needed as there was no rational basis for it, since there was no difference between altered and intact dogs.

The second ruling was that the current law regarding seizure of animals required a payment for expenses of seized animal(s); if unpaid, regardless of guilt or acquittal, the owner LOST all rights to the animals. The court found that part unconstitutional and said it could be remedied by having a late fee provision available, or an additional hearing (but the animal control could not just take the animal simply because the fee was not paid; there was no finding of guilt.) See petdefense on wordpress to get a better understanding of the case.

 TN, IL, MN, FL,NV,TX,CA,WA,PA,WV,NM,MI, (34 states)  and many other states are now targets of HSUS+ASPCA inspired legislation. For example: Ownership of a dog with cropped ears would be prima facia evidence of a FELONY. due to animal “ABUSE”……When is enough, enough??!!!! Horses pulling carriages means animal abuse?! De-barking,de-clawing,tail docking, same thing–animal abuse, according to animal rights.

LOS ANGELES MSN:  Case is on appeal to district appeals.  Currently Los Angeles shelters have the current highest kill rate since they embarked on their ridiculous quest to use MSN and alleged no kill without FIRST setting up the proper foundation in the community to make it work. DUH–another animal rights bright idea. (not the no kill, the failure to set it up properly/the MSN)

NEW:  Dade County, MIAMI re BSL……..Judge found that the BSL law using the dog show standards of either AKC or UKC etc. failed to meet the muster required under constitutional provisions (vague challenge) and despite case law of 20 years having claimed that such use is ‘rational’ (and therefore legal) the Judge ruled in favor of the dog owner. It reamins to be seen how this will transpire down the line. In addition, there is a proposed bill in Ohio (Lucas County) to change the prima facia provision of APBT or what looks like APBT dogs–to be like any other dog.Currently Ohio has the only law in the nation which categorizes such dogs as prima facia “vicious” which cannot be challenged.

~*~*~* AB1634, 2008…CA proposed MANDATORY ALTERING OF 98% OF PETS–HAS BEEN GUTTED AND MSN IS DISMANTLED!! as of 6/19/08, there is NO Mandated altering in the bill for 98% of pets as formerly touted by Mancuso.  The animal extremists have failed to get their way–thanks to all of the people who opposed AB1634! The ARs will be back, but as a 3 time LOSER in the legislature–MSN statewide for California is not a likely proposition!!

It should be mentioned that in June 2007, Levine had the proposed AB1634 worded whereby it stated, that IF one was to be allowed to have ONE litter (and only one) of pups, the owner of the litter MUST GIVE THE PUPS AWAY FOR FREE. REPEAT–THE OWNER MUST GIVE THE PUPS AWAY FOR FREE. *[In other words, the animal rights claim a person or business cannot make any profit off any animals, plain and simple.]

HSUS recently had over 140 dogs and PUPPIES killed, where many pups were yanked out of foster homes to kill them. Then, HSUS says that HSUS is starting a “pitbull training team” in Atlanta and will rescue pitbull dogs from dogfighting?  Does that make sense to kill all dogs in a raid, refuse to test them, despite the 3rd party offers, then claim they will rescue such dogs and train them?  HSUS testified in COURT that it costs “$190,000” to rehab a dog. Of course that is false, but if it did cost that much, then why would HSUS bother to rehab/train pitbulls while telling courts and everyone else, to kill them?

  It’s a sad day in the United States when radicals (animal extremists with hidden agenda)– think they can affect every pet owner in this way. Check out for the lowdown on how hsus continues to act as the AR legislative arm, while misleading the public into thinking it spends $ on saving or running shelters.

It does not run any shelters. Instead it actually spends most money on raising more $$$, media lobbying, political pandering, filing lawsuits and aiming legislation at dog commerce. It publishes an online/print magazine pertaining to shelters.  or or all explain the big picture of how dog commerce has been under attack.

The big picture is, according to HSUS, “all breeders” (of anything) are bad,bad,bad. So to differentiate between which is a ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ breeder then becomes an AR strategy. Therefore, as advocates we can’t differentiate or employ one upmanship. Collectively as a unified group, combined with the public however, we have far, far more people than any AR group could ever hope to have. They are in the minority but they are loud and they take donations from unknowing members of the public.

And unknown to most until recently, certain animal rights extremists attempted  to snuff out a well known canine advocate; the perpetrator (one of them) was sentenced to federal prison  for attempted murder.. So don’t believe that animal extremists don’t commit crimes against people–they most certainly do.  And it is not surprising that canine advocates or breast cancer scientists are targeted.

Restraining orders granted for UCLA against ARs that did home invasion against scientist, and now the Primate Project has filed con law case in GA against UCLA restraining order. Recent animal rights terrorists were indicted under the AETA (Animal EnterpriseTerrorism Act) in CA for extortion or blackmail because they further threatened people with more harm [where the people were involved with science/animals]

We are advocates against anti-pet laws. It appears that winning the battle against the ARs requires using fire against fire. We need to bring the TRUTH to the forfront by showing groups like H$U$ have credibility problems, since they claim to save animals, but kill dog/pups; they claim to protect animals, but seize animals having no problems by calling them abused; they claim to make laws protecting pets, but go behind our backs, and make legislation which is anti-pet in nature, disguised by using purposeful terms which are extremely vague, with the intent that such words can cover a vast number of circumstances, thus eliminating their target areas.

The Animal Rights Hidden Agenda has 12 Steps (like Alcoholics Anonymous) and all animal rights follows the 12 steps. HSUS is currently working on about 5 of those steps at one time. Included in the 12 steps is the ELIMINATION OF THE PET TRADE, PETS, BREEDING OF PETS.

First they, the ARs, say eliminate this breed. Then, eliminate all breeding. Then, eliminate all dogs being sold. Then, eliminate all dogs as pets. It’s not that difficult to figure out. They even tell us that is their plan. PETA,  in particular,  advocates to kill all pitbulls to end “abuse” of the dogs.


Recently evidence has shown that “rehomed”, rescued  and shelter dogs are responsible for a substantial amount of the fatal attacks across the country. [Only approx. 15% of all dogs are Re-homed,rescued+shelter dogs.  That leaves the other 85% that are not rescued. But even if we assume less than 85% are “not” rehomed, it is obvious that many re-homed dogs have issues unless they were given up for a totally benign reason and had absolutely no issues at all.]

About 50%+ of the attacks have been attributed to dogs which are either rescued, re-homes (like Craigslist) or shelters.

THIS INDICATES THAT RE-HOMED, RESCUED AND SHELTER DOGS ARE 500% MORE LIKELY TO INFLICT A FATAL ATTACK.  We should not be concentrating on “tethering” as tethering is not necessarily the cause of killing. 82% of fatalities are from dogs at large.

What is not surprising about this, is the fact that many rescue people believe in “saving” animals even if they have questionable temperaments, and they believe that the dog ‘may’ bite people, but allegedly it won’t bite people IF you do such-and-such with the dog.

An example:  Rescue from around Fairfield, CA, collected mostly bad dogs to adopt out. One dog had already been returned 3-4 times for aggression. Another was a known biter.  Another was anti-social and hated kids.  Another had already harmed a child. But still, these dogs were being adopted out. AND the leader of the rescue claimed there was nothing wrong with these dogs.

Sure enough, a poster on infamous Craigslist, posted the story of adopting the known biter. She took the dog home and it immediately tried to bite a family member. The rescuer person then lashed out at the adopter and blamed her for letting a family member attempt to pet the dog.  When we see scenarios like this, we are not surprised at the number of dog altercations out there.  Thank God, this rescue is no longer showing pets  in Sacramento, and the rescue has closed down.

Another study done/ recently published,  in attempting to categorize dogs which bite children, showed that 93% of the dogs which had bitten  children (not fatal attacks) were ALTERED. The study did not state the source of such dogs, but it would not be surprising to find that they may have been rescued dogs. This was surprising to the people doing the study, as many believe that altering a dog will render it non-aggressive. This is not true and in some instances it might reduce some dog-dog aggression, whereas in others it may have little and no effect.

~~~~~DOG SAFETY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For new dog owners without any dog experience, it is best to avoid a dog where you cannot ascertain the history of its background, esp. if you have small kids such as age 4.  Many dogs are mistreated and if temperament testing does not show aggression, they assume the dog is ok when it is NOT ok. This has nothing to do with breed of dog but everything to do with the unknown background.

One of the best defenses against dog BITES is to safety train your kids *BEFORE*  you get a dog, no matter what type dog it is. It is a fact that many bites are done by smaller dogs, and it is a fact that many owners of smaller dogs allow the dogs to rule the roost, and thereby allow the dog to control the master.

When this is done by a larger dog, everyone blames the dog.  When this is done by a smaller dog, very few people blame the dog.Lots and lots of small, yappy dogs are biters. And having owners that let them get away with such behavior is inappropriate.

If you want to know more,contact us. 

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