Pet “Economic” Damages– Understanding It

PET ECON TORT DAMAGES                                                                                                      by Victor E. Schwartz and Emily J Laird

Victor Schwartz co authors the most widely used Tots casebook in the United States [Prosser, Wade and Schwart’s Torts]  Ms. Laird, summa cum laude, Oklahoma Baptist U, Order of the Coif, U of Missouri, Law Review.

This is an excellent legal article on why pets should NOT command non economic damages.  Extremists believe if they can change the status of pets and animals into “non property”  then they can completely turn around the pet trade, eliminate the buying/selling of animals and animal products, and stop the Animal owners from being able to run animal related business.

By pushing “sentimental” and “non-economic” damages for animals, what happens is that vets, owners, and even pet sitters, groomers, animal related businesses, will all face lawsuits that are based upon huge stories of “non’economic” damages levied by extremist attorneys, in trying to file case after case for “abuse”, “negligence”, loss of support, emotional distress, and on and on.

Be serious folks. Unless you own a $50,000 or a $100,000 trained show animal, or animal actor for movies, or specially trained service animal or other specially trained very expensive bomb dog, it is highly unlikely your pet has extreme value. No matter how much you like it.


2 thoughts on “Pet “Economic” Damages– Understanding It

  1. Would you summarize “Non-Economic Damages in Pet
    Litigation: The Serious Need To
    Preserve a Rational Rule” for us in layman’s language?

    How about a good scenario story?

    Thanks for the good work!

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