The Big Guns Finally copy HSUS to Fight Back!



It took them awhile, but the big gun companies that are NOT animal rights, but have been assaulted by animal rights— have copied (wise idea) –the methods of marketing as HSUS does, and just reversed the stakes by  using the word “HUMANE” into an online DOT.COM format….not an “ORG” format !!!

Automatically this indicates that even if something is a dot com rather than a dot org, it can be helpful to the selling of animals, or rehoming of animals, or pushing the sale of animals in general.

This is the first MAJOR effort by any huge commercial funded enterprise, which just happens to be the same people who do……. Due to the many thousands of people who believe that HSUS actually cares about saving “animals” and pets—which has enabled the deception for $$$ by HSUS with their huge marketing campaign—-this effort in using a DOTCOM  will go far to educate the public. [It should be noted that anyone not knowing the truth re the HSUS, would find the HSUS site to appear to be about saving dogs/cats,etc.]

In fact almost all of their money goes to advertising, lobbying for anti-pet state laws, and federal laws against owning species not native to the U.S., and 50% of funding is used to pay for their expenses. Of course their employee perks/pensions are expensive as well. See for the IRS990 forms of HSUS.

Excerpts below from news article……….

By STEVE KARNOWSKI Associated Press
MINNEAPOLIS December 19, 2011 (AP)

The Humane Society of the United States says it’s under attack by a new group that’s trying to starve it of funding by urging donors to send money to local animal shelters instead. [PD note: WOW best news we have heard all YEAR!]

The society has long been a thorn in the side of some in agriculture with its undercover investigations and campaigns against animal cruelty. It claims the new group is the brainchild of conservative public relations executive Rick Berman, who spearheaded an earlier campaign against it, and that it’s supported by big agricultural interests.   The new group announced itself two weeks ago with full-page ads in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and New York Times. They show a sad-eyed dog and ask, “Please help shelter pets by donating locally, not to HSUS,” and direct people to, where they can find links to local shelters and more information.

Jeff Douglas, co-director of the Humane Society for Shelter Pets, said his organization was formed simply to educate people who want to donate money to shelters. He said about 650 shelters have expressed support for his group.

“People think that when they give to national organizations like the Humane Society of the United States that the money is being returned to localities, but the reality is only about a penny of every dollar raised by the Humane Society of the United States is returned (to local shelters),” Douglas said. It’s easy to confuse animal protection groups and shelters because their names often contain the terms “humane society” or “society for the prevention of cruelty.” Usually, they’re independent.


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