“CIRCLE the WAGONS!!” Help Fight SB917 Lawsuit

It had to Happen, didn’t it???   In California. No surprise. But should we just sit and do nothing?  ANIMAL ABUSE CRIME– FOR DOING NOTHING???  —


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http://www.circle-the-wagons.net/    or  http://www.usspco.org  [donations to USSPCO are tax deductible to extent permitted by law]

SB917, one of the absolute worst laws ever devised in California, was signed by Governor in late July 2011, after repeated attempts and former vetos in prior years. The law is nothing but an illusory, yet  purposely crafted “law” which to many, may seem trifling but nothing “to really be concerned” with.  Yet beneath that innocent exterior, what the law actually stands for is nothing short of abysmal.

If EVER there was a bad law engineered for California, [remember, this is for the ENTIRE state] this one has to be the worst. Part of the “worst” features of the law, is the fact that most people simply do not understand the legal theme inherent to the bad law.  It is a step toward making both selling and giving away, sales and display, something that is:

(1)  Illegal…. (2) Criminal…..  (3) No abuse is required……

In other words, you get convicted of  “animal abuse”  when you have not done any animal “abuse.”

Do we all realize that animal rights believes that selling, showing, giving away, breeding, kenneling, owning, using, or buying animal products– is criminal? And do we also realize that animal rights’ lifestyle belief is that animals should have human rights, and are NOT property, or qualified property, or any kind of property??


This law gives the animal rights lifestyle belief  extreme precedent. Why?

—————————————————————————————–Because if you read the darn “law” it makes people guilty of animal “abuse” for doing NO abuse, yet it EXEMPTS “non profit” dog/cat groups, shelters, rescues, humane groups, etc. from the “law” entirely.  Yet we all know that shelters have been sued for harming animals, for torturing animals, for killing animals. Some rescues or non profits have been shut down for  improper care of animals, or for hoarding animals.  Some “non profit” groups are being sued under RICO (racketeering) and others  are simply wack jobs trying to claim the 13th Amendment (re slavery) APPLIES TO ANIMALS.

In their wild desperation to get LAWS and case law passed for their cause, animal extremists will often resort to misrepresentation, payolla, fraud, and conspiracy.  This has already been shown in the Barnum/Bailey (Feld Entertainment) case, where extremists paid off a Plaintiff for years, about $250k, to keep him as “Plaintiff.”  HSUS  recently LOST two major US Supreme Court cases based on First amendment principles.

Because the animal rights lifestyle beliefs are all based upon the premise and belief that animals are NOT property, animal rights will always want LAWS that support their beliefs.  SB917 promoters  claimed that animals are suffering widespread “abuse” in order to get this law passed.

Look at this: Not only INSANE– but done by HSUS person working in the US government……….. http://biggovernment.com/bmccarty/2011/06/27/animal-rights-activism-fuels-usda-rabbit-chase/

Unfortunately, in our case,  their “abuse” law punishes both legal acts and conduct, which isn’t “abuse”, yet  they purposely EXEMPT non profit dog/cat groups, shelters, humane groups, etc.  Animal “abuse” law,  under CA Penal Code Section 596-600.5; 1650-1677,  in almost all cases, bases criminal sanctions upon intentional/knowing, or criminally negligent standard. And it is not limited to Joe bob, it applies to any person or entity.

In this LAW, NO criminal negligence is needed and no intentional conduct or state of mind is required.




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