Legal Fight CA SB917 UNITE + FIGHT !!! Donate to Help

CIRCLE-THE-WAGONS.NET  is the WEBSITE and Paypal button is embedded.   The picture below is on the site. or see this link on [USSPCO donations are tax deductible to extent permitted by law;checks are also accepted]

Contrary to advice given to groups that you can now ask “for exemptions” so your animals and you won’t be a target for ARs, that is ridiculous and non productive as the law as written cannot be “fixed” by exemptions since it clearly covers far too many situations which cannot possibly be exempted, but which are legal acts.

Apparently having only “non profit” groups selling animals anywhere in the USA is good, so that means that this law is saying if you are not a non profit then you are either bad, not good enough, or just plain stupid? C’mon folks– put on your thinking caps!!  This law is a HUGE step toward making selling of any animals a crime. They just made it a crime for Pete’s sake!

We are announcing that the WAR against AR nonsense will commence  November-December, 2011.  Our fight to take down SB 917 law will require funding, so we are planning on pushing our campaign and invite all animal owners to join.

The Circle-the-Wagons team has selected legal counsel who is very familiar with animal laws and who has been (and currently is) involved with animal related cases in both State and Federal courts, including cases that are on the news and on front pages of newspapers.  Attorney has worked with various animal experts including canine, canine aggression, and criminal gang expert, and is General Counsel of a California non profit SPCA.

After viewing countless laws passed in legislative hearings, and after realizing that if no one stands up to any of the worst laws, such laws will just continue on without stopping. You certainly CAN’T depend on the government.

We have long written against laws that penalize “selling”, “buying” or the right to choose.  SB917 penalizes all of these. Look at this article on American Thinker:

So if you value your own legal rights as owners,  and understand that animals are property, and don’t believe that animals and the HSUS “definition” of what constitutes animal abuse is correct, well — we agree with you.  And  we intend to do something.  You must stay tuned for updates so please bookmark.



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