Your AR IQ Test, Can You Pass?

Pretty Simple Questions.

1.  What does “animal rights” mean?

a. It means animals have human rights  b. It means they need human legal rights because they are not property  c.  Animals are people

2. What is the difference between extinction, mandated altering, or sanctuary for animals?

a. No difference   b. One means a zoo, one means no puppies  c. It’s something humans do to animals to save them

3. How many AR’s does it take to whelp a puppy?

a. 7- one to report to AC the illegal puppy, one to advertise the puppy, one to advertise the mom as “rescued”,one to make declaration that owner of dog was an abuser, one to testify in court that the puppy was devastated because born in a kennel, one to call HSUS so HSUS can turn story into a marketing ploy for donations, one to call City Council so they can make a new law against puppies.   b.  I have no idea  c. No ARs because whelping is illegal so they would rather abort

4. True or false: animal rights means “saving animals” even if you have to kill them to save them

5. What number of animals is too many to an AR person?

a.  One   b. zero    c. Two    d. I don’t know because if all animals were altered eventually there would be no animals, so any number would be too many to them

6.  How Does an AR SAVE an animal?

a. Kill it fast using HSUS killing instruction book   b. Have HSUS fly in, advertise, take in millions, then lose the $ somehow and claim they saved animals   c. By telling normal people that buying the animal is illegal so they need to take, seize, steal or otherwise deprive you of the animal since you are abusing it because you own it and paid for it. Even if you are not abusing it.

7. How many cases of animals harming people are done because AR rescuers purposely sell and adopt out biting animals?

a. None   b.  A few    c.  A lot   d. No one knows, and no one even knows how many shelters or rescues there are across the USA, much less do they know the percentages of actual purebreds in shelters. Biters are often culled during the first round, esp if they are the “wrong” breed.

8. What is the actual purpose of animal rescue to ARs?

a. To make examples showing the public how awful people are  b. To prove the AR can use such animals to bolster their own self esteem as a “rescuer” and also to hate people who want to buy animals   c. To prove that selling is wrong and illegal and that rehoming is politically correct and not illegal.

9. Why do ARs advertise that “buying a puppy causes a shelter animal to die”

a. Because the shelter loses money if you don’t go there   b.  Because buying is illegal because animals are not property under the law  c. Because ARs are full of BS, lies, and nonsensical wack job beliefs

10.  What makes “selling” or “buying” illegal to an AR?

a.  Selling/buying means commercial use of animals   b. Selling means you had to pay money for it, but adoption means you paid less money. Maybe.  c.  Selling means you make a profit and you can’t make a profit off selling an animal because it is illegal.

Why don’t the ARs tell the entire public that no one should make money off selling anything, and that no one should profit from spreading propaganda lies to the public. How is it that these AR “charities” can make millions for themselves and  spread lies everywhere, day and night, on TV, animal planet, and wherever, but we try and buy an animal and we are “abusers?”



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