Yep– a “bred” dog !!  And yes, the entire litter was sold.

Below, several guys at vendor table for bully dog club, notice the T shirts are politically correct ANTI-H$U$ –yes, we do sell those shirts since we had them designed!  Xmas dog video from Utube:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUtPKbMwnRo&eurl=http://www.borzoi.org/

If you don’t believe H$U$ kills “dogs” just query on Google HSUS kills pitbulls or HSUS kills dogs or look at bluedogstate online…the sad truth is that H$U$ wanted to kill all of Vick’s dogs, and all pitbull type dogs in existence.[H$U$ claims they do 5,000 raids per year]  Further, HSUS told Colorado Fed Court that DNA testing for dogs was 100% scientifically correct which is not true, since the gene pool must first be in the testing batches. Most pitbull type dogs are derived from several distinct breeds and many will test as different (errant) breeds, even if they are “purebred” which is silly..AKC recognizes only Am Staff therefore if not in that gene pool the breeds will not match 100%. BUT if anyone believed H$U$, then they would try and test 100% as true and kill all the dogs that DID match. (Therefore H$U$ filed amicus brief for bullshit reasoning, not to save dogs, but to have more killed.) But hey, we were probably the only ones to figure that out real quick. And yes, we have that posting on here somewhere since there are over 500 posts on here.

As you can see, even our not yet born chicks don’t like H$U$ !!!


One thought on “HAPPY HOLIDAYS+WE DON’T LIKE H$U$ !!!

  1. Show your NON support of HSUS and vote NO on H.R. 835. This bill effects anyone that breeds even ONE bitch. That hobby breeder could be made to get a license and be inspected by the USDA. It’s easy to do. Go to https://www.popvox.com/bills/us/112/hr835 to OPPOSE the bill that was originally written by HSUS. It only takes about 5 minutes and takes all the guess work out of who your representatives are. You do have to register but it’s free. You do have to give your name and address but this is required for any communication with any members of legislature. This bill is worse than PAWS. Need more info about PUPS? You can find a summary here: http://www.pet-law.com/articles/pups-fed

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