AR Mantra Propaganda Words: the LIST

Who Would Know?  We know.

Extremists and extremist animal laws pretty much categorize everything dealing with animals as “abuse” in order to subjectively categorize it as illegal, sinful, unethical, immoral. The ASPCA and etc actually buys URLS that say ‘dontbuypuppies’ or the ‘no kill’ URLs so that they can corner their “marketing” programs.  

The GOAL of stopping “buying and selling” of animals is a critical goal of extremists, along with changing the legal status of animals into “non” property.   ARs always want to say adoption does not mean “selling” but they are wrong. If it costs money, and you are buying it for money, it is being sold, whether or not they make a profit has nothing to do with whether it’s being sold. Whether or not they are “non profit” is not relevant–we need only to look to HSUS and other multi million dollar “charities” that are SWIMMING in $$$$$. Non profit on large scale is HUGE business. Don’t think HSUS people don’t have great pensions and benefits?  Think again.

ARs love to use extremes, such as the plight of pitbull dogs, shelter animals, and animals raised in substandard conditions. BUT such groups really don’t want to save shelter animals.  The shelter animals are simply A MARKETING TOOL.    Would we OUTLAW cars due to drunk drivers?

People— this is a marketing war, and THEY have the $$$$$. Fight back by helping us close down their bad laws, and stopping them when they first start. We never sit idle. Get off your ass and help!  Join us in fighting back SB917 so that it cannot spread to other states! See for information.

List of Examples:

  • “puppymill”  let’s face facts, there will always be a huge market for these dogs, regardless of where they are raised for the first few weeks, it’s the sales they want to kill off to force people to buy animals they do not actually want, if at all?  Even if commercial kennels were outlawed [and they won’t be] –animal rights does NOT want animals sold, period. Doesn’t matter where they come from. 
  • “factoryfarm”— just another bogus term to indicate that making a profit is illegal, doesn’t matter what farm
  • “profiteering”– heavily used to indicate one should not make money on animals or animal related biz
  • “selling is slavery”– term used heavily by Peta, instilled into kids, that you cannot sell an animal
  • “owning an animal is slavery”– a Peta mantra, that animals are in fact humans [Peta believes a rat holds more weight than a retarded child]
  • “overpopulation”— a term coined to express too many animals without sufficient numbers of homes as determined by numerical data; however, then used in propaganda to say there are not enough homes when data shows otherwise since very few “puppies” are killed these days—this is actually a consumer supply/demand situation– shelter killing is likely at an all time low, despite number of owned pets, at an all time high. Approximate % of “rescued” animals owned is only 12-15%, and the rest is usually purchased. The higher the price when purchased, the LOWER the chance of entering a shelter.
  • This is proven overall because the animal can be resold, which stops it from entering the shelter to begin with.
  • “killing is the ultimate release”— haha yeah it might be but Peta says it needs to be done to ALL shelter animals! Peta has a 98% kill rate, go figure……..and a $9,000 freezer.
  • “don’t buy while others die”— another line of bullshit to make anyone trying to buy an animal, feel guilty—shelters don’t give away animals people, you have to buy them.
  • “MSN” mandated spay neuter–it never works by the way–it has become legal to pass such laws, BUT realistically, it kills more animals and costs a huge amount, and is not effective and is very difficult to enforce, if not impossible
  • “animal abuse,animal abuse,animal abuse”–but NOT if we do it, where “we” means animal extremists making the laws
  • “owning un-altered animals is animal abuse”
  • “selling animals is animal abuse”
  • “buying animals is animal abuse”
  • “breeding animals is animal abuse”
  • “owning an animal business is animal abuse”
  • “owning a pet is animal abuse because they can’t be owned”
  • “buying a pet kills a shelter animal”==flat out bullshit
  • “selling an animal kills animals in shelters”–more bullshit
  • “displaying an animal is animal abuse” but not if “we” do it –used to get Legislature to buy into their garbage–and they do!
  • “profit making in animal business is illegal and immoral”–maybe if you believe in Satan, possibly, since Satanism in the United States (of their 9 laws) says killing an animal for food is a sin under the Satanic law
  • “profit making in animal raising is illegal and a sin”
  • “profiting from animals is unethical, illegal and immoral”
  • “the pet trade must be taken out”— yes, yes, yes, it must be taken out per the 12 Steps of Animal Rights done by the wife of the editor of Animal People publication
  • “zoos are animal hell and should be illegal”
  • “all pitbulls should be illegal, and the other breeds “we” believe should all be banned”
  • “Humane Society of the USA  saves dogs/cats” –nothing but lies
  • that one is true but HSUS won’t say it!! 

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