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Note: IF you or a friend owns an animal-related business of any type, we will be listing each business as a supporter (on the wagon train site) for each person that makes any type of donation to our team by paypal. which is embedded on the wagon train site. For $10 minimum donation, we can send you an H$U$ Deception for $$$ decal as shown on this site. (We have less than 10 left right now)  The decal is a high quality white vinyl shown here against a black background. It works well on cars with tinted windows.  We also have anti-H$U$ shirts with $25 donation.


Please help by copying this ad below and pasting it online. Send to your friends and ask them to forward to their friends. If they use Facebook or wherever, let’s move it forward! We are the only people with enough guts to challenge this nonsense.

Pls Read if you own an animal (

The smart people (legislators, LOL)  in Sacramento passed a bill in July, taking effect January 2012… It makes it a crime of “abuse” if someone claims you are allegedly giving away or sellin’ an animal outside, but people don’t seem to realize you shouldn’t be guilty of “abuse” if you are not doing actual abuse?

And by outside it could be the dirt at the front of your property or sidewalk,outside the vet’s office, outside of the pet store (even if you own the petstore or parking area) or the walkway on the dog park, or even if you’re at a picnic at the park area, or a thousand other places.

BUT this “law” of “abuse” is NOT applicable to:
1.  a so called “non profit” (animal rescue) 501(c)(3) not required
2. an animal SPCA or humane society
3. an animal Shelter
Examples:   Every single one of these animals advertised could be losing a home due to SB917. Due to the purposeful flawed nature of the drafting in the law, it basically says that selling animals outside is ABUSE, but NOT if you are a “non profit.”
SO that means PETA, H$US, and any ARs who wanted to, could get tons of commercially BRED animals, and then SELL them outside and claim they are RESCUED but they needn’t even be “rescued”……….  get it?  In other words, it’s ok for ARs to sell anything they want, but normal people are prohibited from doing so.  Display for sale/giving away means people will be talking to each other about what they are giving away or selling, advertisements talk about what is being sold.
Think about it. ARs say you MUST adopt from shelters. Craigslist (run by ARs) says only “rehomed small fee animals” allowed. ARs say don’t buy animals from ads online, internet, or animals where you can’t meet the “parents.” ARs say don’t buy an animal, don’t buy from a petstore, don’t buy period, don’t buy a puppy. Don’t buy from a breeder.  This all comes down to DON’T “BUY” an animal. In other words, ARs propaganda is that the entire population MUST buy an animal from a rescue, shelter or humane society, or buy one of their seized puppies??!
SB917 is purposely drafted to stop re-homing, sale, trade, barter, display, or even talking or advertising because it would amount to people choosing what they want rather than having ARs force people into buying something they don’t want. For most people, this is not obvious nor evident, but we already can see the handwriting on the wall. This so called law is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing that isn’t fooling us. We know who drafted the law. H$U$.
Rescues and shelters advertise online by the hundreds of thousands—- nationwide.   Yet a rescue, humane group or shelter person would not be “guilty” for selling or re-homing, but a regular owner would.
 Craigslist after pressure by “rescues” in the Bay area, only allows “re-homing” of animals for a small fee [their words, not ours] The sale of animals is supposedly not allowed. Craigslist is free to use for listing pets.
Does that mean because Craiglist [a PRIVATE group] says only re-homed animals for “small fees” is allowed, that every person in the State of California is prohibited from selling when outside? According to Animal Rights Extremists, the answer is obviously yes.
looking for male cockatiel – (Roseville)

Baby Bunnies ! ❤ – (Dixon) pic

———Nicaraguan Boas——— – (Auburn/Surrounding Areas) pic

Chihuahua Female – (Roseville CA) pic


In need of a Dog Crate – (Elk Grove/South Sacramento)

Best Cat In The World! Attention Cat Rescuers/Lovers: – (Sacramento) pic

Small dog – (Citrus heights) pic

A wonderful 9 month old Puppy needs a loving family! –

Black and White dog – (citrus heights) pic

Blue nose pit needs a new home – pic

Lost black dog west sac. – (jefferson,devon) pic

tan and white pitbull dog – ( citrus heights) pic

ADORABLE blue eyed kitty needs a home – (Antelope, ca) pic

Black Lab/ McNab Mix Puppy – (Antelope) pic

Dog free to good home – (Mc clellan)

Lost Mini Schnauzer – (Sacramento) pic

Relocating Must find loving home by Jan1 Russian Blue Mix Cat – (Folsom) pic

dwarf freshwater shrimp – (sacramento) pic

Looking for an adult soft-shelled turtle – (Sacramento)

Lion head bunnys need home – (North highlands ) pic

Cockatiel – (Roseville)

SB917 would make selling or giving away of any named animal in ads above, the crime of abuse— but not if done by a “non profit.” Multiply that by thousands per day across CA and then add in every advertisement in print/online for rehoming by owners.
Tell everyone you know and pass it forward! To ARs: the artists’ work is copyrighted. 

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