Are YOU Guilty of “Animal Abuse” via California SB 917

ANYONE RE-HOMING ANIMALS ON CRAIGSLIST? Or any other ad? Doesn’t matter… you will be guilty. You already are guilty. 

Are these dogs standing on the sidewalk outside? Yes. then you would be guilty of animal abuse.   

If you re home, sell or even give away an animal outside, you are about to become guilty of animal “abuse” if  when SB 917   passes    starts, Jan 2012. 

AS WORDED in the proposed LAW– displaying, transporting and even giving awaywill make you guilty of animal abuse under this exceptionally awful, dangerous so-called law.


Dare we say it? Does one have to be “smart” to figure out why this law is so incredibly bad? No.  Anyone with common sense can see it.

—> We will be placing a SB917 Flyer here soon, for handing out <—

Yes, SB 917 already PASSED but we are helping to file a lawsuit against it. This law makes it illegal to rehome animals outside for the most part. But not for some, the “non profits”,  whom they have exempted. Basically this law criminalizes selling, displaying and buying.

WHY “Oppose” the law?   Because, contrary to the INTENT of “stopping” animal abuse, the actual wording of the proposed LAW makes people guilty for re-homing since the vast majority of people re-homing an animal do not operate as a “non profit” group.  That’s pretty simple.   But just for a second, let’s look at what the thieves aka HSUS put online:  [we aren’t going to quote it since it’s propaganda]

The law is not linked nor shown on there, but a click to say YES VOTE ON SB917 IS there………………and of course the rats just say it’s to stop sales in the road. [If you go on there and can make it say NO instead of yes then thats fair game, we didn’t try it]

But they don’t tell anyone the TRUTH.  The truth is that the United States has fallen far from what the pioneers set out to do in this country. We end up being run down, run around, and run over. Time to stop being bullied by ARs and their vegan propaganda. Time to unite and fight! Circle-the-wagons!

3 thoughts on “Are YOU Guilty of “Animal Abuse” via California SB 917

  1. Ok,I read enough about this bullshit law aimed at pet owners…like millions of Americans I own pets and since this asinine law already passed that means like all pet owners I am in danger of being targeted by these a-holes trespassing on my property,illegally seizing my pets…and of course looking for bullshit excuses to kill them…as a true animal lover how can I help have this idiotic law blown out of the water…in fact anyone who knows anything about hsus,peta or any animal rights groups knows they lie out of their teeth to get donations so they can pass these bullshit laws…they are the WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO ANIMALS AND PEOPLE WHO OWN ANIMALS FOR THAT MATTER.

  2. Also,I would like to know how these clowns are even in business after all their own criminal activity…AMONG THEM ALL THE PEOPLE THEY DEFRAUDED FOR MILLIONS.

  3. That is a good question since most owners don’t like the law but simply do not get involved.
    If the general public even KNEW about this law, that one cannot rehome or resell their pet
    outside UNLESS one is a “non profit” we assume they [the public] would really be pissed off.
    As written, the first offense is a fine and after that, misdemeanor or felony.
    We believe the law would be arbitrarily/capriciously enforced.

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