Elitist Breeders– Avoid the AR TRAP to Break Ranks!

 Elitists within the Fancy…. Don’t Contribute To Your Own Demise..especially in view of  CA SB917

Key: You don’t protest “pet store” sales because the animals may come from a commercial kennel;   You don’t denigrate kennels that are UDSA approved;  You don’t criticize any other breeders or sellers of animals;  You do not attend public functions, advocacy hearings or the like and spout off mindless nonsense about why such entities should be more heavily regulated and why you are not the culprit.  Keep in mind you have the Doris Day case that was already won in Court.

Petland and Hunte for example, are well withing their rights, they are covered by applicable laws, as evidenced in the dismissals against them in Arizona when HSUS tired to amp up the lawsuits. Petland and Hunte are not the problem, HSUS and cronies are. Petland should be able to sell whatever animals they can sell.

To put them out of business or to FORCE them to “only sell shelter animals” is insane and likely illegal. If you buy any product made in any foreign country or even in the USA,  that utilizes a commercial worker to manufacture the product, then why is selling an animal in a pet store illegal? It isn’t. Just because it may have been born in a commercial kennel vs a smaller kennel means nothing as far as being in compliance.

You do not denigrate  the standards of other different breeders or sellers in order to make your standard good, and theirs “bad.”

You are not the  jury or judge and what you may think is not good or not good enough for yourself, can actually harm your OWN position since ARs use elitist breeders/actual abusers to break ranks of ALL breeders— you would be contributing to your own demise by so doing– you fell right into the AR trap!  [*It should be noted that HSUS et al simply takes  *bad exceptions* and polarizes the good/bad,  and then makes mountains out of molehills in order to finance their campaigns.  In other words, like we could  find  ONE bad example of anything and then say ALL of this=that. The eradication of certain races or nationalities using eugenics? ]

You do not discourage the sales of any commercially bred animals since if such sales are legal, it is actually detrimental to your own position to advocate against that which is legal.

ACTUAL Animal abuse (if defined legally and not flawed) may apply to anyone that falls under the applicable regulation.  However it is still not your job nor your position to advocate against lawful selling. [This can be seen by saying you want to prohibit any alcohol sales due to bad drunk drivers.]

If a kennel is not in keeping with the law, then they aren’t, but that is not your job to say they are bad and you are great; that is not for us to say we need to eliminate them, since the ARs want people to say that exact thing like a little parrot that listens and repeats.  That is why the ARs go to Oprah, Ellen and the like.  That is why HSUS pimps Vick off.  TV does a lot of damage to kids in general and the ARs and their Animal Planet crap is right up there.

You should support ALL sales of animals– which are Legal

You should support all pet related commerce–and any sales–  which is legal

While You do not support substandard practices—–  “substandard” is relative and abused by ARs in order to make standards  which use their own lifestyle “beliefs”– not facts–  and then ARs  pass laws to impose them on everyone [such as the “lifestyle belief”  that animals should not be sold and then claim pet stores is why animals die in shelters which is the biggest lie of the century! ]

You should support only laws that do not punish legal acts

You do not support laws that define legal acts as “ILLEGAL”— however you must be able to actually determine if a written law boils down to illegal.

You do not buy into the AR bull which claims that “selling” is “abuse” under any circumstances.  The word “abuse” should be relegated only to actual abusive acts, not legal acts that HSUS et al keep claiming are “abuse.”  If in doubt, see our “Can you pass the AR abuse Test” on Petdefense. ARs believe everything is abuse.  They have done so ever since Animal Rights started.


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