Former H$U$ Attorney WAS in APHIS Investigations

Update: Sarah Conant (former attorney from H$U$) has been moved to another position, so she is no longer “chief” of investigations.

Interesting example of the methods used to capture data, personal information,etc. by the government in this situation…. we all know that the government wanted NAIS as an alleged procedure for tracing so called animal disease. [Personally we think it was a money making HSUS scheme but WTH…]  AWL APHIS Reg Handout   Interesting note on APHIS handout, (1) if one sells more than $500 of pets per year   and then our observation (2) is that Sarah Conant (former attorney from H$U$)— is NOW the big cheese in APHIS investigations.  That could mean one of 2 things. (1) The government is on to H$U$ and using her actions to gain more data on H$U$ or (2) the government is so stupid or greedy, they are using her to ramp up fines.

Anyway, this information reminded us of the APHIS information that involves the registering, licensing, reporting etc. regarding kennels, breeders, exhibitions etc, of animals. “This pamphlet lists the major types of regulated and exempt businesses, but it does not cover all cases. If in doubt about your status, telephone or write the Regional Office of the USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Animal Care (AC) for your State (see page 19). AC personnel will answer your questions and provide a copy of the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 9, Chapter 1, Subchapter A, which gives the legal requirements for businesses regulated by the Animal Welfare Act.If you are an owner or the person in charge of a regulated business, the law requires you to be licensed or registered with USDA. Failure to become licensed or registered is a punishable violation of the Animal Welfare Act.On the basis of information you supply, APHIS determines whether your business should be licensed, registered, or both. Licensing involves a yearly fee; registration is free. The owner, operator, or manager has responsibility for knowing about licensing or registration requirements.

Below is from the blog at the link (not PD blog)……but note the explanation of how words have either concrete meaning, or interpreted…………

USDA is busy sending out its Agricultural Survey attempting to elicit from unwary property owners, information regarding any agricultural production or livestock or poultry (this can be virtually ANY crop, animal or bird) that you may own and goes on to ask how much monetary value is placed on produce or the sale of animal/poultry products.  The [survey] also mentions that any one who produces and sells more than $1,000 per year is asked to voluntarily supply this information to the government.  $1,000 a year is such a paltry amount and is significant in the fact that this amount is so low as to encompass virtually anything you might wish to grow and produce even for your own use.

About that survey

Bear in mind that this is just a survey.  It is not federally mandated and cannot be mandated and carries no force.  It is a request that you voluntarily supply information that will be used against you in the future.

Put it in the trash with your other junk mail.



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