Updated, orig posted 2/2010……..

Flash–see NEW Killing Chart (below first picture)  by HSUS showing shelters how to SAVE-ON-KILLING and how–in killing —puppies can only take less than 2 minutes time to process!!! WOW!!!  Is that a time saver or what?  Isn’t that what every SHELTER in America wants/needs to know??!!

You *THINK*  H$U$ (Humane Society of the United States) is about “saving” animals, and pups, pitbulls and small kittens? What a JOKE!!!!  The new “save an animal now” propaganda ads on TV by HSUS —show a URL for save an animal now dot org—– they are by HSUS. TV deception…..HSUS doesn’t even use its own tarnished NAME…………………….. —->>>  HSUS  ” cruelty ads”  should REALLY be named …





HSUS publishes ADS with alleged ‘victim’  animal pictures, that have giant words like “What did I do Wrong”   or Do I deserve to die? or  other such nonsense.  We should be asking people WHY they donate to HSUS when HSUS does the opposite of what their own marketing claims? !!

IN FACT—HSUS is about killing more animals—–>>>> not saving them.

HSUS Sav-on-killing  [PDF chart]    Leave it to the HSUS or Peta to publish something like this……. Deception is the goal of HSUS, and killing is their real game.

Here is the HSUS talking (below) in their published how to kill book: ‘A few shelters require that all animals who are to be euthanized must first be anesthetized.

‘Policies such as these may create safety problems and are not always in the best interest of the animal.’   Oh, HSUS forgot to put the pics in of all the dogs they helped to kill, this pic is just an example of a tiny fraction of the killing helped along by HSUS/various groups like the ASPCA and local SPCAs influenced by their PAPA killing group aka Humane Society of the United States.  H$U$ claims they engage in over 5,000 RAIDS PER YEAR PEOPLE……. Killing is their method of “saving.” OR seize the animals and then sell or give away to whatever “non profit” they want. Remember, anyone else selling or giving away animals outside is guilty of “abuse” according to CA law started 1/12/2012. Oh–but wait, a few years ago they also exempted PET STORES from the law BECAUSE IN CALIFORNIA THEY ARE SO HIGHLY REGULATED!! So a highly regulated pet store can display, show, and sell or give away animals in public along with non profits. 

pg. 42-62  How to kill dogs  pg 63-66 How to kill cats
pg 136  How to kill wild amphibians
     137  How to kill alligators, crocodiles, lizards
     138  How to kill snakes, turtles, tortises, terrapins
      140  How to kill chickens/other birds
      141  How to kill horses  142, How to kill cattle/ruminants,pigs
      142  How to kill deer,elk,moose,ferrets,gerbils,guinea pigs,hamsters,mice,rats,
      144  How to kill porcupine,raccoon,opossum   146 skunks  147  bats
In regard to “field” euthanasia:Documenting the vet’s approval on the incident report and in the euth log as well as obtaining witness statements will help address any liability issues that may arise for the organization after the fact.”   [Petdefense note:  Obviously HSUS realizes that killing outside the shelter can lead to liability, otherwise they wouldn’t have put that SENTENCE in the book.]
In re to killing by guns:  ‘Shotguns are an effective means of killing all species of animals in emergency situations….’

Re: documenting the need for killing:  “A false notion persists that any shelter, if committed enough, can easily place all the animals it receives.”  “Provide euthanasia as soon as possible once an animal has been selected for euthanasia.”  “Develop criteria that will clearly document the reasons for and NUMBERS of animals being euthanized.”                                <<<————————————-

In re  disposal of animal carcasses: “Rendering: Carcasses are processed into fertilizers and other products, company usually charges a fee for pick up service but this saves staff time and the unpleasant task of transporting carcasses.”   “A landfill is usually the most economical method of disposing of carcasses….”
In re to the euth room: “A euthanasia room does not have to be a drab and somber place. Use of skylights, windows that do not open onto public areas,and neutral color combinations on the walls may help foster a lighter mood in the area.”

“Euthanasia is more than humanely taking the life of an animal. When euthanasia by injection is performed, the technician and the handler combine knowledge, equipment, skills and compassion into humane and effective teamwork.” 

WHY would ANY group allegedly “dedicated” to

“celebrating” animals

take PRIDE in killing them?

 Geez, it makes it sound like they are planning a PARTY!! all emphasis added.
In re to those performing the killingIt may be helpful to remember that the reason for euthanasia lies in the community’s attitudes towards animals, and not in any inherent failing on the part of the individual technician or shelter.”   [In other words, we should blame the community— and NOT HSUS animal rights for creating MORE killing with MSN, BSL, and anti-animal, anti-pet laws, anti-business laws!!]
The book even has charts, listing 15 categories (from potential adoption to not adoptable) and each category gives a reason why such animals can be killed. Or why they are allegedly usually killed….i.e. killed to “prevent further suffering from kennel stress, lack of foster homes, too much rehab needed,” etc.
HSUS is about kill shelters, NOT  no kill.  HSUS is about animal rights LOBBYING, not making pet friendly laws.  HSUS is all about the jack and how they can fleece the $$ from the innocent public which has been DUPED into their  HSUS deceptive charade, lies, and misrepresentation. 
Using KATRINA donations in 2005—and only being able to ACCOUNT for allegedly $7m,  the entire $34million went WHERE????   [HSUS claims to account for $7million so what about the other $27 million in donations?]—–  the HSUS embarked on a giant marketing misrepresetation campaign to fleece the public with their consistent HSUS LIES. HSUS is no different than PETA, and PETA kills about 97% of every animal taken IN.  On purpose. Killing animals on purpose, and purposely supporting LAWS that CAUSE more animals to DIE.

———- >>>HSUS is NOT about “saving.”

 HSUS takes in millions of $$$$ so

 they can change the

LEGAL status of animals.  <<<——- 

If  the legal status of animals  is changed from that of PROPERTY—- then we lose our animals, our pets, our ability to own them, sell them, buy them, and use them in any form.  That is the most simple way to explain what HSUS does with its animal rights LOBBYING.

If no animal was considered property, we could not raise animals for food, sell animal products for food or otherwise, and we surely could not OWN them. That would take out the pet trade, farming, any jobs associated with animals, such as groomers, zoos, pet stores, buying and selling of animals, breeding of animals, owing animals as property. That would stop fishing, hunting, medical testing, disease prevention, and so many other products from being produced, including leather items, fur clothing/hats, leather shoes, any animal products/any animal foods, eggs, liquid eggs, hamburgers, and probably  millions of  items [including  dog/cat/pet food]  containing any animal product elements.

People think this is not possible, but people are wrong. 50 years ago people did not know about the Internet, CD’s, digitalized items, and most technology that is now common.

Newspapers are becoming impossible to sustain due to lost advertising.  Even the Post Office is having difficulty staying open, since email is used instead.  CHANGES in society have created this— and animal rights is BASED on CHANGING the legal status of all animals

The animal extremist terrorism that has been seen in past years have warranted prison sentences for both property destruction, and business economic destruction, as well as a host of related crimes including intimidation,  food adulteration, bombs, arson, etc. AND now the AETA is being challenged via lawsuit recently filed in 2011, back East!!

Animal rights laws are cropping up everywhere—– all people interested in animals must stand united against  animal rights groups and conglomerates—- if animals are to remain our property under the law. 

Animal rights is designed to destroy property/legal rights of citizens.

Animal rights is purposely targeted to change the legal status of animals, and always has been targeted to do that.  Each new law somehow plays a part in that proposed change.

Every legal case filed by HSUS and its conglomerates under the HSUS umbrella name has a purpose—and every purpose is simple.  Build up case law to destroy the legal status of animals as property.  That is the exact REASON that HSUS conglomerates jump on the bandwagon of ANIMAL ABUSE and animal “cruelty.”  HSUS says animal abuse= child abuse. That abuse of animals= domestic violence. 

That “selling an animal” = “animal cruelty.” 

Specifically, AB1122 passed by the CA Legislature in 2009 said that very thing—that selling an animal outside amounted to animal cruelty, which is a criminal proceeding, punishable under the penal code………………If that is the case,  AND selling=animal abuse, clearly it meant that  selling animals is A CRIME.    Yet non profits and rescues were “exempted” from abuse???  WTH??? A direct conflict with the Penal Code.

Countless “advocates” believed that AB1122 was a “good” law.

It was vetoed by Governor, yet in 2011, Gov Brown allowed SB 917 (same as AB1122) to PASS.

 How very, very, very STUPID.   Wake up people.  Stupidity is not going to win us this battle.  At this point, we are concerned that stupidity is widespread.  Prove us wrong, eh?

EB hsus dec OK


10 thoughts on “HSUS:HOW TO KILL ANIMALS, See Kill Chart

  1. I definately see all the downfalls of HSUS but can there also be post on possible solutions or where donated funds should be directed. I agree with pointing out the hoax- but people who DO want to help animals need to be redirected. Gawd- this crap is soooo sad. Bless those poor souls- the worst part is this is EVERYDAY & that pile of pets is only a fraction of the DAILY distruction. 😦

  2. Is there any way to get hold of the HSUS Euthanasia Training Manual? Also, are there any online links?

  3. The surprising thing about this to me is that there are no comments.

    I believe that within 10 years it will be impossible in practical terms for ordinary people to own a dog. Things have gone too far, and by the time people realize they’ve been had, it will be far too late to stop it. The laws we have now go well beyond anything that can be considered supportive to animal welfare; they target all the most knowledgeable breeders and trainers of pets and working animals, as well as the small traditional farmers we need to protect our food supply.

    We would need to *repeal* most of the animal laws passed in the last 15 years or so to stabilize our rights in terms of animal ownership, not just put a stop to any more bad laws, but it is always much more difficult to repeal a law than to pass it. The worst thing is that for every bad state or federal law which has passed there are hundreds of ordinances which have been slipped in by city and county governments, often completely unnoticed until someone decides they *must* be enforced. Time bombs.

    Have you read the full text of your city or county dog control laws? Maybe you should. You could be in for a rude awakening, but if you want to keep your right to choose your diet, much less to own animals for pets, food, fiber, service or companionship, you need to know.

    Good luck to us all.

  4. Yes, we have the book, you can buy it online at Amazon and other sources. We only got it to confirm it’s actually what we thought it was. And indeed it was worse.

  5. You don’t understand what is going on…besides the greedy people, the dog fighters, the shelters (holding pens) there are gov agencies fighting against each other…the HSUS is trying(some of them, some could care less) to stop the cruelty ..but the dept of agriculture is giving money for people to continue their abuse and raising of these animals for science, etc….check out the grants and the descriptions…pretty scary..
    animals (mainly dogs and cats)are sold to labs dead and alive from county shelters(contracts) and puppy mills- very profitable!! they are also sold for fur, food (they deny this, but where there is a buck to be made..and the fact that there are dog and cat farms here in the us, selling roasts, loins, etc.) There are so many horror stories- but as long as the government backs the cause-for every one that gets shut down…3 more open up- and then there is the profit…someone, somewhere is making a killing off of these poor animals…There are some real sickos…especially the ones that keep them in the labs and play god with them….and there is so much more to come….between the genetics and the food thing (you have to read the description of grant) there are just a bunch of book smart (emotionally stupid) people who don’t give a ___ about anything but money..

  6. there is some truth to animals in labs. there is also truth that HSUS consistently ignores 4th amendment rights. If hsus descended upon your property and seized your dogs and had them killed in 1 day would you be happy? We think not.

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