SB 917 Exempts “Non-profits” from Criminal Charges

Passing SB 917, lawmakers agreed to exclude and “EXEMPT”  “non profits” [those sponsoring the bill, like H$U$ and other AR groups] — and that includes SHELTERS. Shelter employees, workers, “non profit” rescues…… Exempted from abuse.   Can we imagine a huge outdoor “adopt-a-thon” outside where every single person/group is exempt from abuse, but anyone else would be guilty of abuse automatically?  That’s exactly what SB 917 DOES.

What if we copy the ARs in their ridiculous propaganda, for example, that “buying a dog causes a shelter dog to die?”  How about “selling a dog outside allows you to abuse an animal if you’re non profit???”

As Nathan Winograd shows below, many shelters have huge substandard care, shelter abuse, neglect, starvation, and outright killing.

YES– even in California and YES– it does break the law in California, the very same law under Penal Code 597— abuse, by anyone who is in charge or care of the animals…….By lack of proper health/medical treatment, lack of training, and lack of supervision.  Cities PAY H$U$ to study their shelters, or hire professionals from UCD to make reports on what is wrong and what needs to be changed and fixed.

Under CA Penal Code 597, shelters+non profits are every bit as liable for ABUSE as are ordinary owners and citizens. Then why would SHELTERS AND NON PROFIT ANIMAL GROUPS BE “EXEMPTED” FROM SB 917— EXEMPTED FROM alleged ABUSE???  They  should never be exempted from abuse, period.  

 “selling and giving away” is characterized

as ‘criminal abuse’   according to sb 917……            No two ways about it.

Ingrid of PETA……...for convincing a generation of “animal rights” activists to embrace the “right”of people like her,  to kill animals.

One of many dogs found dumped in a trash can after being killed and thrown away by PETA several years ago. Some of the animals were healthy and in no danger of being killed, but PETA claimed they would find them homes only to put them to death within minutes. In 2011, all indications are that PETA’s deadly reign of killing continued unabated. , but it is perfectly acceptable–even necessary–to kill dogs and cats. Ridiculous.

2.    Wayne Pacelle of HSUS for working with pro-killing organizations in Texas to help coordinate the defeat of legislation which would have mandated lifesaving collaboration and ended the cruel gas chamber; for being a cheerleader for killing shelters when he’s been tasked with being their watchdog; for embracing the most notorious dog abuser of our generation while calling for his canine victims to be killed (in 2011, Pacelle stated that Michael Vick would make a “good pet owner” and thus should be allowed to have access to dogs again); for preying on the emotions of animal lovers who are being misled into supporting his organization; and for betraying the cause he’s pledged to protect.

A spokesman for HSUS, Michael Vick shot dogs, drowned dogs, electrocuted dogs, hanged dogs, and beat dogs to death. He has never expressed remorse. Wayne Pacelle has championed Vick, said he would make a good dog owner, fraudulently fundraised off of Vick’s victims while calling for them to be killed. [PD note: SB 917 was written by HSUS person, supported by HSUS] 

Sam Parker, Sheriff of Chesterfield County, SC for overseeing a pound where dogs were alleged to have been used for target practice and cats were alleged to have been beaten to death with pipes. He has also allowed animals to languish in cruel conditions.

AC Wharton, Mayor of Memphis, TN for overseeing a pound rife with neglect, abuse, staffed by felons and those with ties to dog fighting rings. And rather than reform the shelter, he violates the constitutional rights of critics and removes the cameras which were the only form of external oversight that kept animals from being more viciously neglected and abused. From the standpoint of the animals, he may just be the worst mayor in America.

Under Mayor Wharton, the pound is a badly mismanaged house of horrors where roughly eight out of every 10 animals are put to death; where known felons have committed animal cruelty; and where animals have been neglected and abused by those who were supposed to protect them.

Roseann Trezza of the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey for overseeing a shelter with horrendous conditions, as documented over the years by state inspectors; for refusing to implement lifesaving programs such as foster care; and in 2011, for betraying “Patrick,” the abused pit bull who captured the heart of a nation, by referring to him as a “a very valuable brand for commercial exploitation and fundraising” and suing those who want to give him the life and love he deserves.

PD: The picture says it all. This was taken in a shelter. Littering the ground are maggots.



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