Truth about H$U$+ Forcing Out Businesses+Farmers


The deception of H$U$  against animals and owners, animal related business, kenneling, selling, buying, keeping, animals and farming, ranching, veterinarians, hunting, fishing etc. is like a pervasive cancer, spread by propaganda and misrepresentation.  

Animal  “abuse” laws were mostly all drafted by H$U$ and friends, look across the USA and note the similarities…    (University of Arkansas School of Law)  

 You will see, not surprisingly, that many states have similar laws to California.  We believe only three states have preseizure forfeiture laws but if H$U$ keeps going nationwide– who knows… ( they may have trouble doing so,  if they are not supposed to be lobbying as much as they have, since they are 501(c)(3) and getting away with it).  We have also noted in the past, H$U$ radically altered their website after the IRS was notified with thousands of certified letters, pointing out that H$U$ has engaged in far too much lobbying, and should be audited.

H$U$ altered their website to take down much of the  lobbying [even admitted by H$U$] contacts and continual contact with the government, Congress and etc, which is borne out simply by looking at and typing in HSUS’ site.  It clearly showed a high percentage of activity from the site to Congressional and Federal locations. People don’t just go to H$U$ site to contact Congress. Attorney Frank Losey has taken much effort in bringing this “lobbying” aspect forward to the IRS but as we all know, the IRS is slow.

H$U$ lobbies Congress and THEN tells people to contact lawmakers by going on the H$U$ site.  That has been done for years. H$U$ even had their own “directors” working hand in hand with legislators so they could get H$U$ bills passed. We know people who have witnessed this down at the Capitol in California. California H$U$ state director was instrumental in helping close down the pet store Petland in Roseville, CA. In fact the state director and author blogger Spadifori was right outside there with her, protesting.

No one would stand up to them.  How very sad. [Actually we volunteered to stand outside and protest the ARs but no one would go with us] That shows the apathy of most citizens.

We are being led to believe that no animals can be raised in a way that animal rights considers “commercial” [they call it factory] or large scale [they call it a mill] or even if done according to law [they call it puppymilled] and even if YOU buy a dog from a legal commercial kennel [they call YOU an abuser!]  Get the drift? The lies? The political correct slant?

Not surprisingly, H$U$ has been involved with the government for some time now, because APHIS regulatory [which now has attorney formerly at H$U$] Sarah Conant, and has allowed H$U$ to play a part in devising “animal welfare” regs.  H$U$ with its “directors” in many states, have their hands into everything.

Although the government does not openly consider H$U$ to be a full fledged animal rights organization per se [as opposed to animal welfare]== don’t think the FBI doesn’t know about the relationship of Peta-H$U$, and that much of H$U$ staff used to work at PETA.

H$U$ is a Factory Fundraising Lobbying group— no matter what they are designated on paper— designed to stop the pet trade, animal trade, farmers, ranchers, and consumption of animal try and push their way into a market share of regulating “humane” labeling criteria and standards, to call all the shots on how hens should be housed…. .to stop the buying, selling, trading, and even ownership of many animals. It’s all about the JACK. As far as the CA hen specs go for egg layers, H$U$ already got written into the law, that any eggs that are sold in CA MUST meet the same criteria as used for eggers in CA, thus that will cut out the companies that do not meet the criteria set by H$U$.

H$U$ thinks it will be able to set up “free range” as the criteria rather than enriched housing; believe us, that will NEVER work in a million years as all the scientific evidence and common sense is against it.  Then the UEP eggie people went and worked a deal with H$U$ on regulations. Although that might have been a tactical error by the UEP, it remains to be seen how things will play out.  To us, that is just a stopgap, we don’t believe in working things out with H$U$ because they can never be trusted.  Any group that would hire a dogfighter to represent pitbull dogs is insane, and a moneymonger, whether the guy was paid or not paid, doesn’t matter.  According to H$U$’ own law in CA, Vick should own no animal for at least 10 years because a felony conviction requires a mandated 10 year “no animals” provision. We would not bring a child molester to schools to warn about avoiding rapists and pedophiles? WTF?!!

H$U$ trying to claim that no exotic animals should be allowed in the country, or owned once H$U$ gets them labeled as “cannot be owned” under any circumstances… H$U$ has listed “invasive” species as something that needs to be outlawed or overly regulated to the point that any non indigenous form would not be allowed here. If you owned such a species you would not be able to travel with it or give it away.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with H$U$ and as long as we are alive, H$U$ will be doing the same crap. The only way to stop it is to damage their credibility [by showing the truth] and stop their funding.  For that, we are grateful to and

Make no mistake–we will not tolerate laws that violate our rights by H$U$!!  H$U$ has lost in the United States Supreme Court as we continue to state, over and over, many times. H$U$ also wants to take down the AETA [Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act] which is currently being challenged in court back east.

Understanding how H$U$ works requires an understanding of the way that groups, especially the AR groups— function. H$U$ basically uses misrepresenttation and lies, subterfuge and bull in order to get the lies out.

Unfortunately the eye candy ads and nonsense laws such as SB 917, making laws against selling and showing animals into “ABUSE” was done by H$U$.  Most people have no idea of this. It is the truth.

It was recently reported in  ‘Animal People’ online, that Kim Bartlett, rabid AR and supposedly the author of the 12 Steps of Animal Rights  (wife of publisher of Animal People as far as we know) stated even in 2002—





Well, if that doesn’t state it clear enough, what would? ALL livestock, including chickens, sheep, cows,pigs, etc are bred as a food source. But according to animal rights…………….

Buying, selling, breeding means

“animal exploitation” to animal rights……

 As we have long stated, animal rights is essentially based upon lifestyle beliefs, not fact, not truth, and certainly not the law.  Yet ARs will draft OUR laws and define what WE do as illegal?????  This is why people must unite and fight back.  Circle the wagons!


One thought on “Truth about H$U$+ Forcing Out Businesses+Farmers

  1. HSUS has never registered as a lobbyist. Members of Congress are starting to take notice and contacting the Department of Justice. Please contact your legislators and sign the White House Petition. Follow the last link on this comment for instuctions on how to contact your Reps!

    1. ******* Sign the White House petition to investigate the HSUS Lobbying********

    Other links to sign the petition include:!/petitions!/petition/investigate-humane-society-united-states-non-compliance-lobbying-disclosure-act-1995/42RtSR6W?

    Be patient – with overuse the site is slow and will say it is down. Just keep trying. We have to reach the 25,000 by February 1, 2012.

    Write your Reps about the Lobbying disclosure act. For more information and instructions:

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