ARs H$U$ Livid Re Horse Slaughter

According to the Dept. of Agriculture bill signed in November 2011, funding for USDA inspection of horse meat intended for human consumption has been reinstated.  The funding for USDA inspection had been withheld since 2006.

It is possible that states including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Nebraska, North Dakota and Georgia may house slaughterhouses.  Congress made the decision ….[a]fter a study by the Government Accountability Office(GAO), is that more abandoned and neglected horses in the US – which has 9 million equines – are being sold and processed for meat anyway in countries that may not have the same standard of humane euthanasia that US law requires. Government statistics show that 138,000 American horses were sold and processed for meat in other countries in 2010 – a 660 percent increase from 2007, according to the GAO report.

“What’s more, The New York Times reports that the law forced many breeders and owners to go out of business because their inability to sell horses for meat “removed the floor” for prices while forcing owners to shoulder costs for euthanizing and disposing of unwanted horses. Before the ban, the horse slaughter business generated some $65 million in revenues a year.

“When they closed the plants, that put more of a hardship on our horses than the people who wanted to stop the slaughter can imagine,” said John Schoneberg, a Nebraska horse breeder, according to the Times report.” According to H$U$, the difference is that horses are not raised for slaughter. Well then H$U$ will make a law to speuter all horses unless they are some prize winning racehorse, or other elitist type of horse? It’s what they are saying for show dogs– you need a permit to be allowed to breed them? And they must be shown? Meanwhile in the lower economic areas, the mixed breeds are proliferating at an unchecked rate, ignored by Los Angeles animal control completely, despite fact that 50% of dumped off dogs all come from the same area?

What we see with this decision, is the USA is finally waking up to the fact that the country is in the toilet and that all the animal rights antics in the world would only further to help destroy the economy.  Stopping sales of animals, closing down businesses, forcing out pet stores, claiming that selling of animals or buying is abuse, claiming that no one should buy a puppy, arresting people because they sold a puppy, stopping anyone from trying to breed a decent line by closing down kennels, forcing animals to all be altered, not addressing the actual problem areas in large cities like Los angeles– but instead claiming it’s decent breeders who are causing animals to die, targeting kids in 4H that are on Facebook, trying to always lay blame by claiming “profiteering” off the backs of animals, exempting “non profits” from animal abuse but criminalizing the very same act of selling or giving away, if NOT a non profit (SB 917)–  the list is 20 miles long.

Politically speaking, the USA is turning back time against the animal extremists. In the U.S. Supreme Court, recent cases have dismatled H$U$ laws. If the AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act) legal challenge loses, it will be a very big win for those that do not like eco terrorism or animal terrorists.



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