H$U$ et al Seize,Then “Buy” All 240 Dogs for $300.

Nothing is too low for H$U$ when it comes to trying to “find” commercial dog sellers, making a spectacle, and raising donations. Well —  it sort of backfired.

In 2008, H$U$ had 60 volunteers help raid/seize owner’s dogs, including farm/pet dogs. They even got “tax” officials+Missouri Humane Society to help seize. THEN Indiana authorities SOLD all 240 dogs  to the H$U$ for a paltry $300.

Owners filed a tax appeal which challenged the state’s authority to seize the dogs.  Essentially the tax court criticized the media circus surrounding the seizure and the fact that the $300 for 240 dogs proved that the STATE was motivated not for gaining revenue, but instead to shut down an alleged “mill.”   This shows that with proper representation, cases can be won against H$U$ and their nonsense and stupid media circus antics.  Even in Tax Court.  Note: In the past, H$U$ has bragged they do more than 5,000 raids in one YEAR. That amounts to an average of 13.7 raids per DAY. No wonder they are rated D (as in DOG) on Charity Navigator. 

HSUS seizure $300 dogs  (legal ruling by court)


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