Cat Case in Huffington Post-Vet Report Contradicts AC

The vet report concerning Ms. Van Dusen’s cats (70+)  that Oakland animal control claims were so sick (and therefore “abused”) –was released. The cats could not possibly have been that sick if they recovered in only two weeks according to the vet.   Van Dusen’s case starts for preliminary matters  Alameda Superior Court on January 23.

“Update: According to a signed declaration by Dr. Rene Gandolfi, the Castro Valley veterinarian and co-founder of Fix Of Ferals who examined the animals rescued from Van Dusen’s home on behalf of the Alameda County Public Defender’s office, none of the 79 cats she examined appeared to be emaciated at the time they were taken in by Animal Control.”

It is a known fact in rescue, if you take in animals that are subpar in health, etc, you need vet records in case ARs claim it was YOU that put them into that condition. Many feral cats can be in subpar condition, obviously because they were without owners.

Ms. Van Dusen, who is an attorney, has been charged with one count of felony animal abuse, and if you are an attorney, you know that it might interfere with your ability to practice law in California. Huffington Post online talked about the case.  Ms. Van Dusen’s attorney is one of our criminal law attorney friends Alec Henderson. We talked with him over the weekend.

On another note, a law student is being mentored by Pet Defense. Law student likes pitbull dogs and since we know a lot about H$U$ and their stance on pitbulls and have imparted pitbull information to student,  the student even wrote in the mid term exam, that the H$U$ considers the generic breed type to be rather aggressive (thinking that most personal injury attorneys will not like pitbulls and probably think like H$U$)…………..  for whatever it’s worth, the student did get 90% on exam and the exam is saved by the law school for other students to view in the future.  Part of law school involves reviewing what other student have done in the past that have scored usually 85-100% on exams.

Stay tuned for our new upcoming announcement…….PetPAC, CA Dog Fed Central California, are working with a new team geared toward having the right stuff to serve animal owners— with the documentation, animal husbandry, knowledge and legal experience to help owners assert their rights appropriately!


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