ARs Close Down Animal Commerce, Stop Sales

This was sent to us by someone familiar with Los Angeles closing down petstores…….this involves Best Friends Animal Society of Utah (originated as Process Church, a Satan related group,see post at top of blog )  As you can see below, their mantra is that pets are not products, and they blame purchasing pets as the reason for so many pets”being unaltered” which has very little to do with animals in shelters. That is a completely and totally misguided statement.

This is because the animals given up to shelters are usually often unknown, mixed breed male juveniles obtained for free or at low cost, that were never planned but result of unintentional ties rather than expensive, or purposely bred, planned litters.  If one pays $500-$2,000 for a well bred dog it is highly unlikely they will dump it in a shelter. They would rehome it or manage to sell it. If you had a good car and wanted to sell it you would not dump it at the wrecking yard.

The Big Daddy Goes Down

“[ o]ur teams out in LA were still seeing success, including effecting change at the big daddy of daddies, the Beverly Center’s Pet Love.    “You can only imagine how many thousands of unfixed animals they injected into the Los Angeles community over the years.”  That store has closed down now, thanks to Best Friends tabling efforts. 

“In fact, 8 pet stores have now closed down in LA, rather than change to our recommended humane model, due to peaceful protests from a variety of organizations . And a handful more have converted their model to adopting rescued pets.” [emphasis added]

PD:  The problem here? Despite Best Friends whining, boycotting, protesting and CLOSING DOWN pet stores, the fact remains that the alleged commercial kennel dogs or pets they keep claiming is illegal, is in fact LEGAL.  Under Federal law, commercial kennels are legal. APHIS regs govern this. Of course all the ARs do is to claim such breeding or buying is implicated to be illegal or immoral.

This perpetuates to the general public NOT to buy a pet, especially a dog or cat.  The problem is that consumer demand will win out, and the people will just buy it anyway but get it from OUTSIDE of California. This has led to a market for rescues to actually obtain the same dogs that Best Friends says no one should buy, and to resell them.

As people who have knowledge of animal rescue, we have seen in past 10 years a decided difference in “rescue” dog/puppy availability.  It is now possible to query Petfinder online and find almost all puppies of many breeds that look exactly like the very dogs/pups that Best Friends says not to buy.  That is because they ARE the very dogs that Best Friends says not to buy. And they are NOT cheap. A Yorkie with brain damage is still $450 and one without huge faults with 4 legs is $700-$900. Or go Google a breed specific rescue nationwide on Petfinder.  Every single breed is represented and the pictures look like Primadonna pets from the pet store. Go check it out. We know because we have been checking for years.

They are bred dogs, not rescued from pounds.  You do not go to shelters, pounds and most rescues to find Havanese, mini poodles, Bichons, Poms, and any small breed of dog that normally cost $600-$900, even if a designer dog. Those dogs are not in the pounds and if they are, too many people all vie for the same dog and then an auction is held. For example in Los Angeles, a mini poodle garnered too many people that wanted it, and it sold at auction for $800. We don’t call that rescuing, we call that selling.

For more proof, there is the LARGEST “breed specific rescue” in the USA named Small Paws out of Oklahoma. They wanted ONLY to
“rescue” Bichon breed dogs, and couldn’t FIND any to “rescue.” So they purposely go to commercial kennel AUCTIONS to BUY commercial kennel dogs, and THEN they RESELL them and bring in $500,000+ per year and have over 800 volunteers? And that’s called “rescuing.”  We call that planting weeds so you can pull them.

Further, it has been alleged in Los Angeles shelters that animals were stolen and sold “for profit.” Selling the dog is fine, for profit is fine, but stealing the dog is obviously wrong if in fact it was even stolen.

So when you hear nonsense regarding commercial kennels, consider the source.  Just remember that likely over  55%+  of animals are purchased by finding it online, and some even being shipped or transported to owner. People take possession of many items of property that are very expensive by buying them online. People adopt KIDS by finding them online and then flying to a 3rd world country to pick them up. People buy items online, at auction etc, every single day, and every single purchase is commerce.

We don’t see any difference for buying a pet online. If animal rights wants people to buy animals in person then they should not be making laws that only “non profits” can sell animals outside while they are not subject to being charged with animal abuse. Like we keep saying, that is just insanity.


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