Best Friends Process Church,a Cult According to ALF+Animal People

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Originally post 2009 Jan

HSUS engages Best Friends to help get rid of,  move to other rescues or shelters, or sell off all the seized dogs from kennel raids/seizures…..the same Best Friends group that has the URL,org.,net,info.  (We recently found that ASPCA marketing agent is the registered owner of those sites right now, but they are all the same, AR, AR, AR, closing down stores, business, everything they can.)

We really do not care for Best Friends. And because of their background and the way they work, we would never want to associate with them.  Any so called animal saving group that purposely spends $140,000 to obtain third world stray dogs/bring them here, when we are supposedly having the “overpopulation problem”  that Best Friends keeps pushing, is insane.  Clearly that stunt was to raise even more $$$$, despite the fact that Best Friends could have simply taken in FREE stray dogs from any shelter in the United States!   They bring in at least $51,000,000 ($51 million) per year. Bleeding heart ARs galore.

At the same time, Best Friends kicked out a large number of pitbull type dogs to different smaller rescues, claiming they couldn’t place any more pitbull type dogs.

The same Best Friends on the Animal Liberation Front website, and as reported by Animal People in 2004, according to the site. (See it below)  Animal People meaning Merrit Clifton and wife Kim Bartlett, the same Bartlett that said in 1987, that all pet trade commerce should be outlawed+ that all breeding of purebred dogs and cats should be stopped??   The same Bartlett that told Best Friends (as shown online on Best Friends Dangerous Dogs related topic) that breeding of pitbull type dogs should be  banned because bad people want the dogs and that they maim people more than other dogs, and that no one wants such dogs so they are  killed in shelters????  Here is Bartlett:

….” Enforcing breed-specific legislation should be no more expensive than enforcing any other type of licensing law, for example, a ban on ownership or breeding of exotic cats such as lions and tigers.”

…”I have an uneasy feeling that a lot of people claiming to be Pit Bull rescuers are actually Pit Bull breeders and even dogfighters in disguise. Otherwise why would they oppose breeding bans that would not affect dogs already born? People who rescue feral cats want to see an end to their breeding. People who rescue exotic animals such as parrots, lions and tigers, and potbellied pigs would like to see breed bans on those species. Why not the so-called Pit Bull rescuers…?”[emphasis added]   WOW! Bartlett isn’t making any friends, eh?

The same Best Friends group says NO petstore should ever sell a dog unless they want to sell rescued dogs.  Otherwise, according to the Best Friends site, along with their pal Last Chance for Animals,  a petstore should only sell accessories. And that’s on the Best Friends website, with Last Chance for Animals or whatever is their  current AR rescue group telling people what they should do and not do, along with fabricated statistics regarding “animal shelters”, all of which is WRONG. [There is another post on this blog which details the ‘wrongness’ of the stats]

In fact, it says on the site that animals are not products and shouldn’t be soldOh–and it says something like animals should not be sold online or advertised on the Internet. But isn’t that how advertises ALL the  dogs+cats+birds+goats+horses  they sell via rescue groups?

And isn’t that how the Bichon so-called  “rescue (Small Paws,  with I believe, 800 volunteers and thousands of donators, enabling them to be quite rich it would appear?)–featured on OPRAH— sells their commercial kennel (they call it milled)  dogs that they buy at auction every month, about 300 per month?

 Even if they sold all 300 dogs at $150@, that’s almost $50,000 per month……………  So  selling those milled dogs makes it OK to sell if I call it “rescue” , but buying those same dogs  to re-sell, or  if I go out and buy the same milled dog, to keep it for myself,  I am a monster?   The website is even worse than HSUS with the sappy stories about this fluffball and that fluffball, but the propaganda brings in the $$$$$$$ big time………. you need to realize, of course, there are not many Bichons that ever need rescuing, so these clever people just decided to go and buy commercial kennel dogs and re-sell them as rescued dogs. They don’t deny that either.

…..And selling a  “rescued”  milled dog is  called “rescuing”, and those charging $350-$850 online, on Petfinder (an AR rescue site) for a milled Yorkie is GREAT, but BUYING that same dog  directly from a commercial kennel means I should be shot and be the subject of HSUS undercover subterfuge filming, and then be on the HSUS website ????  Like I have said for years, I might as well plant weeds so I can pull them!

You can see the brain-dead logic here?  These AR nut cases don’t have any brains.  They just know HOW to make emotional sappy stories and push them off on people by putting a barcode on a dog’s head, and that makes them “right.:”  OMG….ludicrous!

 sorry……..but too much of that Process Church damages the brain cells.  All that satan talk and gore and killing, and grave robbing and sex with dead people mentioned in the Process magazine, as reported by that guy who did the entire story on the Process? Hey, we didn’t write the story on them, just telling you what the guy reported. A very well known reporter at that.   

 —–This is on the ALF site–which shows reprint of Animal People article….it is not exactly a complete story as it differs materially from the research done by other reports, which show the Process Church was a deviant group involving satan worship, which is conveniently left out of this article, however the Charles Manson part is included………

MARCH 2004

How to tell the best friends Animal Society

from the cult who built Kanab


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