HSUS spends $400k,Religion; B Friends’ Cult–Satan?

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This is from 2008……..still the correct facts. Re posted 2012.

Also included here, down further, are links to Best Friends+Process Church, often called a cult, even by those formerly involved in it……..let’s not forget, BF is pushing ‘dontbuypuppies’ and has the URL for dontbuypuppies…we found the URL is now owned by ASPCA marketing agent. But BF closes down legal pet stores, has helped close down at least 8 stores in So Cal. Great for the economy huh?

Attempting to use  “RELIGION” as a foundational base, Best Friends Animal Society  pushed on their site, the “religious proclamation for animal compassion”…………… although claiming that the proclamation was drafted by specific “clergy” faith members, people are invited to “customize”…   Best Friends’  summary of their actions  ….’but we weren’t really interested in political issues. A true alternate lifestyle…..so we decided to start our own church-type organization’…. which I assume was being involved with the Process Church.

 And the Process church symbol they used, was the cross with a serphent entwined around it. The serphent symbolizing Satan. Research indicates the process church involves worshipping Satan.  http://tinyurl.com/7horj2  This link is from someone who was actually in the Process…’The primary fiction is that The Process consisted of a bunch of 1960s counter-cultural seekers …. but the cult-like nature of the group is carefully erased in Mountain’s description.’

Well, of course it is erased, because they want DONATIONS! Death-worshipping church” or apocalyptic prophets? GARY LACHMAN investigates the Process Church of the Final Judgement, a Sixties movement with a far-reaching influence. The http://tinyurl.com/5u2l9k

You figure it out. And check out the background of the Best Friends founders at top of petdefense home page, which shows they were into cult activity prior, according to the person that joined the cult in the late 1970’s.   He entitled the book Satan’s Power  http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Secrets/TR/newman-bainbridge.html  (I guess becaused they worshipped Satan as well? The Church they were in did worship Satan, check the post at top of the petdefense blog.. )

*See related post on “Petdefense pages” re ARs bullying pet store owners, thanks to Best Friends + Last chance for Animals et al, telling everyone not to buy puppies, and having the URL dontbuypuppies.

They have ruined (closed down, helped close down, demonstrate and run off all business)  at least 3   8  (eight!) petstores by causing them horrific publicity and basically got them all closed down…….. and that’s a compassionate way to treat people in a legal business?  Maybe–if you work for Satan?

Here are some examples from the religious “proclamation” …………

“Millions of animals are killed each year and many more are left homeless due to:

  • Aggressive for-profit breeding programs that add to an already massive pet overpopulation crisis [1,2]
  • “..the reluctance or unwillingness on the part of some pet owners to spay or neuter their pets” [3]
  • “No pets” restrictions in common interest housing areas such as apartments and condominiums

The proclamation then goes on to say that all people “of faith” are urged to promote………”legislation [4] and educational programs designed to prevent further animal cruelty, abuse, and overpopulation; spay or neuter ALL pets [5] [emphasis added],  ADOPT animals from shelters rather than purchase them from breeders or pet stores” [6]…. it further goes to to talk about “sporting and entertainment venues for the purpose of providing entertainment, amusement, and in some cases, profit”.[7] … and where thousands of animals are bred for and used in medical and commercial research and experimentation”..[8].

And here’s the 2008, California  pre-Proposition 2  warning  which clearly shows HSUS spending just under 1/2 million to gain church money + more propaganda???   http://tinyurl.com/82kyan      Very important to READ+PASS Forward, because it has verified that HSUS solicited different churches to get them to start affecting church members! (this link is on a beef producer site and indicates that H$U$ has indeed shut down that church link!) 

Let’s quickly summarize the common mantras used by the animal extremists to convince the PUBLIC that it is the BREEDERS CAUSING THE SHELTER ANIMALS TO DIE, etc:

1. “Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die”

2. “All pet store dogs are defective and have been abused by breeders”

3. “Nice people adopt, bad people buy”

4. “The only good pet is an altered pet”

5. “Alter your neighbor’s dog”

Causing mice/rats etc to die in labs?

6. “If necessary, human lives may be lost to save the lives of animals” [Jerry Vlasak’s theory]

Animals have the same rights as people:

7. “Animals are not property or commodities and should never be sold

Animals are not to be used for “entertainment” nor for “profit

8. “Animals should not be used for entertainment, sporting events, circuses, zoos, or any PROFIT-making venue”

Animal products should never be used for humans:

9. “Vegan lifestyle means you are compassionate”

Morally reprehensible people use animals and animal products for profit:

10. “Animals are not commodities and should never be used to make a profit”

Now, we ask you: Is this actually “religion” we are talking about here, OR is this more a form of downright animal worship????????  Pagan worship? This is what actual people who know the Bible say about animal extremists: http://brethrenassembly.com/archives/516

Guess that leaves some of the Best Friends founders with possibly Satan?  Some kind of quasi-theological mamby pamby twisted to suit the HIDDEN AGENDA that all animals should be set free and liberated?

 If you don’t believe it, look at this…..http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=82736025 

MySpace.com – Devil May Care Films – Clarion, PA – www.myspace.com   Arthur Lyons – ‘Satan Wants You’ Carl Panzram – ‘Memoirs’ Devil May Care Films has 115 friends. Best Friends Animal Society, Jul 1 2008 7:35 PM

This was seen online on 12/30/08.

This is very questionable…….as you can see in lower right hand corner for “Friends Comments”— not only are Best Friends and ASPCA listed as one of the top 12 “friends”,  but the guy even calls his company Devil May Care (films) with a logo showing a devil shadow from a rooster;  under the Pet Abuse picture, he has apparently added:  “Let punishment fit in kind and degree the crime!” He also names ‘Satan wants You’, “The Anti-Christ’, ‘Essays in Satanisn’, The Manson Family, Ted Bundy, Texas Chainsaw Massacre,etc. as some of his favorite films, etc.

Now–why would anyone want to donate or believe people who push ‘dontbuypuppies’ when they publish what you have seen above???? Don’t be fooled by the “religion” talk………of Best Friends…


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