New Law: No UNsterilized Dogs/Cats Allowed

Yep. Sure enough– the AR faction’s new law, THIS time for Hawaii, but such laws have already passed (see below for link): NO sales,give away,transfer,etc of unsterilized dogs,cats.  In other words, a person cannot sell an unsterilized animal. An owner cannot. No one can. The next law would then be no OWNED animals can be “UNaltered” “UNsterilized.

Bottom line means no puppies,no kittens to start. AND MUTTS are not allowed because (according to the law in effect in PA) ONLY recognized “breeds” can be exempted for show.  OOPS there goes all the designer dogs, the very cute hybrids, and anything else that is not a recognized breed………Essentially this is the AR faction implementing their Animal Rights 12 Step Plan to stop all use of animals commercially. Meaning you don’t buy, or sell, or display animals, especially NOT for pets.   

Next (assuming what we know of ARs)….. the ARs will move to livestock,  horses, rabbits, exotics, birds, maybe even zoo animals?

Example of law for Philadelphia:

Example, in the Modesto Bee it stated that 2 puppies, 6weeks old, were killed by an adult with developmental disability after he hit them with a towel, believing they were fighting. Then a poster commented that ” Puppies being killed at the pound, should make people think about breeding and getting your animals fixed so they arent beaten to death. Not that gassing them is any better.”  So buying your kid a car might cause a drunk driver to run into your kid’s car?

We predicted this when we saw AB1122 years ago, even before this. That’s because the ARs have long let it be known that UNsterilized=ABUSE. UNmichrochipped=abuse.  UNadoption (meaning buying)=abuse.

When everything, including BUYING is called abuse, SELLING is called abuse, is it any wonder at all, that people who have $$ are fleeing the country and moving to countries that aren’t quite as f****’d up as the wonderful USA with its bad mortgage banks, bad Wall Street, bought off crappy politicians?

We aren’t surprised or shocked. We knew it was coming. Now the question is, are y’all strong enough to join together to STOP this CRAP???? 


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